Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Fuentes, King of Amren

The 2018 AmRen videos have all been up for several days now. As I recounted at the time, Nick Fuentes was the conference's most impressive speaker even without handicapping for age:
Nicholas Fuentes delivered a masterful speech, and not just because he cited the Hispanic Heritage Survey's bottle of white pills. If our Occidental Renaissance is to occur, Gen Z is going to have to lead it. If we are fortunate, Fuentes will play a major part in that.

Fuentes was born in 1998. He's all of 20 years old. He left a strong impression of precocity today, especially the way he handled thinly-veiled mini homilies that were couched as questions during the question and answer session following his speech.

The boomers who tore into him spectacularly misread the situation on the ground. Jordan Peterson has one of the best-selling books in the world because he understands the challenges young men face. Fuentes does, too, and he has the added bonus of being part of that very cohort. People who are able to resonate with these young men are worth their weight in gold.
Fuentes' presentation dominated in terms of online viewership, so the assessment wasn't a unique one (and to the extent the blog piqued interest, great):

He hosts a livestream show during the week beginning at 8pm EST. That falls in the middle of the nightly bedtime ritual with the next generation so I only catch it occasionally but this is one red-pilled Gen Zs in your social circles should be made aware of.

Parenthetically, you'll notice Jared Taylor's conspicuous absence in the above graph. Youtube restricted his video so that it never shows up in the platform's suggested videos and its view count goes unreported. History will give him the same treatment but we will not forget we stand on the shoulders of giants.


Anonymous said...

He has a screechy girly voice if that's our savior, then Gods help us

@emerson_chris said...

+1. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, can't wait to watch his speech. So far I've only seen Follin's and Jared's.

He's one of the few people I follow on twitter (which I only use to laugh at J Burton tweets).

Jim Bowery said...

If you intend to win a race, which is more important: position or velocity?

Joe Suber said...

Jim - acceleration

AE - Tell me you have a deck of these MtG cards for all the personalities.

lineman said...

It all depends on what you're racing for and what the prize is...

216 said...


For reasons we can suggest later, the GOP is throwing away the momentum of the last two months in the generic ballot / approval rating polls.—-but-not-broader/ar-AAylkUq?ocid=spartanntp&pfr=1

I'm chalking it up to the cancellation threats with North Korea, and recent outbursts of "petulance" with Sessions, the self-pardon and the NFL. The school shootings also have a way of triggering primeval parts of the female brain. It also doesn't take many IQ points to notice that there have been several mass shootings this year, but only one Islamist attack in Europe.

Now the GOP Congress cucks are prepared to give a lethal injection of DACA amnesty.

It will come to blood.

Audacious Epigone said...


Is it? Doesn't strike me as particularly screechy. Julius Caesar had a famously high-pitched voice. With enough oratory ability, it can be overcome. And it's pretty distinguishable, too.


J Burton is indeed one of the best. Every single tweet is worth the price of admission. He bats 1.000.


Depends on how much track is left, doesn't it?


Ha, not yet. Check back sometime in the not-so-distant future!


There will be another omnibus spending bill that'll attract a lot of attention a month or so out, but I'm sticking to my plausible enough estimate of D+15 in the House.

216 said...


D+15 is 1974 level carnage. A true generational eclipse. 2010 was only R+6

A Dem House Majority means impeachment, there will easily be enough Senate cucks willing to get their wet dream of an Iran War with Proconsul Pence.

The press is trial ballooning the "tariffs killing jobs" line, another indicator of how "woke capital" rewards those who gave them a tax cut. The NK/Trade negotiations and holding the line on immigration (veto of an amnesty bill will bring the base roaring out) will determine the fate in November.

Sweden also is voting in September, SD could come in a surprise first place. The Right would be in the pole position of Euro-envy.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Don't run to the smelling salts and fainting couches just yet. The same people who told us Hillary was up by eight points in 2016 are now telling us that it's all over for the midterms. I bet voters are just ecstatic to vote for Bradley Manning, John Flynt, and all other kinds of progressives who have no platform other than impeaching Trump.

Audacious Epigone said...


The House, not the Senate. 2010 was ~R+50 and a ~100 seat swing from 2008. Coming out of 2018 with a D+15 in the House would be about half the magnitude of the 2010 mid-terms. It feels plausible. But predicting House races is really hard. Random Dude could be right and I could be way off. It's just a best guess based on R-I polling (in a relative sense, not an absolute sense--that is I'm taking the leftist R-I bias into account).

chedolf said...

Fuentes is like someone from the Johnny Carson era in a Gen Z body. It's cheering to know this type hasn't completely passed from the Earth. (He should lift, though.)

Feryl said...

"Is it? Doesn't strike me as particularly screechy. Julius Caesar had a famously high-pitched voice. With enough oratory ability, it can be overcome. And it's pretty distinguishable, too."

The average male voice is a baritone, though due to test. declines it's probably higher than it used to be (not to mention the equal declines in smoking). Trump's voice is higher than his body would suggest (for physiological reasons too boring to get into, taller and more robust people tend to have deeper voices), but then he's never smoked or drank.

Voice studies reveal that gays have a more "musical" and precise way of talking; 99% of straight guys (even the higher voiced ones) tend to sound more roughly staccato or monotonous, depending on their level of excitement. Women sound more hesitant (unless they're vocal frying and bitching), a big reason why women tend to "fade out" when around several male speakers, men take it as a sign of deference or weakness and pounce).

Why might Fuentes sound a little light in the loafers, or like a complaining woman? Assuming he isn't gay, well, our culture has become more and more decadent for 50 years. Masculinity (when it exists at all) is conflated with primal chest beating, not stoic dignity. If you watch sports from before the late 80's, it was much more common for players to lightly celebrate good plays and complement their team-mates. By the late 80's, that level of sportsmanship and grace was being rejected by more and more players in favor of a hyperactive and bullying approach (players going wild after routine plays, and obvious dissing of opposing players). In a more stable and traditional culture, men are socialized to fit in well with a group (which often happens to be all male), and they get the message that being calm and patient is conducive to group success and harmony. In theory, this should've happened with Boomers (who do still show some signs of this upbringing), but the problem with the Boomers is that they had it too damn good and thus they did not respect the elder culture which gave them so much yet it was all pissed away in a matter of several decades.

Boomers and esp. Gen X-ers are too emo and classless to have set a good example of what constitutes healthy emotional expression and overall comportment. More and more people act (and sound) like drama queens. The "good" news is that the later generations tend to turn this emo-ness inward, not outward. Early Gen X-ers often vented their frustrations and insecurities onto the outside world, a big reason why the 80's and 90's could often be so ugly, and picking up where many of the Boomers left off in the 60's and 70's. Later Gen X-ers and early Millennials can be equally committed to "acting out" and acting in. With later Millennials and Gen Z, you're talking cohorts that generally don't have the same capacity for violence and brashness as earlier cohorts, but still tend to be overly-dramatic anyway. But, it may pain us "older" people to admit it, but until we full restore stoicism and peaceful relationships, it's preferable to have youngsters act like neurotic teen girls rather than act like thuggish gorillas.

Feryl said...

An obvious reason too for declining in-group camaraderie and respect is status striving. Why bother to be respectful towards one's peers (or countrymen) when you dream of climbing over them, being above them. That would explain why bullying and crass behavior was so uncommon in the 1940's-1960's (when norms were egalitarian), and why a growing desire to make it big in the 70's and 80's was associated with declining standards of conduct. And of course the Boomers largely never bought into the mid-century culture of "one for all, all for one", though if for no other reason than sheer inertia some shred of mid-century dignity could be seen as late as the early 80's.

Dan said...

OT, I was curious about what recent studies say about suicide and the results blew my mind:

The effect of religiosity in protecting against suicidality is massive.

This effect is starker when you consider that every suicide is the tip of a massive iceberg of depression.

(1) Simply put, the most important cure to depression / suicidality is religiosity. (2) The second most important cure? See (1), above.

With rejection of faith at its core, the left is a literal suicide cult, depressed and desiring to take society down with them.

snorlax said...

Dan -

Counterpoint, the first and third-most suicide-prone white countries are devoutly-Catholic, right-wing Lithuania and Poland.

lineman said...

Maybe because their faith relied on the church instead of God... When the church started failing then they lost their way and started declining as well...Just a thought...

lineman said...

With rejection of faith at its core, the left is a literal suicide cult, depressed and desiring to take society down with them.
I've always said the left was suicidal with more than enough homicidal tendencies as well...

216 said...


I was referring to generic ballot, not the seat totals. Dems are now back up to D+7 when last week they were at D+3 and declining for months. The GOP decline appears to have started when the news that the NK summit was "cancelled". The last two weeks of headlines have been awful. The discharge petition is still inside baseball, the average voter hasn't heard about it yet.

The average leftist has heard about the "separating kids", which has spiked their enthusiasm.

I do like Trump's triangulation of the NFL by offering to pardon some more people. I've been critical of his actions thereof, as it hasn't caused enough Boomers to kick the sportsball habit versus the intensification of black anger that is costing us in special elections.

Trump needs to start talking about E-Verify again.

The Z Blog said...

I'm bearish on Fuentes. He's a young Bill Mitchell, but how is that possible? Boomers like Mitchell grew up in a totally different America than a kid like Fuentes. A kid his age should not have his polish and certainly should not have his outlook. He's a child prodigy and child prodigies always end poorly.

I could be wrong. I just know that 15 years ago, when Spencer was in his mid-20's, all the old guys thought he was The One.

216 said...


One of the lesser known transformations in our politics has been the rise of Democratic Socialists of America, by now probably the most popular political club on university campuses. They will either take over the Democrats in 10 years or become a political party in their own right.

The Dissident Alternative Right doesn't have anything like this. Dissident politics of all flavors attracts those who aren't conformist and often have ambitions. Fuentes and former partner now rival James Allsup are yet another example of what happens when there is no hierarchy.

DSA seems to have found a way to impose discipline, no longer are we in the days of the People's Front of Judea type splinter groups. Their UK counterpart Momentum is also achieving a similar takeover of the Labour Party.

The best organized Dissident Right group has been Identity Evropa, but even they have been through several leadership changes. And I can't see this pseudo-pagan Nordicist revival going any better than a Stalinist/Maoist-flavored DSA.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yeah, the generic ballot alone is a blunt instrument. I don't put much stake in it. Voter enthusiasm and stated intention based on 2016 vote mean more, especially with Reuters which regularly oversamples independents and undersamples Republicans.


He's a child prodigy and child prodigies always end poorly.

Mozart! Yeah, dead at 35 but that's still a long way off. Fuentes could make his mark before then.

Spencer uniquely combines studiousness with fearlessness, but he's not very charismatic. Fuentes drips with charisma.

Also, he's a student of Trump. The closer you look at how he conducts himself, the clearer that becomes.

Audacious Epigone said...

That isn't to say you're wrong as you're a great judge of these things. Otoh, he's only 20. He can be cultivated and he has time to calibrate.

Anonymous said...

That card is actually well done. Flash and permanently gaining control of a permanent is too powerful for even a mythic but the CC is high and unfriendly so it is on the edge. Ha and Nicholas is an alpha lol

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks. I've been out for awhile, but in the 2000s and the early 2010s, the trend was clearly for creature power inflation (serra angel v baneslayer angel) and spell power deflation (ancestral recall v jace's ingenuity). I worked on the assumption that the trend has continued. The -3/-0 should specify until end of turn, not permanent counters.

Dan said...

snorlax said...

"Counterpoint, the first and third-most suicide-prone white countries are devoutly-Catholic, right-wing Lithuania and Poland."

I have been to Lithuania a long time ago, and I didn't get a sense of devout religiosity. Wikipedia says this about Lithuana:

"According to the 2010 Eurobarometer Poll,[3] 47% of Lithuanian citizens responded that "they believe there is a God" -- which is less than half.

I don't know what is up with Poland. But you have to look at a finer granularity than that. What are the beliefs of individuals who kill themselves, versus individuals who don't. Some countries are crappier than others, and Eastern Europe has far less opportunity than Western Europe.

For example, blacks have a far lower suicide rate in America than whites, but two black countries have a higher suicide rate than any white country.

Looking at whole countries has way too many confounders. Looking at individuals, the trend of religiosity being protective is overwhelming.