Saturday, January 13, 2018

Three cheers for saying shithole

Nothing causes more outrage than a statement that is both obviously true and fervently wished by everyone to be untrue.

Trump's alleged comments were heaven sent. At minimum they stave off DACAmnesty for another couple of months. More likely, they are its swan song. By the time DACA is set to expire in March, primaries will be looming large in the minds of congress critters across the country. Any (R) who votes for a bill that includes amnesty is in trouble. Any (D) who votes for a bill that allows Trump to claim an immigration enforcement victory is in trouble. Ergo, no bill.

What is now most likely is that DACA expires in a couple months to a spate of open borders histrionics that are largely ignored and quickly forgotten by most people. The invaders don't get to chain their villages in and they're subject to deportation just like other invaders are. I get to say, with great relief, "told you so" to Agnostic.

Additionally, Trump's comments expand the Overton Window yet again, something he's been doing consistently for 30 months now. On just about any metric save for fertility, sub-Saharan Africa and its Caribbean diaspora countries fill out the bottom of the list.

Where do the new church ladies go after they're done scolding "that is NOT okay"? Get past the moral indignation and we're left with an acknowledgment that the 45th President of the United States of America is correct in his grim assessment of Africa. We've come a long way since the Watsoning.

Now let's pass immigration legislation that takes this reality into account. Democrats don't have to get on board. The tax cuts were passed without the support of a single Democrat. Make Democrats win in 2018 on supporting amnesty and immigration from Somalia and Sudan. Make waffling GOPe cucks contemplate fending off primary challenges on supporting amnesty and immigration from Somalia and Sudan.

This is worth going to the mat for. Demographics are destiny. Everything is downstream of immigration. There is nothing laudable about sacrificing our posterity to Moloch, god of Diversity!, because it makes us feel good about ourselves in the moment to pretend it is not the case. That's not moral courage, it's cowardice.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Yep, Trump killed off DACA for good. The Democrats will assume that Trump will now be in a position of weakness so they will push for even more shithole countries to join in on the fun and Republicans, as you point out, aren't going to risk losing their seats to their base who will throw them out if they vote for DACAmnesty.

Immigration needs to be the #1 issue for the midterm. It's the only way the Republicans maintain or even gain in the House or Senate. Tax cuts are nice and people get reminded of that every two weeks but they see illegal immigrants mulling around every day. They see articles now where border crossings have gone up because Central America no longer thinks America is serious about border enforcement.

The Democrats have stupidly reacted to this and whether they wanted it or not, are associated with shitholes. Shithole nations of people wanting to flood in, shithole cities that were once great but destroyed due to diversity, and shithole people who want all of our benefits but refuse to contribute or assimilate. They want to be proud shitholers (which is now a meme some of them are embracing) so let them.

IHTG said...

Now let's pass immigration legislation that takes this reality into account. Democrats don't have to get on board.

I'm afraid that's not how this works. Passing the tax cut using reconciliation was a special case.

Audacious Epigone said...

Random Dude,

Exactly. This is the Culture War we want to be fighting, not the one about abortion and trannies.


They could tie a budgetary element into it, for example the ending of all foreign aid. Call it the America First bill. Start of the new year so there's a clean slate. To the mat!

IHTG said...

P.S. You should be prepared for Trump being pressured to reactivate Obama's original DACA executive order. "Temporarily" of course.

Saint Louis said...

"On just about any metric save for fertility, sub-Saharan Africa and its Caribbean diaspora countries fill out the bottom of the list."

Let's not forget AIDS deaths and albino sacrifices.

Audacious Epigone said...

Saint Louis,

Ha, yes, the intent is to have insinuated that these are metrics for desirable attributes.

DissidentRight said...

- 2017 : Before Shithole
2018 - : Ano Shithole

Not even two weeks in, and Trump has already made 2018 the greatest current year ever.

Audacious Epigone said...

Dissident Right,

LOL! (my wife just heard me laugh so it gets the acronym)

Logical Meme said...

That first sentence is one helluva koan.

Sid said...

Some thoughts about the last couple of weeks on immigration...

1. Trump often employs what Heartiste calls "dread game" on his base. He suggests he will dump us for a pretty form of amnesty, which of course gets our hearts in a frenzy, only to feel immense relief and gratitude when he drops the idea and sticks with the base who took him to the dance.

Scott Adams has written a lot about Trump's use of persuasion, but Heartiste's reading of Trump, as an ultra alpha male who uses Game on the electorate as if it were a HB9, is just as useful.

2. That said, I still believe Trump played with the idea of making a real deal with the Dems and cucks. DACA for the Wall and other essentials. Of course, for the open borders fanatics, agreeing to the Wall would be an absolute betrayal of all they believe. As such, they were willing to go no farther than formalize DACA and give "assurances" that border security would become a priority.

So in light of points 1 and 2, we need to call our Congressmen and write to the White House, but also make a scene on Twitter and social media. There's no way Trump isn't scrolling through what his supporters are writing, and our clamoring makes it clear what he can and can't get away with.

3. Trump's "shitholes" comment was entirely commendable. There's no way the Democrats will want to bargain with Trump now over the fate of the DREAMers.

Even so, it's Trump telling the Salvadorans, all 200,000 of them, they have to go back which is what really excites me. Don't get me wrong, I love the way Trump triggers our foes, but it doesn't amount to much if it doesn't result in real action.

4. The latest BS court order about DACA will likely be struck down by SCOTUS. Anyway, it signifies that the open borders mob has no good will in what they say.

5. Most normies agree immigration should benefit the preexisting American public. They also understand that a nation is its people, and to take in low-quality people deteriorates the quality of life in the host country. The "shithole" comment and the reaction draw the battlelines, and this is one where Trump will come out ahead.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> The "shithole" comment and the reaction draw the battlelines, and this is one where Trump will come out ahead.

Yeah, it was a masterstroke. People know exactly what Trump is talking about (even the open borders evangelists know it deep down too) and for Democrats to fight back shows who they really fight for: the "shitholers" versus the tax paying public who disproportionately turns out for midterm elections. The Democrats own the third world immigrants now and that is a tough one to shake off, especially for the white working class who is abandoning the Democrats in droves.

There is no winning for the Democrats on this. The feigned moral outrage is the best they can do and even then, it's pretty weak as a response.

On a related note, the media is pitching a fit over Russians going to maternity hotels:

On one hand, they talk about how cruel it is to deny a proud Salvadorean woman her right to birth anchor babies but now are mad about dun dun dun...THE RUSSIANS. Meanwhile the feds are busting Chinese maternity hotels and 200,000 indios are going to have to go back. All pretty good stories and we're just getting started for the new year.

Maybe Trump will make up for a mediocre 2017 for a strong 2018 to retain the house and senate, which although not fans of Trump generally, are far more likely to get his agenda passed than an influx of Democrats who want to do nothing more than pursue a worthless and unsuccessful impeachment attempt.

Sid said...

Random Dude,

The Democrats' grand strategy is to sneak in enough Third Worlders and subsidize their breeding so that they can enjoy a permanent demographic majority.

From the start of Obama's campaign in 2007 up until he won reelection in 2012, the Democrats did a good job of concealing their intent and muddying/obscuring the issue. They nominally agreed to all sorts of restrictions on immigration while appealing to people's hearts.

Of course, as time passed, the Democrats grew arrogant and believed they had already more or less reached their target goal, and they dropped the rhetoric of restricting immigration in favor of a full-on migration bonanza. As time has passed, their deceptions on immigration have become easier to notice.

In 2014, they talked about taking in "widows and orphans" from Syria. But when the time came to tell Eritrean single men, they did nothing to stop them.

In 2015, they talked about taking people who were fleeing ISIS. Now Trudeau says returning ISIS fighters will be a "powerful voice" for combating extremism.

In 2016, they said it was cruel to punish children for the crimes of their parents. Now their offer on DACA is to let the parents of DREAMers stay.

You can't negotiate with people who won't argue in good faith. Whenever they agree to a restriction, it's just a rhetorical sop to fool you. It was harder for normies to spot that in Obama's first term, but now it's readily apparent to everyone.

Audacious Epigone said...

Logical meme,

I'm a practitioner of Stoicism, the West's Buddhism, so the compliment is well received.


Yeah, Trump was probably open to DACA if he could get what he felt would satisfy the restrictionists in his base so he floated it out there to see what the reaction was. Upon realizing that there was no way the base was going to countenance a DACAmnesty, he made sure it would die while looking as 'moderate' and 'reasonable' as he could. He's now tweeting about how Democrats have killed DACA!

As for the Salvadorans, if 200k of them are going back after being here for two decades, why can't 800k go back after one-quarter of that period of time here? He's laying the groundwork. It is huge.

Random Dude,

Watching them huff and puff about Norwegians coming here instead of shitholers is hilarious, too, because it rends the left's coalition--SWPLs love the quasi-socialist Scandinavian countries but non-whites and (((tribe members))) take Norwegians as a stand in for Aryan super Nazis.

Sid said...


One of Trump's messages is that the US has footed the world's bill for too long. With the Salvadoran thing, he illustrated that point while also taking a stab at DACA.

There was an earthquake in El Salvador, so we took in 200k of them and let them stay for nearly 20 years. Now the question is whether "temporary" really means temporary.

The counterarguments are that Salvadorans have built a life here, and that El Salvador isn't ready to take them back. Said counterarguments bring us back to Americans having been nice guy suckers for too long, and to "shitholes."

This issue also brings to light the sheer scale of our dispossession. In all my years reading Steve Sailer, Peter Brimelow, etc., I don't remember ever reading we had 200k Salvadorans hanging around because of some earthquake. Clearly we have a lot of work to do!

Andy Texan said...

I believe the connection is finally being made by the run of the mill, politically apathetic citizen that a country is it's people and the flood of people from shiitehole countries will turn the USA into a shiitehole.

Audacious Epigone said...


I remember Steve referencing it in the mid-2000s when I first started reading him, but it occurred before I started paying attention so it was barely on my radar screen either, and I've been following this for nearly half my life now.

Andy Texan,

Yes, I think that's a sentiment all of us out here in the dissident right are feeling. And not a moment too soon!

Anonymous said...

There's a simple administrative way to reduce the pass rate for the citizenship exam to 10% or so: require English proficiency at the 8th grade level or so. These people will be soon voting in our elections, and they don't speak English for the most part, which the law requires. Replace the existing test, which consists of 100 fixed question (like "What is the capital of your state?"), with a test that ensures you have the English proficiency of an average 8th grader, and very few applicants will pass. If you feel generous, make it 4th grade.

Audacious Epigone said...


That seems like a no-brainer. It gets the civic nationalists on board and puts leftists in a tough spot having to argue that English proficiency should have nothing to do with citizenship. Let them defend having to press #2 for English.

Anonymous said...

"Replace the existing test, which consists of 100 fixed questions" Correction: the test is 10 questions selected from a fixed pool of 100 questions, with a 6/10 required to pass. Full list here:

INFORMATION UPDATE: As of January 20, 2017, the answers to some test questions have changed. They should read as follows:
28. What is the name of the President of the United States now?*
Donald J. Trump
Donald Trump
29. What is the name of the Vice President of the United States now?
Michael R. Pence
Mike Pence
46. What is the political party of the President now?
Republican (Party)

Joshua Sinistar said...

I doubt this will end well. The system has no interest in stability. They have been bleeding red for decades, but the bankster gangster can get reimbursed. You are mistaken to believe any of these traitors want stability. You cannot ascribe to incompetence that which is demonstrably one way. No one can be as stupid as the Lincoln Party. When Lindsey Graham constantly supports Chuck Schumer, its not because chuckie is some master politician. This slimeball is about as coy as a fox in a henhouse. This Kabuki isn't even as Kayfabe as Professional Wrestling.
The fix is in. Only War is possible now. They might actually be doing this to try to get these invaders to become violent. Strategy is not the strong suit of the enemy. Violent threats, conniving traitor politicians and a controlled media message that creates a "false consensus". These policies are supported by less than 20 % of the population really. On television it looks like it has widespread support. Media control and censorship of actual citizens is how the enemy operates. They have NO COMPELLING ARGUMENT.
I suspect they are ginning up "race riots" and will blame "raciss white debils" and hope they don't get enough blowback to WIPE THEM OUT. This is now a War. Whether you want to admit it or not. The enemy has NEVER ACTED WISELY. They have run away.

Corvinus said...


"The Democrats' grand strategy is to sneak in enough Third Worlders and subsidize their breeding so that they can enjoy a permanent demographic majority."

Let us this is true. So?

"3. Trump's "shitholes" comment was entirely commendable."

He made this comment to pander to his base. No masterstroke, just common sense.


"Only War is possible now."

Blah, blah, blah. We know that you are not going to engage in any violence because you simply do not have it in you. It provides you comfort to act all tough on the Internet. But you simply are not Breivik, as much as you desperately want to believe.

Random Dude...

Speaking of shitholers..