Tuesday, June 19, 2018

To preserve and protect White European heritage

Mom and baby have spent a lot of time sleeping in this hospital cell over the last couple of days so dad has correspondingly had a lot time to scroll through Reuters-Ipsos polling looking for interesting queries. The interactive site doesn't organize polls chronologically but instead puts them into categories and sub-categories of which there are around 100. As a consequence, many slip past me unnoticed when they're first released.

The following is based on one such poll from last year. Searching the archives to make sure I hadn't previously covered it reveals that an anonymous commenter did point to it a couple months ago but I failed to take notice then. Better late than never.

Unless you'd like the blog to lay off the 2% already, that is. The subsequent graph shows the percentages of R-I respondents, by selected demographic characteristics, who agreed with the assertion that "America must protect and preserve its White European heritage" (N = 4,024; the response "neither agree nor disagree", comprising 29% of all responses, is excluded):

There were only 104 Jews included in the survey, so there's a lifeline if you're looking for one. Given that Hispanics, Asians, and even blacks appear to express less hostility towards European heritage than Jews do, you probably are!

The distance between white Democrats and white independents on the one hand and the closeness of white independents and white Republicans on the other is a white pill of sorts. Anti-white sentiment among whites isn't a natural predisposition, it's an ideological one. When it comes to explicit hostility towards Heritage America, there is the non-left and then there is the left.

A civilization that fails to protect and preserve the legacy of its ancestors will fail to protect and preserve the future for its descendants.


Sid said...

"A civilization that fails to protect and preserve the legacy of its ancestors will fail to protect and preserve the future for its descendants."

In Book II of the Aeneid, Aeneas escaped Troy with his father on his back and with his son grasping his hand. That seed, undisturbed in its lineage from old to young, went on to found Rome.

Human beings have always known this. Concern for the past leads to concern for the future, and vice versa. There may have been a few soi-disant free thinkers in the 19th and 20th centuries who said we could only craft a future by forgetting the past, but where are they now? In forgetting the past, the future forgot them.

The people who now declare we must forget the past want a barren, childless future for themselves and try to take solace in the idea of Africans, mestizos, and Muslims populating the Earth. They too will be forgotten and deservedly so.

Aeoli said...

Survey effectively asks "Is it okay to be white?"

What's the total? If it's 50%, that may indicate this is the turning point when failing ethnic majorities discover identity politics.

Aeoli said...

Nevermind, it loaded. 37% for, 33% against, 29% unsure. Very interesting split.

Audacious Epigone said...


Virgil wrote that a couple decades after Gauls had been waved into Rome in huge numbers, not just into the eternal city and the Italian countryside but into its ruling institutions, too, including the Senate. The line was beginning to be disturbed.

In forgetting the past, the future forgot them.

Very well put.


Yep, exactly. To oppose it is to oppose whiteness.

Geraldine von Covfefe said...

38% of blacks think it’s okay to be white? Good to know I guess.

DreamEater said...

i think that the percentage of whites who agree with that statement is a significantly higher ( but they are too politically correct to admit it)

Lakarn said...

I'm beginning to suspect that for all their high racial IQ Jews lack foresight and wisdom.

White Protestant Americans are probably the most Jewish-friendly population in the world, what with the strenuous support of Israel from the Republican Party and the spread of Christian Zionism.

On the other hand anti-semitism is very widespread among Blacks, virtually universal (and often violent) among Muslims, and more or less tolerated among Catholic Hispanics.

By supporting the dismantling of the White European heritage American Jews are actually harming themselves for no real good reason except to exorcise the specter of Nazism.

In many European countries, from France to Germany, anti-semitism among the local Europeans is at an all-time low, while it's rising among the "New Europeans", most of whom are Muslims and virulently opposed to both Israel and to any expression of Jewish identity.

The percentage of Muslims in the United States will likely stay much lower than in Europe, so I don't expect bands of thugs trying to intimidate people for wearing kippahs or trying to burn down synagogues as it's happening in France or Germany and will likely happen much more frequently in the future, when the New Generations of European Muslims will be instructed to vent their frustrations on the nearest Jews.

However, as America gets "browner", I suspect that it'll become A LOT less Jewish-friendly. People like Louis Farrakhan are already accepted and tolerated in the Social Justice Left, especially among Blacks, and there are murmurs about "Jewish privilege" in those crowds.

The logical choice for American Jews would be to defend the Old Stock American heritage and its very Jewish-friendly religious and political positions. But the ghost of Nazism is so strong that it taints everything which might even slightly remind the Jews of European ethnic pride and traditions.

Nathan Wright said...

Great find. This is more evidence that the Dems have become fully Jewed, with especially white gentiles assimilating to Jewish prejudices including anti-white hostility. It's impressive, in a way: how hard is it to brainwash the group you hate into also hating themselves?

Lance E said...

White Protestant Americans are progressives, and Jews will believe whatever the progressives (i.e. White Protestant Americans, i.e. GoodWhites) believe.

Look at how similar the rates for Jews and White Democrats (Protestants) are. Ideology matters.

Audacious Epigone said...


Agree entirely. I remember becoming cognizant of this over a decade ago when I came across the ADL's detailed report about Latin American illegal alien anti-semitism. It was documented but the conclusion was more education needed, not less immigration!


Not all Jews are Democrats, of course. We're skirting way too close to statistical unreliability to further subdivide Jews in this poll, but Jewish leftists are surely even less concerned about white European heritage than Jews in general are.

Who is influencing who? The old WASP elite folded like a wet cardboard box, but were they the ones driving this?

216 said...


In that same survey, the question was asked if the "multicultural heritage" should be protected and defended. The support was overwhelming in the 70%+ range.

There's also an issue that "white European culture" is synonymous with liberalism to a large number of people. Liberalism is something I don't want to defend.

When liberals are kvetching about "our values", they expect that a white person must adopt the liberal view out of a perverse version of racial loyalty. By contrast, black liberals express the same sentiments in a blunt fashion, calling right-wing blacks "traitors" and "Uncle Toms", no "values test" required.

Audacious Epigone said...


Wow, indeed. Disastrous.

Even white Trump voters are more likely to express support for multicultural heritage than white European heritage.

So we have Diversity! vs it's okay to be white and Diversity! wins big. The idea that America is an inherently white European nation--which would be disagreeing with the multicultural heritage question--barely registers. We have a long way to go.

216 said...


It could be interpreted harsher that it sounds, as "multicultural" could include non-offensive things like "muh restaurants". The 5% that disagree could be a proxy for ethnostate supporters.

It does comport with various international surveys that show the public in many European countries fears the far-right more than Islamism. Part of this is due to the dominance of the left in media/academia, but another part of it is the absence of a Fox News International, as EU regulators forbade Murdoch (not much of a friend) from buying out Sky in its entirety. The average European is also more educated on American politics than the politics of their immediate neighboring countries.


Dan said...

I had the odd experience of hanging out with a group of Jewish Trump supporters in Silver Spring, MD a week ago. The occasion was a birthday of one of my daughter's friends. About 6 Jewish Orthodox families and us, who are in no way Jewish. The acquaintance between us and the host is that both of our families homeschool and have done play dates.

I heard from my wife that the host was a Trump supporter so I got to talking privately and pretty soon several other of the other dads were joining in. At least two had been to Trump rallies. It soon became apparent that they were pretty based, including on the National Question.

One pointed out (unprompted by me) that antisemitism in Europe is an *imported* phenomenon. One guy praised Sebastian Kurz. That tells me that they get it.

This was sort of a white pill. The point is, that among Jewish people there are the Orthodox and then there is everyone else.

BTW, Trump won in Israel in 2016.

Unfortunately, Orthodox Jews are not very influential or numerous compared with their secular kinsmen.

snorlax said...

Dan, AE -

It appears that Jews with children (all 17 of them) are actually better than gentile whites in the poll.

Audacious Epigone said...


True, and there are people who will think Protestantism as a broad culture and Catholicism as another, and think "yeah, that's good for America". A better question--especially juxtaposed to the one about white heritage--would be to ask about the importance of preserving and protecting non-European heritage in America.


Otoh, they are the only ones who reproduce. They represent the Jews of the future. Jews of the future will be more based, more fertile, and far less influential--sort of like Mormons today.

Audacious Epigone said...


Ha, that's an interesting topic to explore more generally, thanks.

Dan said...

The lesson here is that votes should be apportioned based on number of children. Trump gets five votes, Hillary Clinton gets one, etc. Why should a cat lady be able to cancel out my vote? George W. Bush and his SJW wife gets 2 votes and the Duggars get 20. Faithful Catholics get a bunch of votes while priests and other buggers get zero. Perfect plan?

Dan said...

Speaking of little-boy-molesting priests, SJW Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (Cardinal!) has been Harvey Weinsteined, but not before helping to install the Marxist Pope. I know so many great Catholic families.

chris said...

"When liberals are kvetching about "our values", they expect that a white person must adopt the liberal view out of a perverse version of racial loyalty. "

Yet they also say the past (and present) was/is white supremacist and misogynist. If that is what the past was then wouldn't that be "our" values?

As an aside, a good counter point to anyone calling you racist is saying that your views are no different than the founding fathers of America, and then accusing them of being anti-American.

Mr. Rational said...

The lesson here is that votes should be apportioned based on number of children.

You want Angel Adams (or her baby-daddies) to have 16 votes?

216 said...


The nature of both liberals and marxists leads to this concept of the "inevitability of change and progress", this is what they mean when they say "the right side of history" which is a butchered quote from MLK Jr.

The founding fathers are seen as the liberals of their day who were unable to fully understand the march of progress. Their views on limited government and white identity are seen as just as incorrect as Jefferson thinking that Wolly Mammoths roamed the Rockies.

To be white is to be guilty, and thus liberal.

Audacious Epigone said...


They do seem to be hate being called unAmerican which is sort of funny but seems to mostly hold true.

Still, 216 is probably right. That's a better tactic to use against cucks and tradcons than against leftists.

Against leftists, saying it's okay to be white and then flashing a photo of your big, beautiful white family is better.

Dan/Mr. Rational,

How about married, property-owning men with children? Skin in the game.

Trump beats Hillary 60%-40% by that metric, by the way.

Audacious Epigone said...

Or don't make it sex-resctrictive, the Trump margin remains the same (actually improves a little).

snorlax said...

Here's an idea: affirmative action for people with more siblings (i.e. preference for a kid with 4 siblings, over one with 1, over an only child). Short-run it would have a disparate impact in favor of NAMs, which should make it a relatively easy sell, but medium to long run it massively incentivizes the smart fraction to have more kids.

Mr. Rational said...

How about married, property-owning men with children? Skin in the game.

That's good, but I think any property owner and ONLY property owners should be allowed to vote on tax assessments and bond issues.  Again, skin in the game.  E.g. transient student populations shouldn't be allowed to vote money away from roads and toward crazy social issues in college towns, but childless property owners deserve a say.

Mr. Rational said...

affirmative action for people with more siblings

So the White people who come from small families but would like to have a large one have even more trouble getting the jobs that would let them afford one?  Doesn't pass the smell test.