Wednesday, December 27, 2017

La Raza's California DREAMing

From a survey of Californians comes more affirmation of Lee Kuan Yew's famous insight about multiracial democracies. They become a skins game.

The subsequent graph shows the percentages of Californians who favor opening up Medi-Cal, the state's Medicaid program, to all adults (read illegal aliens) residing in the state. Currently only US citizens living in California are eligible.

The percentages, by race, who favor allowing illegal aliens access to Medi-Cal follow. "Not sure" answers, which make up less than one-fifth of all responses, are excluded:

California is one of a handful of states where whites often go blue. Even left coast SWPLs are more politically conservative than non-whites are.

The survey was conducted a couple of weeks ago and the can has since been kicked down the road again, but respondents were also asked "should Democrats link the government funding bill to the DREAM act, if doing so might cause the federal to shut down?" The percentages, again by race and with "not sure" responses excluded, who favor a federal government shutdown if the invaders aren't amnestied:

As kangz of the gibs, blacks have no patience for a government shutdown of any kind, for any reason.


Sid said...

You could make an economic-curve out of this law:

Blacks support increasing the number of people on the public dole, until that number is so high that the gibs blacks would get would decrease per capita.

As such, most blacks, under the supervision of their civil rights leaders, are fine with increasing the Hispanic share of the population if Hispanics vote for more gibs.

Look at the Mortgage Meltdown: Dubya may have had Hispanics in mind, but he was more than willing to include blacks when it came to increasing minority homeownership.

However, once the number of public benefits recipients is high enough, blacks realize they won't get as many gibs. This is probably why they ignored or even despised Sanders: he basically called for expanding public spending dramatically, but in a way that was fair and didn't exclude white people. Blacks grew terrified at the prospect of having their gibs watered down to nothing.

You see that principle here. California blacks aren't thrilled about illegals getting Medi-Cal, and they're deadset against doing anything too strong to keep the DREAM Act in tact. We need our helfcair and edyewkayshun!

IHTG said...

I hope the GOP keeps calling the Democrats' bluff on the DREAM Act. They don't really care about Hispanics. In general, American culture is endlessly fascinated with blacks - other non-whites it finds boring.

Audacious Epigone said...


Right. They simultaneously want to maximize the amount of total gibs and maximize the share of said gibs that go to them.

It's a shame Trump is a RACIST! because America First civic nationalism is quite good for blacks in this regard. In a country that is 90% white, 10% black, virtually all the gibs go to blacks.


It'll be suicidal for the Dems to do that in 2018. Hispanics don't vote much, especially not in mid-terms. Black grievances in black districts and sober white guys like Northam and Jones in wider elections is how they'll win. Making a stand in defense of Kate Steinle's killer is not.

TWS said...

It's why Indian tribes restrict membership but blacks don't. One group has limited funds the other does not.

Joshua Sinistar said...

If you're waiting for blacks to do the Math, it'll probably be done on The Planet of the Apes. The blacks never invented the wheel, but they are ABSOLUTELY SURE that a dead black nationalist is piloting a Magic Space Wheel full of "baby planes" to nuke Whites and make America into Africa. That's the kind of stupid that cannot be swayed by facts.

Feryl said...

In the U.S., Hispanic identity fades across generations as distance from immigrant roots grows. High intermarriage rates and declining immigration are changing how some Americans with Hispanic ancestry see their identity. Most U.S. adults with Hispanic ancestry self-identify as Hispanic, but 11%, or 5 million, do not. While nearly all immigrant adults from Latin America or Spain say they are Hispanic, this share decreases by the third and fourth or higher generations.

Immigrants are projected to play the primary role in the growth of the American working-age population in the coming decades. The number of working-age immigrants is projected to increase from 33.9 million in 2015 to 38.5 million by 2035, with new immigrant arrivals accounting for all of that gain. Absent these new arrivals, the total projected U.S. working-age population would fall.

In the past 10 years, the share of U.S. adults living without a spouse or partner has increased. This rise in “unpartnered” Americans, from 39% in 2007 to 42% today, has been most pronounced among young adults: Roughly six-in-ten adults younger than 35 are now living without a spouse or partner. The share of “unpartnered” adults also has risen more sharply among those who are not employed.

About eight-in-ten Americans say they understand the risks and challenges of police work, but 86% of police say the public does not understand. This is one of several areas where the views of police and those of the public diverge significantly. For example, while half of the public says the country still needs to make changes to give blacks equal rights with whites, this view is shared by just 16% of police. Law enforcement officers and the public are broadly in agreement on other issues, such as making private gun sales and gun show sales subject to background checks.

About six-in-ten Americans ages 18 to 29 say the primary way they watch television now is with streaming services on the internet. Much smaller shares of older Americans cite online streaming services as their primary way of watching TV; older Americans tend to rely on cable connections. Overall, just 28% of Americans cite streaming services as the primary way they watch TV.

Feryl said...

I left out the bit about Muslim pop. growth being much higher than other religions, though "Christians" were said to be in 2nd (presumably that derives mostly from The New World, which remains heavily nominally Christian, though obviously much of the growth now derives from Catholic brown people rather than Protestant North American whites).

What do the above things portend?

- The character of the Democrats is going to change....A LOT. As Hispanics grow to be anywhere from 20-35% of the population (vastly outnumbering blacks in Lefty ground zero, California), blacks can only dominate the party for so much longer. Moreover, most heavy hitter black politicians, not unlike heavy hitter white politicians, hail from the 1940's-1960's. Which btw, pre-dates the immigration surge of the 70's-present. Ur Kamala Harrises are only going to grow more stale and archaic, representing an era that means nothing to Millennials and Gen Z. Remember that enthusiasm for Bernie was so pronounced in the under 30 crowd that his losing the primary ended up causing some blacks to stay home later on. The Dems remain so steeped in the 1960's that they seem hell bent on keeping those who don't remember the decade firmly out of the party's driver seat. Bernie trying to revive Left wing class and labor rhetoric spooked the DLC class who insist on racial ID politics being prioritized.

- If the Dems continue to insist on sucking up to white and black Boomers/near Boomers, and given the level of assimilation of Hispanics, it looks like a decent number of Hispanics will probably gravitate to the GOP. Before you slam on the brakes, I'm not suggesting that they'll vote like Mormons or something. But the iron grip of the Dems on blacks is not something that'll ever be replicated with other ethnic groups, with the possible exception of Arab Muslims who are still too few in number to matter. Also remember the ethnic affinity angle here; Mexicans are racially closer to whites than are Blacks or Asians. Asians are probably going to continue to heavily ally with the Democrats, being that the only thing blacks and Asians have in common is their genetic distance from whites. Asians aren't avowedly hostile to whites, but they obviously fear a populist/nativist revival within the de facto white and traditional party, an effect of which could be the possible suppression of Asian culture and a revival of immigration policies intended to make America whiter. Ethnic groups distant from whites, when in white majority countries, must always consider this. It doesn't matter how soft the conservative party is at the moment; in the minds of Asians/blacks/Arabs, the majority ethnic group is like a spring that's been tightened and at any moment the tension could be released in the face of non-whites.

Feryl said...

"It'll be suicidal for the Dems to do that in 2018. Hispanics don't vote much, especially not in mid-terms. Black grievances in black districts and sober white guys like Northam and Jones in wider elections is how they'll win. Making a stand in defense of Kate Steinle's killer is not."

Yeah, turning out the sizable number of Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial blacks will continue to pay dividends in the South (wherein the stupid party continues to run candidates who don't appeal to 4/5 of the voting eligible population), and to a lesser degree in the Rust-belt (wherein many whites have never been keen on the GOP, and the GOP desperately needs to step up it's game and go full-Trump to appeal to the union belt).

All the same, the reverse Southern strategy worked in the past and is relevant right now, but at some point things'll change. Blacks born in the 80's and subsequent decades are having far fewer children than their immediate ancestors did , not unlike what we're seeing with whites. The current black birth rate would've been unthinkable in the 80's or 90's, but, here we are. The surges in immigration from Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia, and the fact that at least some of them already have or eventually will reproduce, combined with the relatively low birth rate of America's historical populations (whites, blacks, feather Indians), means that when you look at those currently in grade school or younger, you see a population that's got absolutely no resemblance to the America of the 1980's and previous decades. Boomers, and the culture and demographics they represent, are dying off. And there aren't enough Gen X-ers to pick up the slack, being that birth rates absolutely plummeted in the 70's. This is all quite alarming for obvious reasons (e.g., nobody is going to trust anyone anymore, we're going down the path of previous failed empires, etc.) but ya know....The culture of 1/10 of the population bossing around the vast white majority left a lot to be desired and within that culture lay the death knell of a once profoundly ethnocentric country whose legacy white population firmly believed in the superiority of the Englishman.

Feryl said...

Muh family values is deader than disco, being that most Millennial and Gen Z people aren't even in strong relationships, let alone having kids. Gen X-ers found this stuff annoying in the 80's and 90's, but it's not even worth complaining about anymore.

Cops are the biggest race realists of all. I would've loved to see a racial breakdown of the surveyed cops, but the fact that the presumably increasingly non-white police force of many American regions still realtalked about muh civil rights is pretty stunning. Cops don't need news, or stats, or political rhetoric. The grim reality of black misbehavior is shoved in their face all the time, and there's only two ways to really escape: 1)Join a small town police force in New England, the upper Midwest, the Pac. NW, or Inter-Mountain West. 2) Just quite the force altogether.

Audacious Epigone said...


So Steve Sailer's strategy for the GOP to subtlety but intentionally portray the Democrat party not as the non-white party but specifically as the Black Party is electorally solid, then? Seems that way to me.

Feryl said...

Right on cue, Steve mentions racial birth rates on Twitter and on his blog. Makes me wonder if he read this post....

"Right, @mtsw, black teen births rose during the late 1980s Crack Wars, peaking in 1991, and then began falling along with crime. It's almost like Rodney King Riot of 4/92 was last spasm of worsening black self-destructiveness, and then blacks started to get their act together."

Looking at serial killer stats, among other things, I get the picture that white Boomers were more out of control than white Gen X-ers, with peak wildness among whites being the 70's and early 80's. With blacks, it's more like the 1960's and early 70's births were the most crazy, with peak wildness in the black community being the 80's and early 90's. This is reflected in music, as well: White Boomers made a lot of macho rock in the 70's and 80's, then white X-ers moped in the late 80's and 90's when whites became more tame. Whereas with blacks, Boomer blacks made a lot of pleasant music in the 70's and 80's, then Gen X blacks made a lot of harsh and thuggish rap music in the late 80's and 90's.

"US government has been campaigning against teen pregnancy for years, but not against single motherhood. It seems to be working: Teen pregnancy is way down these days. Teen births and teen abortions are both down.@mtsw"

Indicators of good behavior among youths have been rising with each successive cohort of high school teens. The studies date back to the initial1970's born cohort studied in the early 90's, and have continued with each subsequent generation. The biggest improvement was seen from the late 90's-mid 2000's, e.g. when the focus shifted from early 80's births to very late 80's/early 90's births. None of this really has anything to do with government policy or elite prescriptions; after all, I don't think the government encouraged Boomers to smoke pot in the 70's or X-ers to do crack in the 80's, but it happened anyway because reckless behavior was fashionable to these generations.

WRT birth rates, AFF is a big issue at work. Late 70's and early 80's births (AKA late X-ers) don't have the most sterling track record of behavior, but ya know what? They ain't having kids like Boomers and early X-ers did. Paying the bills has not come easy to people born in the last 40 years; we may have gotten into fights and smoked cigs at a young age, but when AFF becomes nightmarish, a child can be massive cost that's too much to bear.

"The share of Black births reached a new modern-era low with 19.4% in 2014. It peaked at 32% in 1986 and declined in every single year since then. In 2014 the share of Hispanic births was the lowest since 1983. The share of White births reached a new modern-era high of 33.1%."

1/5 is still far beyond the tipping point at which blacks actively degrade the atmosphere around them. All the same, it's a major improvement over 1/3. That being said, the massive cohort of blacks born in the late 80's and early 90's is going to be steering debate for some time to come. Gen X blacks who are often openly hateful of whites now have a lot of shock troops for current and future battles.

With all the talk of gentrification, and how it spooks blacks, it looks like good Millennial behavior is coming to haunt blacks. If Millennial blacks were as insane as Gen X blacks, it would make it impossible for white Millennials to invade urban areas and take over more neighborhoods and school districts.

BTW, the new Star Wars has no human characters played by black women; there are several Latin/mystery meat actors, a black dude, and an Asian chick, however. We're nearing the point at which we can longer look at everything literally in black and white.

Feryl said...

So obvious but yet somehow elusive: on SS's blog, somebody points out that:

People don't really think of whites as being unusual, or outliers compared to other ethnic groups; people actually think of blacks as the outlier, but since CultMarx always places the feelings of blacks first it means that "acceptable thought" dictates that we get things backwards.