Sunday, April 01, 2018

America's impending rapefugee crisis

Thousands of alleged Hondurans are being ushered through the narco-state to our south with support from the Mexican government there and from 'humanitarian' groups here (groups that should be charged with criminal conspiracy). They're headed for Tijuana. They know catch-and-release means they'll be running around California in a month, scheduled for an asylum hearing six months later they'll never bother showing up for. This thing is coordinated, and the invasion auxiliary forces know how to play the game:
There are month-old infants being carried by young mothers alongside elders in their seventies who are making the journey. There’s also a small contingent of people who identify as LGBTQ.
From video footage and photos it doesn't appear that this invasion force is as overwhelmingly comprised of fighting-age young men as the Middle Eastern and African invasions into Europe have been, but the media is portraying the exceptions--queers, grannies, tots--as the rule. Young men are clearly overrepresented:

The rhetorical projectiles--nativism, homophobia, misogyny--are being put in place ahead of their arrival at the US border a couple of weeks from now, when the full battle will be joined.

Initial reports were, as mentioned above, that the caravan was heading towards Tijuana. Major media now appears to be running interference on that, reporting that there are several potential crossing points the invaders may end up heading for--it's all contingent on the capriciousness of the train schedules!

They are heading to Tijuana because California is just a hop and skip to the north. Why enter through Arizona or Texas when a renegade state that is engaged in a low-grade insurgency against the federal government over illegal immigration is a potential destination instead?

The wall should have been constructed yesterday. If this horde isn't turned back, these thousands of Hondurans will be a tremor ahead of the impending magnitude 9.0 earthquake that will manifest itself as a mass exodus from Venezuela, a failed socialist state where people are literally eating pigeons and whoring themselves out for groceries.

Blow up the White House phone lines tomorrow, (202) 456-1111. Get in on the virtual action, too. Plead with president Trump to stop the invasion.

If he lets this vanguard in, he risks becoming the American Angela Merkel. The coming showdown over this is shaping up to be a watershed moment not only in the Trump presidency or even the history of the US, but of the history of Western civilization.


Sid said...

Trump's tweets on the matter have been promising, but he needs to show bite as well as bark here.

I have said it before and I will say it again: This is Trump's Rubicon moment. If he succeeds in blocking the rapefugee caravans, then he will have proven himself to be the leader we voted for. If he fails, then yes, let's pass around the black pills and see if a Paul Nehlenesque protest candidate will be around for the 2020 Republican primaries.

It's on us to keep Trump's focus on this issue. I appreciate the work you have done here, AE, in showing the channels of communication we have here. Let's get to them now!

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Thank you for posting this.

It's the ultimate litmus test for Trump. He can redeem himself in the eyes of base if he does the right thing but if he doesn't, then it pretty much means the end of his presidency as his base loses total faith.

He seems to be saying the right things but of course, it's doing them, not saying them that counts.

In the meantime I'm calling up the White House, my Representative, and Senator about this. We can't have a single Republican cucking on this issue.

snorlax said...

>see if a Paul Nehlenesque protest candidate will be around for the 2020 Republican primaries.

Will this candidate adopt the very popular "compare myself to Hitler" messaging strategy?

YIH said...

Rod Dreher posted about this too. Some takeaways:
This is close to the plot of the notorious 1973 dystopian French novel The Camp of the Saints. In that novel, a mass exodus of migrants from India land their ragtag flotilla in the south of France, and all but dare the French to resist letting them in. The novel — which is undeniably racist in parts — is mostly a pitch-black satire on French elites — in government, the academy, media, the church, etc. — falling all over themselves to prove their humanitarianism by welcoming the invasion. I read the book in 2015, and wrote a post about it titled “Good Lessons From A Bad Book.”
There’s no doubt about what Donald Trump will do, obviously. A standoff at the border would be propaganda gold for him. Watch, though, how other elites in American society react. Who will be for letting the migrants in, who will be against, and who will keep their mouths shut? In the novel, the Indian migrants set sail for Europe because they were tired of living in poverty and misery. This is why the Central American migrants are headed for America.
Again and again: you can complain all you want about how horrible Donald Trump is, and you might well be right. He’s going to demagogue this issue to death. And you can point out — accurately! — that the size of the migrant flow is minuscule compared to the fictional Camp Of The Saints, but you will miss the extremely potent political symbolism of the phenomenon. Whatever else Donald Trump fails to do, he does not fail to do that. You can blame Trump for exploiting the issue, but you have to recognize that there is a real issue there for him to exploit. So many on the left act like even to notice that uncontrolled migration is a problem is tantamount to racism and demagoguery. They keep making this mistake.
One big difference between the Camp of the Saints and the current situation in our country is that the anti-immigrant side is loud and vocal, and holds the White House.
''It'll help Trump! That's bad!''. Now you know why he's often called a cuck,

Jim Bowery said...

If we had a real "intelligence community" they would have a highly detailed and accurate structural analysis of the powers behind this serpent winding its way toward the US-Mexico border. Since this serpent is a foreign entity, all of the power sources would be taken out, without a trial or vote by Congress, in a military operation -- whether those sources were domestic or foreign.

Rob said...

This "refugees" march to the US border has all the stinks of far left Marxist organizing groups funded by Soros-backed NGOs.

Sid said...


"Paul Nehlenesque" rather than Paul Nehlen the man. I liked him but god was he stupid to do the Hitler thing. I don't care if it's "ironic." There's nothing good or redeemable about Nazism, a movement that led to the deaths of 40+ million whites and ruined the European homeland. To hell with that.

Trump can still prove himself. If he holds back the Honduran hordes, then we won't need anyone else in 2020 to make a statement.

234567 said...

Who is funding these people? Because I have actually been to Honduras and El Salvador, and the people are POOR (<-yes, CAPS). 48 hours ago they were all walking; today they are riding buses. The bill to feed, house and water 1500 people is not insignificant.

So who is funding this bullshit?
Why now, since this goes on constantly, just in smaller groups?
What is being set up here, because nobody funds these type of plays without an objective.

I wish I could hear their spanish, because then it's easy to sort out if they are Hondurans or not. That might be helpful to know.

Dr. Mabuse said...

I want Trump to deal with this strongly, but his behavior over the past month does not bode well. His sentimental championing of the DACA types - trying to show off as their TRUE advocate, as opposed to the cynical Democrats - has already shaken his base. Even if he were only doing it to score rhetorical points, the truth is that that sort of cleverness NEVER pays off. Conservatives have spent decades describing Democrats as "the party of slavery". It doesn't matter. Nobody's mind is changed.

On immigration and the wall, all he's done so far is issue tweets, and White House statements that he's "considering" this or that. When I saw a newspaper headline that he was "mulling" a veto of the Omnibus Bill, I knew that he was going to whiff. "Mull" is a tell-word, meaning "stall while trying to look sagacious, before crumpling."

He's full of wind and bluster, but not too hot on actual doing. He's reminding me of a quote from the old series "Fall of Eagles", when Stolypin tries to knock some sense into his reckless colleague, Isvolsky: "A fool is a man with bells on his tunic; you can hear him coming a mile off. And when he arrives, he has nothing in his hand to beat you with but a balloon."

Black Death said...

I agree with the preceding comments - this is the defining moment for the Trump presidency so far. If he stands up against this sort of thuggery, he will probably succeed and be reelected, and maybe the GOP won't do too badly in November. But if he fails, well, he'll just be another Bushite - lots of empty promises but no results. This may be our last chance.

Anonymous said...

I sent the WH a note, as you requested. Why they need to have my phone number and address baffles me; I imagine that this information goes into some sort of re-election database.

Our troops should intercept them in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Trump is only one guy, up against what has truly been revealed as a deep state velvet dictatorship. Cultural-fucking-hegemony is the name of the game. Whatever Trump tries to some federal court in Podunk, Hawaii or California will declare it illegal on some blatantly political grounds, and a Republican controlled Congress will do nothing to bring them to heel. All the while going through their usual shuck and jive about how they WANT to do something about the situation but, you know, it's complicated, they're constrained. If only they weren't being held back they'd throw themselves on the problem like a wildcat! Don't blame Trump, he's tried again and again. It isn't Trump blocking the Wall and effective internal enforcement, it's the Republican Party leadership and Conservatism, Inc. Conservatism - a movement of cowards led by crooks.

Feryl said...

Other than a Merkel style blanket amnesty, about the worst thing that could happen is that Trump pulls the "I'm such a big-hearted guy, I'll talk with some of the "refugees" after they've crossed the border, hear them out, then we can look at each one piecemeal and determine who gets to stay and who doesn't". Then several days later he announces that they will all get to stay unless they have a criminal record. Due to the obvious difficulty of finding valid documentation to establish identity and background, and the other kinds of logistical headaches of dealing with a mob of foreigners, you can bet that upwards of 2/3 of them will be amnestied.

It would be yet another example of GOP elites reneging on matter of national security. It doesn't matter how our system is abused, how we are attacked, under the aegis of the GOP and the post-1980 foreign policy elite, nothing ever substantively happens to insure demographic and thus cultural stability. It really did become obvious in the late 80's when Reagan era employer sanctions for hiring illegals were never practically enforced, and that was after such enforcement was promised in order to calm fears that the 1986 amnesty would encourage illegals to come here.

The GOP pays lip-service to moderate restrictions on immigration via employer sanctions, greater border militarization, and targeting street criminal aliens. But even if we get some action on these fronts, not enough is done to halt the ongoing transformation or protect native-born workers.

You play the "tough-but fair" act; the base swoons about their ostensible guardian who "at least doesn't take our guns" while the globalists and liberal sentimental types needn't get too worried; big picture stays the same: 90% of elites have no interest in nationalistic measures and protecting demographics, and to the extent that anything positive happens (such as immigration declining under Bill Clinton), it's only incidental to whatever is going on, not due to a systemic effort to clean things up.

BTW, it's BAU for the GOP to hammer the most flawed immigrants (e.g., criminals) instead of decadent elites who induced the illegals to come here in the first place. Herein lies the dark soul of the post-WW2 Anglo elite and empire; New York and London are parasites upon everyone and everything . Victor Orban can openly declare George Soros public enemy number one, while Trump and Theresa May attack the most low status sorts of criminals and/or they only go after those considered to be threats to the post-WW2 global order.

The addiction to GROWTH, the unrestrained pursuit of neo-liberal excess, is every bit as dangerous as cultural communism.

Audacious Epigone said...


Calling on Congress to act is rhetorical. It's fine as far as it goes--Trump's certainly good at it--but he HAS to deliver on this impending invasion. He missed a huge opportunity to take real action on the omnibus bill and now must desperately make up ground if he is to avoid a mid-term wipeout.

If the GOP is wiped out in the mid-terms, Trump's reduced to EOs that will have even less force than his initial EOs because the Narrative will be that he is a lame duck trying to push an agenda the country rejected in the 2018 elections.

This is do-or-die territory.

Random Dude,

Thanks for alerting me to the brush fire. Enough of us have fanned than flames that it's now burned all the way to the White House.


Identitarians need someone like Nehlen in congress to serve as our point man the same way Ron Paul served as the libertarian point man.


I'm encouraged by your expressed certainty that he will order law enforcement of some kind (border patrol would be good, national guard would be even better) to meet the caravan, but I'm not so sure. If they are there upon the caravan's arrival, the invaders may cooperate as they're being arrested since they'll be released days later inside the US. Things could get wild if they resist, though, especially if they do so aggressively.


Indeed. Anyone providing any sort of aid to this invasion force is in blatant violation of the 1986 immigration act. Sessions should throw the book at every single one of them.


Agree. This is about as spontaneous as the gun-grabber marches were.


Has anyone been able to decipher dialects from the videos that have been released?

Dr. Mabuse,

Right. He has to deliver here. There is no way to rhetorically leverage his way out of this. If these invaders are let in, more are going to come.

Sure, there have been smaller continual movements of people--caravans, if you like!--that have come through Latin America into the US for years. But this is intentionally being made salient because it is a trial balloon to gauge the US response.

God above, can you imagine how this would be handled if Hillary were president? The Venezuelan exodus would already be on its way north.


Intercept them in Mexico, intervention justified by Mexico's aiding and abetting a foreign invasion force--which is an act of war.


The president has the authority to call up the national guard in the case of a national emergency. He also had the sole authority to veto the omnibus bill. We get that the deck is stacked heavily against him--indeed, it's why he cannot afford to forego acting everywhere it is clearly in his power to act.


The difference (or not, we'll see) with Trump is that he's the first Republican ever elected largely on account of how he campaigned to end illegal immigration. BAU for the GOP has been to pay lip service to vague security when it is brought up and then breathe a sigh of relief when it's on to the next topic. Trump regularly brought the discussion back to immigration.

AlsoRight said...

Called the White House, but apparently it's too much to ask for the White House to be open after 4pm on a working day. Sad.

Sending an email now.

Once I send my note I will post the text here. In general we need to try and encourage more people to take direct action. The alt-political sphere is more apt to complain on the internet than they are to pick up the damn phone or shoot an email to congress.

Audacious Epigone said...


Please do. I tend to offer a cut+paste suggestion. Should've done so here, though the couple of sentences offered is enough. They're measuring volume for and against, not paying much attention to specific content.

Anonymous said...

here's what I think -

1) Language is abused. "Human Rights" is sort of doublespeak for agitprop operation.

2) Why is Central America so shitty? Mexico has its nice areas, but Central Americans are only slightly better than dindus

AR said...

Sample text for letters to the WH. Feel free to refine further:

I am an American citizen and I urge President Donald Trump to use any means necessary to secure our border and prevent the illegal immigration of peoples across our borders.

Recent news reports have reported caravans of foreign nationals traveling towards the US border with the express intent of crossing our borders and illegally entering our country. America is a sovereign nation, and the Commander in Chief has a duty to protect America from threats. This group, regardless of whether it carries arms, is an invading force aided by foreign powers. These individuals must be repelled, by military means if necessary.

America is not obligated to provide shelter to the entire world. The first responsibility of the American government is to Americans first. Millions of illegal immigrants already occupy America, and yet our federal and state governments renege their duty to enforce the law. Illegal immigration in any form harms the least able to protect themselves, circumvents the will of the people, endangers citizens, penalizes legal immigrants, and damages American standing in the world.

Thank you for your time.

CJ said...

Just to state what we can know absolutely for sure, this operation is taking place with the approval and connivance of the Mexican authorities. Why they are doing this I can only guess; perhaps the situation in Mexico is a lot more volatile than we’ve been told.

snorlax said...

@AE - >The president has the authority to call up the national guard in the case of a national emergency.

He doesn't, he needs the state governors to agree. The Posse Comitatus Act, as interpreted, would also forbid that. (Such interpretations are overly broad as pertains to the National Guard, but uh good luck getting the 9th Circuit to agree).

>He also had the sole authority to veto the omnibus bill.

That would've resulted in a government shutdown and backfired in an extremely damaging way to both Trump and the cause of immigration restriction. It would've been even more damaging than the usual for the losing side in a shutdown because Republicans would be blaming Trump too. Remember the only reason the wall is on the table in the first place is because of the shutdown the Democrats started and lost.

Even Steven Miller conceded that Trump was left with no choice but to sign the bill. Yes, he should've been more involved in the negotiations but after it passed was too late.

And yes, the bill preserves the status quo for 6 months, and the status quo sucks. But maintaining the status quo is a hell of a lot better than Hillary and the Democrats, with whom you'd presently be imprisoned for your hate speech blog.

>Things could get wild if they resist, though, especially if they do so aggressively.

It sounds from this report that they have a plan similar to what the Israelis call "Pallywood," i.e. attempting to provoke law enforcement into beating women or children, to be photographed out-of-context by waiting journalists.

"Additionally, the group practiced security protocols, including formations which called for the men of the group to form a wall around the women and children."

Fox and other conservative news orgs need to be sending photographers and cameramen too to make sure we get the full, unedited version.

Feryl said...

"The first responsibility of the American government is to Americans first"

The PTB @ the Pentagon, the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, etc. would heartily disagree with that. America is an idea, a credo, a set of "values", where you were born and your ethnicity is completely irrelevant.

Every institution in America is commited to Pax Americana and neo-liberal capitalism. There are a handful of elites who want to put some restraints on globalism, but they're vastly out-numbered by those who believe the NWO is here to stay and will continue to furnish money and status on those who play the game the right way.

The flavor of globalism might differ based on how far Left or Right the globalist may be, but that doesn't seem to stop partisan fools from realizing how terrible globalism in any form is; they act like Obama or Soros is their best friend (they're both greedy hucksters), or act like the Pentagon has been a net positive for America since 1960 (Hell no).

Ultimately, I see several catalysts for change within the next 10-20 years:

1) Economic collapse wrecking New York and London's ability to call the shots
2) America engages in a larger scaled war entailing nukes and/or more prosaic means of killing lots of Americans; disgusted Americans finally call the Pentagon out (the military is still the most respected institution in America)
3) The rising numbers of POC in America call for a de-facto ethno-state in the Southwest/West Coast. The increasingly liberal yet increasingly scarce white population of these regions will be quite glib until they find their person and property under siege (the more rooted Celtic whites in the Southeast wouldn't let this happen, nor would Jews and Italians in the Northeast let this happen).
4) Those born since the mid-70's (including whites) feel so gypped that they began to funnel tons of resources into genuine reform (likely socialistic) candidates; recalcitrant and often elderly elites are imprisoned, or stripped of assets, or perhaps even executed to send a message that the post-1980 era of greedy excess is over.

Of course any combination of the above 4 things is possible; with any luck I'll live to see substantial changes.

dorothy j clopton said...

Contacted the President regarding the Central Americans coming through Mexico. Thank you for keeping me informed.

Feryl said...

Yay, it looks like Mexico's general election might be won by a far-Left dude. This fella might try and nationalize many of the operations currently being run by "American" companies, or at least demand greater tribute from them. This could alienate many American globalists from Mexico. More dominoes falling like this could strain the ability of globalists to insure that corporate whores continue to have the upper hand in as many countries as possible

"If the news from the first round of Mexican election polling was any better we’d have to be twins to enjoy it. Andres Obrado, a well-known Marxist who intends a government take-over of the Mexican energy sector, is holding a commanding 18-point lead.."

And of course, how many countries can the D.C.-London-Soros axis exert perpetual dominance over? More and more native populations of various countries will realize that their countries are run by globalist corporate whores. These whores will to some degree be sacked in the coming years. The newly minted Marxists who run many of these countries will no doubt have their flaws, but at least global capital financed high immigration levels ought to seize up to some degree, given that true old school Leftist rulers are suspicious of growth for growth's sake, and will also be likely to implement greater control of who enters and who leaves their countries. Note that the Boomer generation heavily embraced measures which encouraged less and less control of finances and elite behavior, and thus immigration levels into and out of countries soared; even Putin hasn't exactly been very strict with letting Russians leave and letting many foreign money men into his country (that being said, he's strict enough to still be popular with Russians and he doesn't push CultMarxism either). Elites call the shots as to the logistics of immigration; greater restraints applied to elites ought to slow down immigration dramatically, esp. given that elites are the primary beneficiaries of immigrant labor. Old school Leftists will demonize elites who rely on cheap labor, and will introduce greater standards of order and overall social responsibility in hiring practices and other kinds of business practices. These changes will be heavily driven by Millennials (the most economically Leftist and civic minded generation since the G.I.s who kept FDR in power for eons and pushed Eisenhower, Truman, and Nixon to maintain policies that kept inequality in check).

The days of Silents and Boomers lionizing the heroism of the market, and those who shielded the market from the predations of the gubmint and the unwashed masses, are over. The Market (tm) gave us open borders, political correctness, sneering elites, battered private sector unions, and young generations having poorer life prospects than their fathers and in grandfathers. Many people over 45 would claim that economic Leftism produced intolerable and grinding restrictions on individual glory and effort, without bothering to admit the profound corruption of a system that turned it's back on people 40 years ago, and has primarily benefited older people at the expense of younger people. And has benefited the very rich at the expense of the working class.

Lance E said...

It's times like this I find myself wishing for a middle-east style autocratic dictator who would just call it an invasion (which it is), airstrike that shit and dare anyone in the press to criticize.

A good old-fashioned carpet bombing could be our Tiananmen Square; yes, the revolutionaries would whine about it for years and years, but no one would ever try to pull a stunt like this ever again.

I'm sure what will actually happen is closer to Feryl's worst-case scenario: Trump assumes some preposterous middle-ground position and lets 90% of them in because "Dems don't really care about the poor central American trannies!" Everybody is furious for a few weeks, then start concocting elaborate excuses for how he really did everything he possibly could given the difficult situation and he's still our glorious GE. Rinse, repeat, Republicans BTFO in midterms.

Dan said...

Cautious optimism regarding the current bolus of refugees. Mexico is dealing with the problem it seems and Trump has troops at the ready to deploy at the border. He would be the first President in my adult life to use the military for its historical purpose, protecting the country.

Maybe instead of a wall, we can have our military hold hands at the border. We have 1.4 million active duty military and they can be 1.5 meters apart and still hold hands, so this should about cover it.

And our military is already paid for, 1.53 gorillion dollars just since I started typing this comment.

Truly Bizarro World. If Trump stations the military there for a while, it would quickly surpass the cost of the wall. Of course, opposition to the wall never actually had anything to do with the cost. Congress is always looking for new ways to set fire to the treasury.

Audacious Epigone said...


2) Short answer is because Central America is really Amerindian. More conquistadors in Mexico and way more in some South American countries (like Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay).




To Trump's credit, he seems to be well aware of that. Today he put the onus on Mexico to stop the caravan before it gets to the border, and it is allegedly happening. Otoh, the BuzzFeed guy who is reporting that the Mexican government is going to disband the caravan in Oaxaca said the caravan reached Oaxaca several days ago. We shall see.


Yeah, my mistake. He can call the National Guard to take action outside the US but not inside of it. All the better wrt a potential showdown with California.

He could've vetoed the bill and the veto would not have been overturned. It's a counterfactual now, but that's my read on how it would've played out. There are a lot of things wrt Trump that "couldn't be done" until they were. Remember the initial shutdown was going to be pinned on the GOP since they controlled everything--except it wasn't, it was pinned on the Dems.


Great, thanks!


Option #3 would be great. Nothing would open more leftist/normy eyes than that. Remember when, in 2006, the illegals came out in the hundreds of thousands waving Mexican flags in support of the attempted McCain amnesty? It'd be that x100.

Dan said...

Now apparently sending the National Guard to the Border.

This is important not only for the present crisis but as a flag planted in history. Thus nobody can say that he didn't get what was happening. Trump thus gets to be right about what we believe will be one of the biggest challenges facing civilization.

Also, it is a precedent to future leaders for the genuine migration disasters that seem certain in the future.

DissidentRight said...

"Trump to Send National Guard to Mexico Border to Bolster Agents"


11/10 would win again

Audacious Epigone said...

Dan and DissidentRight,

This is what leaders do! Not a moment too soon. Hopefully the caravan that launched a thousand guardsmen reaches the border with some salience. Time to show, in no uncertain terms, that the US is a sovereign country.