Thursday, December 07, 2017

Muhammad Mohamed Mohammed Mohammad

A few more graphics bequeathed to the historians of the future who will write The History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire:

Those results are for the US. Baby Naming Wizard includes a list of Western countries where Muhammad--peace be upon him--is among the top 100 most popular names for baby boys:

There are several variants of the given name's spelling and they're counted separately in the tallies. In England and Wales, as of 2013--so the ascent has surely continued since then--"Muhammad" came in at #15, "Mohammed" at #23, and "Mohammad"at #57.

The only state in the US so far where the name has cracked the top 100 is Minnesota, but it will not be the last.


Issac said...

Though they are a particularly malignant sort of non-white immigrant, I have to express some doubt that muslims will be the doom of America. Europe, on the other hand, is definitely going to be a caliphate without a bloody intervention.

Audacious Epigone said...


Agree, unless of course the invasion gets diverted to the US. Is it inconceivable that in say 2023 under a second Hillary Clinton term we wouldn't be looking at 6-figure or even 7-figure "refugee resettlement" numbers from MENA?

Anonymous said...

Invade the world, invite the world, that spike after the invasion of Iraq...

This is why I can't stand the 'I stand with Israel' 'counter-Jihadis'. No Muslim living in his own country minding his own business ever seemed to cry out to have his internal organs liquefied by a 500 pound bomb. But despite the wars being deeply unpopular with the ordinary citizen in the West for moral reasons as for anything, they'll be asked to take the guilt and the consequences of muslim immigrants.

They take the blame for it. They live in democracies, why'd they vote for it? Like they 'voted' for mass migration and banking deregulation... (I see a lot of the same stupid attitude from some of the alt right with them blaming Swedes for nearly every political party not giving them a choice and being under more social pressure than other Western countries that do the same thing just less intensely.)

Anonymous said...

Would love to know in the USA how many are blacks. I work in a black area and it seems like the number of black Muslims is climbing. To me that is a particularly lethal combination where you have an resentful minority group worshiping an angry god.

Sid said...

Muslim migrants serve as the ultimate virtue signalling test. There are upsides to Hispanic and Asian migration (although we would argue the costs far outweigh the benefits). African-Americans might be a handful and we may wish we had picked our own cotton, but they have contributed significantly to American sports and pop culture and have a place here. We may not regret taking North America from the Indians, but it's hard to call that process a morally pure one.

Muslim migrants, however, rarely contribute to North American and European societies, and are usually just plain malignant to their host countries.

As such, supporting their migration to your society is a pure test of whether you support diversity in the abstract. There's no upside to it!

Immanuel Kant said that an action can't be described as moral if the actor benefits from it. That is sentiment you often see in Northern European moralizing - we must do what will not benefit us to prove to ourselves that we are good - and it's something you're seeing today.

Audacious Epigone said...


Ron Paul heroically introduced Republican primary voters to the idea of blowback in his famous exchange with Rudolph Giuliani. For that he has my eternal gratitude.


Touche. One-third of Muslims in the US are black according to the GSS.


Perfectly put. There is a direct inverse correlation between the benefits various immigrants provide and the amount of virtue-signaling points one receives for celebrating them. "Refugees" from third-world failed states in Africa and the Middle East get maximum points. Undocumented peasants from Latin America garner quite a few, too. From East Asia, sure, a couple. From Western Europe? Nah, nothing to brag about, maybe even something to be ashamed of!

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind as well that Western European immigrants tend to compete with urbane whites (Nobody from Western Europe comes to the US unless they have a very well paying job lined up. It's not the land of opportunity from that perspective anymore.) for jobs and housing. The people who run the base infrastructure, harvest the crops and build everything can't be paid too little. But, like, accountants and other office drones are always, like, struggling?

Sid said...


Totally agreed with your hierarchy. What's striking is that white Afrikaners have negative virtue signalling points, because supporting their migration means acknowledging they're facing de facto ethnic cleansing in a crime-ridden hellhole! They also instituted racist policies so they deserve a bloodier "replacement" than what whites elsewhere will get anyway.


Right, there's really not much incentive if you're European to move to America, unless you have a deep love of American culture or your career isn't so remunerative in Europe. TechAltar on YouTube had a great video recently on why there are so few tech companies in Europe. If you're a European who wants to specialize in tech, America is more your place than Sweden is.

Even so, SWPLs (who are distinct from SJWs) love having European migrants in America and all dream of working in Europe someday, so SWPLs love transatlantic work visas even if they can't virtue signal about it.

Audacious Epigone said...

SWPLs (who are distinct from SJWs)

Never really took stock of the fact that those two acronyms look so similar because you are correct, they are distinct.

Sid said...


There's a lot of overlap between them, but if you were to compare the quintessential SWPL with an archetypal SJW:

SWPL: Went to a good liberal arts program, and probably followed it up with advanced professional education
SJW: Is the reason why liberal arts programs sometimes have a bad name. Took a bunch of dumb easy classes and is now struggling under six figure student loans

SWPL: Upper middle to upper class, often downwardly mobile
SJW: Strictly middle class, always downwardly mobile

SWPL: Whatever else his faults, has impeccable taste in food, cinema, literature
SJW: Eats Cheetos while watching animated Disney, comic book, and Star Wars movies regularly and not much else. Hasn't read a book since Harry Potter, except for maybe Twilight or Fifty Shades while in college

SWPL: Physically lean and trim. Claims to not fat shame but abhors the idea of ever putting on fat or muscle. Works out daily, but in ways that increase endurance and flexibility, not strength
SJW: Spends time writing why she should be desired regardless of her size instead of cooking and exercising

SWPL: Genuinely enjoys cultural interaction, and unabashedly adopts what he likes from other cultures
SJW: Considers the above naked cultural appropriation

SWPL: Enjoys playing the Nintendo Wii or Switch on the occasion. Casual gamer
SJW: Pretends to be a core gamer in order to ruin gaming. Spends hours playing games daily to maintain deep cover

SWPL: Loves Obama
SJW: Loves Sanders' impractical policies, but still prefers Hillary's identity politics

SWPL: Looks down on badwhites. Isn't concerned with their wellbeing in the slightest and uses them as something he can compare his elevated lifestyle and tastes to
SJW: Believes badwhites are dangerous and terrifying, and will turn America into a fascist state

SWPL: Brims with nervous energy, drinks coffee to maintain it
SJW: Exhausted from emotional labor

SWPL: Is secretly disappointed when he goes to Paris and sees the Muslim neighborhoods
SJW: Doesn't go to Paris but takes sadistic delight when hearing about the above story: Diversity wins!

Sid said...

One more:

SWPL: Genuinely loves Shakespeare, considers "inclusive" to mean a black guy plays Romeo and a white girl plays Juliet.
SJW: Condemns Shakespeare as a dead white man, considers it "inclusive" when a theater replaces a performance of Shakespeare by something insufferable written by some black lesbian nitwit

Audacious Epigone said...


Great list, thanks.

Will Wilson said...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's firstborn (and hopefully last) will be named Mohammed Markle-Mountbatten-Windsor