Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hater's Ball Day 3

The political dissolution of the US is a question of when, not if. Ideally, the separation is an amicable one based on a mutual recognition of irreconcilable differences. Amicability may be a pipe dream, but a separation characterized by non-violence is not. Secession is an idea whose time has come. It is happening all over the world and it will happen here, too.

That confidence in the possibility of a bloodless separation was fortified by the weekend's experience. State security was out in force. As I headed to my car to leave the hotel at the state park today, I walked past a meeting of about 30 police being addressed by a commanding officer. He was praising the group for how smoothly the weekend had gone and how well they had comported themselves. Hearing it, I gave a "thanks for the great work this weekend!" as I past. In response came, so far as I could tell, appreciative acknowledgement from just about every one of them. 

These guys are sympathetic. If the Cloud People in the Imperial Capital are relying on the salt of the earth in flyover country to turn their guns on their fellow Dirt People, they're in for a rude awakening.  

Henry Wolf, Jared Taylor's right hand man, took some ingeniously unconventional measures to protect the privacy of the attendees. I obviously won't go into the specifics, but it's reassuring to see that level of competence in AmRen's administration. 

Another impressive operation is Identity Evropa. The group's methodical screening process, organizational structure, and tactical celerity makes it well placed for not just viability but continual growth in the future. For those interested in activism beyond the virtual world, they are the best game in town

Simon Roche of the Suidlanders viscerally communicated what is ultimately at stake for Europeans all over the world. The writing is on the wall. Why don't the Afrikaners get the hell out while they still can? Because at some point we have to stop running. Asked whether they would rather emigrate to Australia or pay the ultimate price defending the land their grandfather's grandfather's grandfather tamed, Roche emphatically answered with the latter. Blood and soil.

It's worth ruminating on that conviction. A life in which nothing is worth dying for is hardly a life worth living. No one lives forever. Achilles understood this. So should we.

I'm a family man and a homebody, but as I parted ways with Z-Man at the conference's closing, I was overcome with a sense of anticipation for the VDare event planned for this August. Spending a weekend conversing non-stop and without reservation about topics that matter with smart, thoughtful people is an intellectual experience unparalleled in The Current Year. It's a taste of what life could be like if we were able to hurl the stifling curse of political correctness into the abyss.


Anonymous said...

Roche can't be understood unless one understands the role of their prophet Rensberg. The writings are all in Afrikaans and indicate some kind of apocalypse. Very mysterious.

I recall him once referring in a video that he employs black domestic servant(s). Even at the risk of annihilation, the Boer has not lost their arrogance.

pyrrhus said...

Roche isn't living in the real world if he doesn't understand there's a time for retreat...To stand and fight requires a plan that can win, and a people who aren't cucks, neither of which exists in SA.

Jim Bowery said...

"I'm a family man and a homebody, but as I parted ways with Z-Man at the conference's closing, I was overcome with a sense of anticipation for the VDare event planned for this August. Spending a weekend conversing non-stop and without reservation about topics that matter with smart, thoughtful people is an intellectual experience unparalleled in The Current Year. It's a taste of what life could be like if we were able to hurl the stifling curse of political correctness into the abyss."

Imagine what it would be like for "homebodies" to have such interactions in their local communities...

While ya'll were traveling half-way across the country to get this morale boost, I traveled a fifth-way across my State to the sit with my county delegation in the GOP Third Congressional District Convention. Ministering to the Heathen may not seem like much of a morale boost until you actually sit down with them and talk about immigration, how ineffective the political process of "conventions" at getting Congress to address immigration, and what might be done.

Something I was able to get agreement on, that can scale far more and achieve far more than Donovan's approach to "gangs":

Non-anonymous delegative democracy at the city, county, congressional district, state and national levels.

In the aftermath of 2001/09/11 and the Iraq war (which I had predicted in the 1990s based on the rise of Neocons), I wrote up a short program that implemented non-anonymous delegative democracy.

Maybe people are ready for it now. If so, I've resurrected a demonstration at this link.

Delegative democracy (something "delegates" to conventions are predisposed to "get") is similar to the way corporate governance works with with voting shares that can be exercised by multi-level proxies.

The point is, quite simply, to make transparent the public trust hierarchy in a jurisdiction at the same time that elected representatives are informed, in real time, of how that trust hierarchy stands on issues before the representative.

Donoovan's "gangs" fall out in the structure of the trust hierarchy.

Local conversations fall out of the structure of the trust hierarchy.

Election-year mobilizations fall out of the structure of the trust hierarchy.

Primary challenges fall out of the structure of the trust hierarchy.

Representative authority*, including "constituent services" and "community organizing" fall out of the structure of the trust hierarchy.

Ultimately, secession falls out of the structure of the trust hierarchy if, indeed, it is still necessary given the strong possibility that the 10th Amendment (including State control over who can be a resident) can be restored with a more responsive legislature.

*As elected officials start realizing that the trust hierarchy represents ground mobilization during election years -- they start aligning their votes with the trust hierarchy. Since the trust hierarchy is not anonymous, anyone can see who the opinion leaders are. That means bureaucrats, lobbyists and other politicians will start to recognize authority is vested in trusted "homebodies"... and that when a trusted "homebody" speaks, they'd better listen. That means someone from your local community can call up, say, the EPA and speak with more authority about someone having their farm being fined for violating a "wetland" that didn't exist until they put up a dam for a pond. It also means that some Congresscritter trying to sneak an immigration amnesty into an "omnibus bill", will trigger direct negotiations between "homebodies" in one jurisdiction and "homebodies" in the Congresscritter's jurisdiction that either they get the corrupt Congresscritter to behave himself, or the jurisdiction supporting corruption may find itself subject to a political vendetta and have all its "gibs" cut off.

Anonymous said...

While I believe the dissolution of the U.S. sometime after mid- century is probable, it isn't something we should be depending on.
We need to be building our own communities in various States and regions of the U.S.
I don't mean just social networking, but physical communities,with homes,neighborhoods, schools, churches, businesses, etc.
This will require people picking up and moving.
We need to come to dominate, numerically ,a town, then a county, then a State.
We need to strive to be as self sufficient as possible.
Our community can provide us with everything we need ;farmers, doctors, teachers, carpenters,bankers,mechanics,
electricians, law enforcement,
We can ,where possible, work within the system, taking over institutions at the local level.
We should ,when possible ,create our own parallel institutions;schools (even if this means home schooling),churches etc.
We should seek to create cultural distinctions between ourselves and Whites which are not racially conscious.
Teaching our children Old English (with adaptations for modern life) would be an example.
The children would be bilingual speaking both Old English and American Standard English.
In time the goal would be for Old English to be the language of the community, using it at home, school, etc.
This will create not only a cultural distinction,but a psychological one as well.
Territorial concentration will give us more political clout.
Once we control some congressional districts we can elect a cadre of leaders that don't have to worry about pleasing any but us.
They could serve as a nucleus around which to build a coalition of likeminded White Americans and be propagandist for our cause of White racial consciousness and White American Nationalism.
This will take time and effort but controlling territory and having a self sufficient community gives us some control over our destiny.
The Vanguard plan leaves too much to chance,it's reactive rather than proactive.

Anonymous said...

Nothing you report in the second paragraph leads me to believe that state security is an ally. The supervisor praised his men, you thanked them, they appreciated the thanks. Another interpretation is they obey orders. Any orders. This time the orders were favorable for you. If you have a supplementary report I'm willing to listen.

Jim Bowery said...

The source code for the non-anonymous delegative democracy demo. It is less than 120 lines of code after removing comments and documentation.

Somewhat out of date documentation, although important for the historical record.

Source code to generate the aforelinked documentation.

Dan said...

It is hard for me to picture a breakup. There are no historical countries in the United States; Jayman's 'American Nations' articles are not boundaries of historical loyalty and few people have ever thought along those lines.

When the USSR broke up, many nations emerged, but those nations had already been nations long before and often had their own languages.

I think there are some huge shocks to the system coming. The biggest is that future Americans may not have the ability to manage the debt load of present Americans, resulting in national downward shocks to standards of living. When the job market is bad and incomes are down, the words of a Trump-like figure make much more sense. The best thing to do in preparation for such a scenario is to become personally more solvent and personally stronger.

Better neighborhoods, a better environment for the kids, all the quality of life that has been 'lost' is mostly still available in America if you have a lot of money.

As Randall Parker of Parapundit has often emphasized, individuals just have to work harder and become more successful.

I would add, become more frugal. We are avoiding getting a new car, even though we would like one and can afford one. I simply am very aware of how precious money is in our brutal world.

I think something like Identity Evropa is NOT an answer that is likely to work for those involved and might give people bad social and work consequences with little benefit. The separation happens along economic lines and young men are best advised to work hard and advance their careers and their economic value to able to afford to live in nice conditions.

What activism can be done? I think there are several aspects:
(1) Educational blogs such as this and others are important for disseminating the truth.
(2) Lobbying is much more woke that voting. How do the left and other *notable* groups manage to get what they want even when they lose elections? Lobbying is a big reason.
(3) Legal warfare will be key. This serves two purposes: (a) Sometimes you will win your cases. (b) Even if you don't win, you can make the rubble bounce when attacked, so you can be left alone.

Future crises are invariably coming. The substantial future drop in mean IQ in the world that has been abundantly shown here and elsewhere will turn every smart person into a reactionary maybe in mere decades. At than time, it will be all hands on deck to try to save things that are falling apart and the smarties at Google or Goldman will be allies instead of enemies. They will be among the ones with the most to lose. They may themselves be guilty of, if not arson then adding fuel to the fire. Nevertheless, in the harder future that is coming, society's smarties and wealthies will have to be much of the solution.

Thus my take on the 'JQ': There may be a lot for us to be resentful about but all that will be water under the bridge when HBD catches up with us soon (and dysgenic fertility is a global phenomenon), and then it will be all hands on deck. Jews in Europe and Israel have already moved much further right and surely that will happen here too. It will no longer be a battle of left versus right. It will be a battle of civilization and order vs. un-civilization and chaos. Old enemies will be allies.

AE, can you post this counter-view? I believe it is a crucial road-map for people.

Dan said...

TLDR: I don't believe WN is available as a winning strategy but in agreement with Randall Parker hard career and economic effort is a pathway forward and allows determined men to build their own little tribes and found good families and communities.

Perhaps national breakup may be good, but too few, and virtually none of the elites in society, are thinking along these lines.

Anonymous said...

Secession may not be a dream.

However - That the Continent of North America would remain fragmented instead of united under something is a delusion. Look at the map. No competent government nor it's armies would settle for less especially as there are no separate American nations and never were-nor does the geography allow anything less than ocean to ocean.

Now we could repeat 1776 or we could win 1861 for 'the good guys' [who were actual cunts at the top and to poor whites cunts to them too] or we can repeat the experience of China and spend a century of suffering expelling foreigners and alien interests-to be united under the most bloodstained but effective conqueror. Who may not be American or European at all.

There will ultimately only be one power that rules what is now called the United States of America and nothing guarantees they'll be American.

Secession opens the doors to foreign alliances - indeed they would be instantly made - and hence Asia plundering us. These are the richest lands on earth and guarded by matchless geography. If we don't appreciate it someone else will.

However as fighting under any conditions is preferable to not fighting at all have at it.
BTW you might want to look at the history of partitions if you think it will be peaceful.

Truth is you were feeding each other's delusions this weekend. No matter.

Have at it. War swims right, war wakes people up. Peace boils the frog slowly.



Anonymous said...


It is precisely your mindset that has brought this mess to America.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, I picked up on a strong Calvinist influence in the apocalyptic terms used to describe the coming conflict. They do not think they will lose. They estimate that in the aftermath of the coming civil war, about 1 in 6 Afrikaners will be left standing.

I asked Roche about Orania, and my jaw about hit the floor when he explained why he was somewhat cool on the settlement--because they have corporate funding! It's mind boggling to imagine a white ethno city-state enjoying corporate support.


Roche thinks about 60% of white South Africans are cucks (our term, not his!) but that 40% will fight.


It's the Orania model. Or the Amish one. An organization like IE is the first step in that direction.


The zeitgeist STRONGLY dictates that they treat us like reprobate. They saw how they were supposed to act towards us. They uniformly refused to gesture in that direction in the slightest.


IE isn't just about activism, is about creating social networks of men who are able to rely on one another. It does not work in opposition to anything you suggest.

The sands are shifting, and if/when the crash comes and the dollar collapses, things will really start happening fast. The IE approach and the ones you lay out are both worthy, prudent things for young men to be pursuing.


We're in the era of 4G. Partitions in the past are not necessarily blueprints for those in the future, and of course not all of them have been violent.

South Africans are in the single digits in their homeland and still they do not fight. Your belief that people are going to rise up in militant revolt strikes me as the most delusional thing in this entire thread.

lineman said...

Exactly if you don't have the manpower and equipment to do what's needed to ensure your survival then it is time to retreat and regroup and build your resources and so you can retake the field when you have a chance at winning...

lineman said...

I've been saying the exact same thing for a long long time I'm glad someone else is saying it also...I'm here in the Bitterroot Valley of MT if anyone cares to join me...

Anonymous said...

@Dan, "t is hard for me to picture a breakup. There are no historical countries in the United States; Jayman's 'American Nations' articles are not boundaries of historical loyalty and few people have ever thought along those lines."

While there might not be any historical countries in the U.S.,there are different historical Nations,peoples who see themselves as a distinctive populations
within the "People of the United States".
These Nations have different historical experiences,heroes, holidays ,and thus different narratives.
They are biologically distinctive and have different territorial concentrations in the U.S.
The basis of different Ethnostates already exist.
I believe it's clear that European, African and Hispanic "Americans" are psychologically distinctive nations in the sense Rupert Emerson meant when he said,(now I'm paraphrasing) "The Nation is the largest community which, when the chips are down ,effectively commands men's loyalty. Overriding the claims of the smaller communities contained within it, as well as those that cut across it or potentially enfold it in a larger society. "
I believe by this definition the U.S. is not a multicultural, multiracial Nation.
Rather it's a multiNATIONAL State.

Anonymous said...

If geography were destiny the U.S and Canada would be one country.
Power checks power,
otherwise Europe north of the Alps and Pyrenees would have been united long ago.

Audacious Epigone said...


Great point re: the US as a multinational state. We're an empire that exists largely inside of our putative national borders. Heritage Americans are becoming the new barbarians.

Anonymous said...

AE - I don't know if they will rise up and fight.

If however secession goes anywhere they will have their fight whether they wish it or not, or whether they fight or not. If this goes anywhere it leads to war.

Whoever wins the fight has the bulk of North America-the best parts being the Continental United States as it's presently called. Geography demands and will accept nothing less.

>4G's a scam sir. A delusion that was useful for a time [selling the Iraq surge].

By all means have your partition and the ensuing war as I remain convinced men must fight to have anything and keep anything at all and by Gnon, God, Gaia, Galton and Marx attempted and be assured temporary secession quite gets the fight going. Yes most of them will only fight if they have no choice. They won't. Go for it. Better than laying down and dying.

Go for it guys! It's your time you might as well set it on your terms. At least to start.