Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Black Pilled

Heartiste on Kanye West running off the plantation:
I predict a coming black sex gap, in which black men will vote less D while black women continue voting D with near-unanimity. The reason?

Kanye has a huge following. Whether it presages a lasting shift in the sentiments of black men or is just a momentary blip, the initial movement is hard to ignore.

For the week ending April 22nd, Trump's Reuters-Ipsos polling approval (with "mixed feelings" discounted) among black men came in at 11.2%. Kanye's crush made headlines a couple of days later and by the end of the following week, April 29th, Trump's approval among black men had rocketed to 23.7%, the highest mark the 45th president has ever achieved among black men.

The corresponding figures for black women were 6.7% approval week ending April 22nd and 9.9% approval week ending April 29th, the latter of which falls four points short of Trump's high-water mark among black women.

The sample sizes are in the low hundreds so it could just be a noisy coincidence, but it would be quite a coincidence if that's the case. Results for the current week will be in next Monday. We'll be able to pronounce with more confidence then.

Paul Kersey:

That resonates well enough. But there are ramifications for whites from this, too. This line of apology for his new Trump love will be particularly effective against SWPLs:

Christian Lander didn't subtitle Stuff White People Like "the definitive guide to the unique taste of millions" just for kicks. Nothing is more important to them than their own idea of who they are. This could get fun fast.

Parenthetically, here we have another example of an observation I was first made aware of by Steve Sailer several years ago--the blackest blacks are the ones who tend to break rank. Curtis Jackson had nice things to say about the bumbling butcher. Herman Cain captured the hearts of cuckservatives for awhile. Diamond and Silk are darker than anyone in the Congressional Black Caucus. Steve Harvey doesn't have to prove his blackety blackety blackety black bona fides to anyone. John Legend vs Kanye West:

The Reuters-Ipsos presidential approval poll has been administered continuously since the beginning of 2018. It has accumulated a staggering sample size of 44,798 respondents. The following graph shows Trump's approval by selected demographic characteristics, again with "mixed feelings" responses excluded:


thekrustykurmudgeon said...

I mean I'm plenty racist but Paul Kersey can be cold sometimes. An ally is an ally, even if they're black.

IHTG said...

This gap was already apparent even for Mitt Romney, actually: https://twitter.com/tcjfs/status/989193975310508032

Black Death said...

According to the latest Gallup poll (released Monday), Trump's approval rating is 42%, an eleven month high. This in spite of the fact that he's had a very good 15 month run in office - a booming economy, low unemployment, no major foreign disasters. I wonder, if Hillary Clinton had won, given exactly the same situation, if her numbers would be any better. Of course, we have to consider that the corrupt, dishonest MSM despise Trump and worship Hillary, but, even so, with the country so polarized, I question whether any president, Democrat or Republican, will ever be able to do much better.

mark auld said...

Excellent point,the great divide is here and now and soon will be obvious to all.

Dan said...

My thoughts:

I actually believe that Kanye West's words are even more important for white SJWs to hear.

This puts a severe crack in their misbegotten sense of moral superiority. The fact that blacks are seen as pets rather than people with agency comes through clearly in Kanye's plantation comments.

Perhaps one of the scariest things I have seen in the last couple of years is how white SJWs have become so religiously convinced that they are willing to openly defy the law and all common sense in their fervor. I really believe Comey thinks his criminality was not really criminal because it was in the service of the holy cause.

I am guessing a lot of the defiance of the law and common sense is Democrats sense that they are serving a higher purpose of fighting Nazis, racism, etc., the worst evils. This sort of thing should hopefully give doubts to a lot of people at least.

Dan said...

Sailer has referred often to Americanism. That, to me, is the optimum answer.

Mass migration is manifestly bad for American blacks.

Anonymous said...

I gotta blackpill and say it's a bad development to give the right any more false hopes of winning a blessing from the reserves of black moral transcendence. The Sailer strat of pidgeonholing the Democrats into the party of black grievance and third world immigration is the last chance for USG to come back to regular historical nationhood by the stairs instead of the window.

Alt-Sociology said...

Black Lives Matter was always lead by fair skinned, nerdy blacks. Anyone who grew up in a black high school gets it; Racial activism is their way of fighting lifelong accusations of "Acting white".

Anonymous said...

Kanye is trolling the Right. While he might be crazy, he's of an above average IQ. He spent decades of his life bashing YT. Remember when he ripped George W Bush as a racist after the hurricane?

Will Kanye,his wife, and his in-laws ever apologize for the degeneracy they unleashed on our culture?

I'll be waiting.

Audacious Epigone said...


I understand the sentiment, but it's important to be vigilante against the D3R trap.


Blacks shifted less from 2008 to 2012 than non-blacks did. Am I missing something?

Black Death,

It's conceivable that we're past the point where any US president will be capable of cracking the 50% approval mark. I say that on the assumption that the political dissolution of the US is not that far in the future. Future leaders of whatever comes out of the current US will be able to crack 50%, maybe--hopefully!--way above it, just like some governors do now.


I suspect that in five years there will be a lot that will seem obvious in retrospect that, at the moment, sounds like sensational conjecture. Good thing we'll have a record of who predicted what!


I really believe Comey thinks his criminality was not really criminal because it was in the service of the holy cause

Very well put. This is worth dwelling on, there's a profundity in it.

What Sailer initially called "citizenism" is what we'd today recognize today as civic nationalism.


Yeah, seems to me there are three potential ways, demographically, to go proceed:

- Old America vs New America -- This is the civic nationalist route long advocated by Steve Sailer and made politically manifest in the Trump campaign. During the campaign (and during most of his presidency), he has made it a point to frame everything as Americans vs the world. Obama never did that.

- Ice People vs Sun People -- This is the meritocracy approach. This probably approximates my own natural sentiments the closest of the three. But I also realize it is probably the least workable in practice.

- White identitarianism -- This is AmRen, Identity Evropa, secessionism, and encompasses most of what we think of as Alt Right.

Ultimately, the first two options work against the third. The third is the most 'extreme', but it may also be the only viable one. If so, then pursuing either of the first two--ie celebrating this Kanye development--is nothing more than a distraction that wastes precious time getting to option #3.


So good I had to port it here. Don't know how I missed that salient, recent example. Thanks.

Audacious Epigone said...



MikeatMike dotMike said...

Kersey is correct.

If blacks start voting Republican, but don't realize that it is their addiction to the welfare state that has brought them to their current degenerate place in society, then what exactly has been accomplished?

If the answer is "Weez will gets mo Publican's in oafice, yo!", then I merely point out that Republicans will simply be required to continue to promise blacks the same access to Moe Gibbs that the Dems have been promising for 60 years.

The only way having more blacks vote Republican helps is if blacks understand what it is they must abandon, and that is the full spectrum of welfare entitlements and the glamorization of poverty and violence.

In other words, it won't help change anything for the better.

Feryl said...

Burying something, here?

Independents don't like Trump. There are still plenty of whites who ID as Democrat (Earth to Red Staters), and the Dem #'s are self-explanatory.

Record numbers of people are turning away from both parties, and levels of anger at the media, Wall Street, Congress, etc. are as bad as they've ever been. Frank Luntz recently said that 2018 focus groups reveal that people are more concerned about leadership and social civility, not less concerned, than they were in previous years.

What's worrisome is that Trump is popular precisely among Republicans. Bona fide Republicans let themselves get played like fiddles, over and over again. They score sentimental and symbolic victories (kneeling NFL players etc.), while little to nothing is done to address problems that have been building for decades (rotting infrastructure, stagnant wages, too many foreigners, too many wars, etc.) and rising generations are itching to see progress on issues that really matter.

I'm afraid that Trump LARPing as Clint Eastwood and occasionally muttering something un-PC is evidently all it takes to to impress most "conservatives", who are suckers who don't get that the Reagan era is over. Moderates and younger voters (leaving aside Leftists who don't want anything to do with the white party) are going to be telling the GOP to make their day soon enough.

The econ. picture, at least what it portends, is ugly as sin. Trump is stupidly owning the momentary gains in nominal economic growth, contradicting his own past statements regarding the need to reform our economy back toward healthy productive activity (e.g., manufacturing), savings, and private sector pensions as we get away from parasitic schemes (like derivatives and hedge funds, and all the crap that is currently creating epic debt levels). Hardly anyone really gets that much out of stocks or shares; elites can do well but for others it's often a form of gambling that's a lousy way to get income. If Trump has any luck, the economy will hold out for another 3-4 years, he doesn't get re-elected, and the economy blows up in the face of the succeeding president. Trump could easily end being Hoover 2.0 if the economy cracks under his watch.

Trump could be a hero to an angry public by hauling off decadent elites and schemers to jail, but nope. Or he could fight for legislation that aids workers and students, instead of giving the Pentagon more pork or worrying about China stealing the IP of Silicon Valley, an issue chiefly of interest to corporate CEOs. I think Trump's been suckered into the GOP way to a large extent, and he's being largely conformist to the rotten practices of the last 30+ years. And this after he and Bernie blew the doors off the establishment in 2016.

Feryl said...

Trump has a base of older Republicans, who've begrudging accepted Trump. He's got a smaller base of younger Republicans who still like Trump because he's a troll who makes liberals squirm. Beyond that, not good......The moderates/Independents who voted for him, and the Rust-belt/Appalachian Dems who crossed over, did so for material/economic reasons. They are clearly mad at Trump for not taking the right (economic) populist steps, and feel as though there's no reason to assume that NYC, Frisco, and London won't continue to ride high at the expense of cities and towns that have been rotting away for 30-40 years.

Ignoring the culture war dickheads and partisans, who tend to be older and higher income, what else do we have left? The majority of Americans who just want to have an easier time paying their bills. Until such time that income, savings, and benefits go up and bills and debt go down, who gives a damn what else is happening? The neo-liberal whores on both sides need to be jettisoned. Absent such a correction, there's no reason to think that people's consternation will go away. Andrew Sullivan recently explained the discontent in the UK by saying that people over 40 no longer recognize Britain as the place they grew up in, and are irritated by attempts to merge Europe together. Meanwhile, under 40 voters are aggrieved by the colossal living costs of modern Western Europe and they will likely be steering elections and political culture in a much more traditional Left wing direction.

As you can tell, the older and more privileged generation(s) can feel chafed by cultural/ethnic issues, while younger and poorer people are tired of being told that we should just shut up and work harder. That's all I ever remember hearing from the time I was young in the 90's; don't complain, work harder. Thanx a lot, Boomers and early Gen X-ers. Perhaps if you wanted to be thought of as such heroic visionaries, maybe you coulda thought about these things for more than 5 minutes, and then it would've dawned on you that long term stability and prosperity depends on everyone agreeing to cut the crap, and gearing one's actions towards the benefit of others and not just oneself. Some people aspire to more than getting the best car and the biggest McMansion.

Alliumnsk said...

2 Feryl:
Trump has shown you can be non-PC and still winning election.

Mel Carbon said...


FKA Max said...

FYI, only 5% of African Americans are Catholic:

"While the U.S. is generally considered a highly religious nation, African-Americans are markedly more religious on a variety of measures than the U.S. population as a whole, including level of affiliation with a religion, attendance at religious services, frequency of prayer and religion’s importance in life. Compared with other racial and ethnic groups, African-Americans are among the most likely to report a formal religious affiliation, with fully 87% of African-Americans describing themselves as belonging to one religious group or another, according to the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, conducted in 2007 by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. Latinos also report affiliating with a religion at a similarly high rate of 85%; among the public overall, 83% are affiliated with a religion.

The vast majority of African-Americans are Protestant (78%), compared with only 51% of the U.S. adult population as a whole. By a wide margin, African-Americans stand out as the most Protestant racial and ethnic group in the U.S.; far fewer whites (53%), Asians (27%) and Latinos (23%) belong to Protestant denominations." - http://www.pewforum.org/2009/01/30/a-religious-portrait-of-african-americans/