Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Most people have a "favorable view" of the NRA

The little fuhrer needs to push harder, scream louder, gesticulate more frenetically. He's not even moving the needle among his own generational cohorts. The public has a more favorable view of the NRA than it does of the media, the president, or congress.

There is one group that really despises the organization, though, a group that is especially overrepresented among said media. The sample size for that group is just 67 though, so surely there is nothing to see here. Forget I mentioned it.

The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, by selected demographic characteristics, who have a "favorable view" of the NRA. The question is a dichotomous one, with the other option being an "unfavorable view" (N = 3,887):


Andrew Smith said...

How recent are these numbers?

And is there any way to show how this opinion has changed over time?

Not disagreeing with the post. Just curious.

Sean Fielding said...

@Andrew Smith: Don't nap through the lecture on link-clicking in your boomer-poasting course.

Malcolm Pollack said...

For a 2.2% minority, self-arming is futile against majority oppression. So the best strategy is to dissipate any homogeneous majority through "diversity", and disarm everyone.

Toddy Cat said...

I've never considered myself one of those "It's the Joos!" kind of guys, but...it really does kind of jump out at you, doesn't it?

Toddy Cat said...

Oddly enough, I'll bet this number would have been significantly higher fifty or sixty years ago. Back then, groups like the Jewish Defense League and JPFO used to advocate firearms ownership, as a preventive against genocide - the JDL used to have, as a slogan, "For every Jew, a Twenty-Two!" But as the memory of actual oppression has faded among many American Jews, it's become all about goy-baiting, not Jewish preservation. I'd be willing to bet that most of the Jews who have a favorable opinion of the NRA are either immigrants from the Middle East, or recent descendants of such. American Jews have forgotten what real anti-Semitism is.

Paul Rain said...

@Toddy Cat: I really doubt that the JPFO has ever really had that much influence with actual Jews pushing their primary message, which is individual rights and firearms ownership.

They've probably had the same impact on Jews as 'Progressives for Immigration Reform' has had on 'progressives'... giving permission for moderate rightists who would otherwise be too timid to stand up for their natural rights to own guns, and block beaners.

The JDL never really supported the right of humans to own guns, any more than the Black Panthers did. Just another ZOG thug organisation.

Audacious Epigone said...


It ran for one week, starting March 5th and ending on the 12th. That's three weeks after the Parkland shooting and a couple of weeks into the most fanatic attacks on and denunciations of the NRA.


It's a pipe dream now, one that seems laughably naive to me in 2018, but for a long time I hoped the 2% would meld into the 60% and we could share a future as Westerners. Like I said, laughable naive.

Audacious Epigone said...

A troll on gab wrote the following:

"Use another filter." a) You can't use another filter to determine what a different group said. b) If there aren't enough answers, then the poll is invalid. c) You literally made up data and graphed it and hoped nobody would check you. d) You lose.


In case others are wondering, R-I won't show results for sub-samples of fewer than 100. But it's still easy to algebraically figure them out. My (character-limited) response:

Go to "Social", choose "Lutheran". N = 170, 51%F-49%U. That's 87F, 83U. Now add "Jewish" as another "Social" filter. N = 237, 40%F-60%U. That's 95F, 142U. Back the "Lutheran" figures we just computed out of that. We're left with 8F, 59U for "Jewish" (13.8%F-86.2%U)

Toddy Cat said...

Paul Rain,

I have no doubt that the numbers of Jews that favored the NRA would still have been small-ish fifty years ago, but I'll bet that it would have been at least double what it is today. Yeah, the JDL was a bunch of thugs, but they most certainly did favor firearms rights, as did lots of Jews who had actually experienced oppression. There is no comparable Jewish organization today that I am aware of, except JPFO, which is not large. IMHO, Jews have become a lot more extremist on this issue in the last twenty years or so.

Dan said...

Malcolm Pollack wrote:
"For a 2.2% minority, self-arming is futile against majority oppression. "

That is totally false. In fact, it is pretty much opposite to what is true.

Using a firearm against government oppression can be done by a minority of 1. There is no rational reason on Earth to try to trouble someone who is presently law abiding but who is prepared to meet his make guns a-blazing.

Imagine if, at the time of the Holocaust, every male Jew had a Charleton Heston attitude of 'out of my cold dead hands.'

If each Jewish man vowed to go down shooting, Germany couldn't have gotten one percent through the Holocaust before the SS had major staffing issues. If everyone being sent to a concentration camp was like this, it would have been instantly unworkable.

This isn't theoretical. Hitler hated the Swiss and outnumbered them massively. He really wanted to wipe them out.
He said:
"Switzerland possessed the most disgusting and miserable people and political system. The Swiss were the mortal enemies of the new Germany."

Hitler even had a plan to destroy Switzerland and the name of the plan was Operation Tannenbaum. Since he had easily overrun France, Switzerland should have been a piece of cake but it was a no-go. Even if it was possible, the cost in life for Germany would have been too high.

Switzerland armed to the teeth and had a plan to keep shooting from Alpine caves if necessary until the ammo ran out.

Contra Malcolm, this shows that for a small minority, guns are very big deal.

Another example is South Africa. The tiny minority of White South Africans still have more than 70% of the land even though the black population has had genocidal aims for years. They are armed heavily, obviously. Take away those guns and they are all dead in a day.

Dan said...

Alaska Representative Don Young in Feb 2018:

"How many Jews were put in the ovens, because they were unarmed?"

That question chafes really badly, no doubt. Incredible verbal efficiency.

Malcolm Pollack said...


While the Jews might have put up a fight, I have little doubt that a determined Reich, especially after years of effective propaganda to demonize and dehumanize the Jews, would nevertheless have wiped them out. Would there have been costly urban warfare? No doubt. But the work would have been done regardless.

Did disarmament and non-resistance make their extermination easy? Of course it did. Ought they to have resisted to their last breath? Absolutely. But they would have died anyway.

What might this highly intelligent population learn from this? What might make for a better outcome next time round? The answer: to prevent majority-identitarian culture from existing at all, and to make sure that once multiculturalism has become the state religion, enforced under penalty of law by the power of the State, everyone who might take matters into their own hands is disarmed.

If that was your goal, how would you do it? Having been victims of lethal propaganda in Europe, and being too intelligent to make the same mistake twice, the answer is obvious: seize the commanding heights of the culture, from which politics is downstream.

It's good to be able to win a fight. It's even better to win without fighting at all.

calebcar said...

I am Jewish. I regularly argue for gun rights based on how much better a chance the Jews would have had in the Holocaust if they had been armed. If we are annihilated again, we have ourselves to blame.If we survive we should be grateful (but won't be) to Christians for saving our sorry asses.