Friday, April 13, 2018

Stay out of Syria

Via Reuters-Ipsos, we're reduced to celebrating that at least we probably won't get another Iraq (N = 10,390):

And that young MAGAmen are not eager to go in search for monsters to destroy--we have plenty in need of destroying right here at home.

And that Max Boot, Bill Kristol, and John Podhoretz are in the minority even among the most bloodthirsty group of all. No, anti-semite, I'm talking about Republicans who voted for Clinton! Oh wait...


YIH said...

<a href="''>Unfortunately</a>...
Of course, it's not enough for (((Max Boot))).

Andrew Smith said...

I liked Candidate Trump a lot more than President’s funny how quick things can change.

Audacious Epigone said...


It looks like Trump is trying to celebrate this as a one-and-done strategic strike operation. Maybe it'll be the annual Arab blood tribute to the Lindsey Grahams of the world, and this will be the extent of it.

Not sure why hyperlinks aren't embedding in the comments, sorry.


The good thing is that while Trump may go down, Trumpism isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

MikeatMike dotMike said...

I posted this graph up at "The Saker"'s column today on UNZ. I reeled in one hysteric already but was hoping for a few more.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I don't like that he bothered with this at all but hopefully this is the last time anyone in the west bothers with Syria or Assad. I don't believe we need to spend any kind of effort or sacrifice any lives for the purpose of creating Greater Israel.

Silent Majority said...

More reason why we must kill all jews.

Black Death said...

Congressman Justin Amash (R, MI) gets it right:

Airstrikes are an act of war. Atrocities in Syria cannot justify departure from Constitution, which vests in Congress power to commence war.


Amash is a first-generation Arab-American Christian and a foe of neo-con global adventurism.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Mr. Chump shot missiles into Aleppo or was it? He missed. Or got shot down.
If a missile misses Assad does it make a sound? Is it sound foreign policy?
Is America great again? Is it you or is it me? It isn't great that's for sure.

A hundred missiles in the hand and it still looks like BUSH.

Something got laid. It looks like an egg. A bad egg. Here we go again.
The Suicide Pact countries of Freedonia, United Caliphate and Surrender Monkey France.
There is no joy in Mudville, Trump struck out.

7 out of 10 got shot down, by S-200 or S-300 Russian SAMs.
The Russians are now selling them S-400 and maybe S-500.
El Chump said he used his best stuff Yesterday, against the old missiles.
3 out of 10 made it past the old and outdated stuff.

They are dancing in Syria and Iran. The old man got spanked and liked it.

Enjoy the Green Outlooks and Spam, said Russian SAM.

This Nintendo Banker War was brought to you by:
Tweety Bird Twitter
Diet by Missile Cola
Israel is a Mutha, and you they fodder
The Pentagon Procurement Conspiracy
Bloviating neocons
H-1b UN Brand Ambassador
These debts won't pay themselves
Your childrens' future
Greenscreen Yellow Journalism
Short Attention Spans
Fast Edits
Dumbed Down Edumacashun

Who loves you and who do you love?
We'll be back, after these important messages...

Audacious Epigone said...


A commenter called Andrew, I see--not to be confused with our Andrew!

Silent Majority,

Only 13% of Jews in the poll support invading the world on this one. It's a subset of bloodthirsty right-wing progressive Jews who want to see Syria burn. The vast majority are opposed.

Black Death,

Rand Paul similarly gave Mike Pompeo a good working over the other day. It's something.

Thales said...

I don't care if Trump fires missiles into Syria just to blow off steam -- Syrian infrastructure and lives are worthless. All that matter is that damn wall. The wall is the fate of the nation.

Audacious Epigone said...




A year ago, that line of reasoning was more credible. The problem is the congressional cucks have and will continue to act entirely bad faith, so there will be no wall, just grains of sand mixed with Christian body parts in Syria. Not good.

Jonathan Centauri said...

Its all about money. Syria is another of those "proxy wars". Its a safe place for World Powers to play Chess - for now. However, that pipeline that threatens Gazprom makes this not so safe. Putin NEEDS that Gazprom money and The Swamp knows it.
Crimea and the South China Sea are EXCUSES. Its about the petrodollar. The petrodollar lets The Swamp borrow you all to oblivion. As long as Bretton Woods is there they can borrow to Infinity and Beyond. Your nest egg is probably already worthless. It gets worse everytime they give a tax cut to the Rich and send another Porkzilla to shit debts for you and your posterity to pay.
This isn't just unsustainable, its inconceivable. The Swamp says they have 21 Trillion in debt. They have fake "Trust Funds" that are just UNFUNDED LIABILITIES. The "Social Security Trust Fund", the "Medicare Trust Fund" and others are just HIDDEN DEBTS WAITING TO DESTROY YOUR FUTURES.
This month they had a 200 BILLION deficit. Just This Month!!!