Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Based Blue Line

The prolific Feryl:
Cops are the biggest race realists of all ... Cops don't need news, or stats, or political rhetoric. The grim reality of black misbehavior is shoved in their face all the time.
Using the GSS and ISCO 2008 allows us to compare the responses of police officers (n = 119) and the general public to the question of why blacks have "worse jobs, income, and housing" than whites do. The survey offers four potential explanations and respondents are not limited to choosing just one. They are as follows:

1) Discrimination -- the choice of Black Geniuses and (((whites))) like Tim Wise

2) Less in-born ability to learn -- a crass option that allows for a suboptimal expression of HBD-informed race realism

3) Lack of education  -- politically correct conventionalism favored by moderate SWPLs, Jews of goodwill, and some of the cuckier cuckservatives

4) Lack of willpower or motivation -- some less cucky cuckservatives and libertarians are here, though HBD-informed race realists may be as well, as "willpower" and "motivation" certainly have genetic components

The subsequent graph displays the percentages of cops and civilians partial to each of the four options:

Feryl's assertion might be a hyperbolic, but he's getting at the truth.

GSS variables used: RACDIF1, RACDIF2, RACDIF3, RACDIF4, ISCO08(5412)


JayMan said...

Are the differences statistically significant?

Anonymous said...

Another category of workers that goes up against reality are people who work in inner city emergency rooms. Love to see their opinions.

akarlin said...

Wouldn't really call that based - I would have expected the differences to be starker.

Jim Bowery said...

JayMan, the test for significance in this case has to take into account that the proposition predicts the direction in 4 variables. I'm not sure what the statistical test is for a multivariate prediction like this but it's got to be a lot more powerful than the single variable significances. If one assumes independence, I would surmise you'd have to multiply all 4 p's together.

Audacious Epigone said...


I'd have to create dummy variables for that and then try and run those since we're looking filters within a single variable--ISCO08--which is something I'm not familiar with doing in the GSS.


No way to separate out rural, suburban, and urban ER rooms, or affluence of areas they exist in, unfortunately.


Yeah, a lot of that reaction. I'd have guessed--hoped, tbh--that the differences would be starkers, too.


Thanks, that's what I thought.

Wency said...

Based on personal anecdotes, it seems a lot of people drop out of police work after a few years. I've personally been acquainted with four cops in my life; all of them dropped out.

Many of these guys probably have some idealistic notions about what they're getting into. Definitely true of one acquaintance, who was a hipster liberal that somehow thought he'd change the world by joining the local PD's community outreach team and telling ghetto kids not to join gangs. He stuck with it for longer than I'd expect; dropped out in his early 30s.

So it may be the case that the age of cops is weighted more towards their 20s/30s than to the population as a whole (therefore less based due to age bracket). Further, I'd expect 40-year-old cops to be much more based than other 40-year-olds, due to what they've seen and the more liberal cops quitting. But 25-year-old cops are not THAT much more based than other 25-year-olds, especially considering they had to go to college, and any classes they took in criminal justice or criminology were likely propagandistic nonsense.

Jig Bohnson said...

This effect doesn't look very big at all, and even moreso I suspect if you were to control for SES. It would be interesting to compare cops to non-cops of the same SES.

Also a lot of cops nationwide don't deal much with AAs. Many suburban and rural departments, and state troopers, are dealing mostly with degenerate whites.

Audacious Epigone said...


The cop sample size isn't large enough to break down into age groups, but that's very plausible. Based opinions increase with age (if you're not a leftist when you're 20...).


Interesting thought wrt social class. Not sure if that plays out as suspected.

Given the nature of crime, even in places with low black populations most cops on the beat are getting some up close exposure.

Sid said...

Don't underestimate just how far people will go to police their own thoughts, especially if doing so is integral to their living. Mark Fuhrman and his recorded use of the n-word on an audiotape, as presented in the OJ Simpson trial, show just disastrous it can be for the police if there is demonstrated "racism" in their ranks.

It is notable that there aren't more cops who are based, but they're under tremendous pressure from their administrators to believe that NAMs are the way they are for anything other than genetic reasons. In a Ferguson situation, it's a godsend if you're an administrator and your officer thinks Tragic Dirt or some sort of lack of will is the reason why the dead black teenager attacked him, rather than that blacks have markedly lower IQs and higher rates of sociopathy than whites.

Feryl said...

"while half of the public says the country still needs to make changes to give blacks equal rights with whites, this view is shared by just 16% of police"

That's what prompted me to say that cops "get it". And that number is all the more remarkable given that many of the cops surveyed are Asian/Black/Mestizos from big cities, the West Coast, and the Sun-belt. You'd expect just 16% of cops to declare themselves cucked in say, the 1980's, when crime was horrible and 90% of cops from outside the greater Los Angeles area were white. But here we are in diverse modern America and cops of all kinds feel that enough is enough WRT civil rights. Trust me, cops fantasize about the pre-1960's when criminals could be shellacked and almost nobody thought anything of it.

I'd think that the Pew Survey had a better sample size than 119.

Asking people why blacks are screwed up is a.....touchy subject that you aren't going to get much candor on. Remember that racial PC hit us like a motherfu**er in the 80's, when people felt like we needed to move on from the civil discord and racial tensions of the 60's and 70's. One way to "move on" was to have a gentleman's agreement that certain uncomfortable subjects simply could not be spoken of in certain terms. The GSS reveals that this mentality prevailed the most in Boomers, back in the 80's.....Who were the biggest pushers of PC in the 80's and 90's. While the young(ish) Boomers back then simply could not handle the very idea that their biggest pets had inherent limitations, at least they chose to co-create the culture of PC , and be it's early main enforcers, for their own reasons and peace of mind. Whereas X-ers and subsequent generations were forced at social and career gunpoint to buy into PC their whole lives....Because they had to. Not because they wanted to.

We get more honesty when we ask those in the thick of it how society ought to handle troubled demographics.

Feryl said...

"Don't underestimate just how far people will go to police their own thoughts, especially if doing so is integral to their living. Mark Fuhrman and his recorded use of the n-word on an audiotape, as presented in the OJ Simpson trial, show just disastrous it can be for the police if there is demonstrated "racism" in their ranks."

That whole thing was bogus. I heard somewhat recently that in terms of the legalities, the perjury charge didn't really make sense. And as we've seen with Mike Flynn, "perjury" is an awfully slippery concept, and if the powers that be want to nail someone, just put them on the stand long enough and eventually they'll say something that doesn't strictly comport with known history/previous statements, whether the person under scrutiny meant to "lie" or not.

WRT Furhman, if memory serves he was asked something to the effect of, "have you ever used racist language" (is that vague enough?) or "has your performance and judgement been affect by racial prejudice" (thought crime territory?). Furhman was basically screwed, because if he was honest it would've torched his reputation (who admits to being Un-PC in 1995?), yet by claiming to be PC he opened himself up to the embarrassing tape. If the powers that be didn't have to cover their ass, they wouldn't have convicted Furhman of a felony (!) that stripped him of his gun and badge. Cops do and say far more outrageous things, but given the social climate of the earlier 1990's there's no way in hell the legal and law E. community of coastal California let's a cop get away with a recorded instance of a racial slur, the worst kind no less.

Feryl said...

"In the trailer … we see a white man… describing the most common stereotypes about countries in Africa. Soon he is asked about what knows of Wakanda, and we see visuals of a place the interviewee calls “El Dorado” and how it is not in South America — it is in Africa and it’s actually Wakanda. He proceeds to explain how anyone who had gone to “explore” it did not come out alive."

Neat-o, this brought to mind what I once said about those who look for a racial El Dorado. But the promoters of this black power super hero movie aren't in on the joke. The conquistadors (accurately) believed that the inhabatants of the new world were capable of creating a great city at some point; what they were delusional about was the possibility of the city being made out of gold.

The goofballs promoting this Black Panther movie don't seem to get that nobody would look for any great Sub-Saharan created civilization, because such a thing has never existed.

And hell, ignorance is betrayed by the propagandist generically saying "African", with no regard for the distinctions between North, South, East, and West African. What he really means is "black", and Americans generally use "black" and African interchangeably to denote anything associated with West-African descended American blacks. But still, you'd expect an elite globalist to know better than to trod on the toes of North Africans who have partial to non-existant negroid blood.

Alliumnsk said...

Um, I did a similar analysis for college majors
Economists, progammers, engineers, biologists are much more based than cops.

Wency said...

That's interesting.

Though I wouldn't label people's professions by those majors. I think most engineering majors become engineers, at least for a while, but most econ majors become businessmen (and most economists were math majors and not econ majors). A fair number of bio majors are probably doctors.

I wonder if the STEM majors are being lifted by the foreign Asian component (not sure if they're included in the survey). But this reinforces my earlier point that criminology and criminal justice are, in my experience, packed full of left-wing propaganda, which the school of hard knocks will correct in police by the time they're 40.

Audacious Epigone said...


Because they wuz kangs. Nubians in Egypt is too restrictive. Never mind that the Egyptians of 2000 years ago were more European than the current Egyptian population is!

The Black Panther comic is one that has been pulled IIRC, yet there is still is a lot of anticipation about the success of this movie. It'll ve interesting to see if it can do enough domestically to break even (because it's not going to do much outside the US).