Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Diversity Squad

The indispensable team that allows the Office of Diversity and Equity to do the invaluable work it does fighting the oppressive intolerance of intolerant oppression:

Cisgendered white men need not apply--to the contrary, what they need to do is die

The following is pulled from the calendar of upcoming events the irreplaceable office maintains.

Tuesday, November 28th:
- 1/2 past 10b: Trans and non-binary identities, feminism, and social justice movements
- Freeing the body: A vision

Wednesday, November 29th:
- Feminist parenting

Thursday, November 30th:
- Disabilities studies seminar
- Queer people of color mixer (refreshments provided)
- Global film festival

Tuesday, December 5th:
- Film: Dark girls

Wednesday, December 6th:
- Queer women's coffee klatsch

Thursday, December 7th:
- Gender seminar: Speaker Cecile Accilien, professor of African and African-American Studies on the topic of "Gender Identity in Haitian Hollywood"
- Queer students of color gathering


The above is my modest gift of additional material for future historians to use as they write The History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire.


Sid said...

fwiw all of those people speak in the highly stilted, bizarre manner the letter you posted is written in.

I am not kidding. Some people who have been away from a university for awhile might believe the letter you posted is a "special occasion" kind of thing, and then the university bugmen go back to talking like normal people. Wrong. They write like that. Their preferred gender pronouns are in their signatures in emails. They even speak like that on a day to day basis. It sounds nuts, and it is, but that really is how they act in real life and on a consistent basis!

DissidentRight said...

Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

KU's Diversity Squad is deep in enemy territory, isolated. Perfect target.

thekrustykurmudgeon said...

what's worse is that this is in a red state like Kansas. Imagine how worse it might be in the NE or West Coast.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> what's worse is that this is in a red state like Kansas. Imagine how worse it might be in the NE or West Coast.

Location usually doesn't matter. Academia is so incestuous that a university could be in the reddest of red areas or the bluest of the blue and you would not be able to tell the difference.

Just a population of transient bugmen and bugwomen who are paid obscene sums of money to pump cultural marxist poison to the future baristas and temp workers of America.

milan said...

The reason there aren't any white males here is because precious ate all of them

Audacious Epigone said...


I shouldn't be but I find *myself* still mildly surprised by things like this. It's the largest university in the state, a reliably red--though a very cucky sort of red--state at that. There cannot be too much exposure of this crap.


Indeed. It's a relatively soft target. Just need a little gubernatorial will.


Right. It's everywhere. There is no reprieve from it. It has to be made economically unviable. Cut off state funding for the university on the grounds of promoting racial discrimination against whites if that's what it takes. Kobach might make a go at it.

Random Dude,

Most of these faculty members do not appear to be Midwestern natives, heh.

Audacious Epigone said...


Heh, Porras should go on an all-porridge diet for the next three months or so.

Sid said...


Frankly it rarely matters where universities are situated: unless they are hardcore Bible schools, they will almost always be leftist indoctrination mills. (And let's be honest, most Christian schools in America are just as on board with the Great Replacement as the worst Marxist.) Colleges are some of the most insulated places in the country.

Random Dude, I mostly agree with your analysis, but only a handful of staff and faculty are paid obscenely. One reason why academics are so bitter is that they're paid meager wages compared to the years they spent on their educations, and have precious little bartering power. They're the lucky ones, as the job market for academics is just brutal.

The Ivy League and other similarly elite schools are doing fine. Beyond that, however, there is a profound sense of insecurity in colleges across the country that they won't be economically viable over the coming decades. Plenty of schools are axing departments, if not going under, even as I write this.

sykes.1 said...

The US needs an apocalyptic blood bath to purge itself of corruption.

Anonymous said...

This is entirely the fault of the Kansas Board of Regents and, by extension, the Governor of the State of Kansas. Red state Governors are failing their constituents on a daily basis by enabling these departments at state-run universities.

Dan said...

"- Gender seminar: Speaker Cecile Accilien, professor of African and African-American Studies on the topic of "Gender Identity in Haitian Hollywood""

Now that is just retarded.

Is there anyone who ever even heard of Haitian Hollywood before? If one in 10,000 people are associated with [regular] Hollywood then "Gender Identity in [regular] Hollywood" already would be something that describes only 1 in 1 million Americans (assuming we are talking about people who identify a gender other than what they actually are).

The only knowledge I have of "Gender Identity in Haitian Hollywood" is that only Haitian actor that I ever heard of, Wyclef Jean, is a man who (AFAIK) identifies as a man. Also acting isn't even his main thing.

bob said...

Thats a stacked deck, right there....
Where is the farmers rep?..this is Kansas fgs!

Audacious Epigone said...


Indeed. This is the culture war that matters. Everything else is downstream of this indoctrination.


It's utter nonsense. The point is to humiliate normal white people by forcing them to treat it seriously when it is so obviously unserious.


A midwestern white farmer whose farm has been in the family for four generations--is there any group these freaks despise more?

Anonymous said...

As one of those people (five generations of Kansas farmers on the same land- who did his undergrad at KU (graduated 89), I can attest.that, yes, they hate us. Passionately.

Thanks Jews.

Feryl said...

" only a handful of staff and faculty are paid obscenely. One reason why academics are so bitter is that they're paid meager wages compared to the years they spent on their educations, and have precious little bartering power. They're the lucky ones, as the job market for academics is just brutal."

It's not about the money to X-ers or Millennials (and it's only somewhat about the money to Boomers); it's about status. I heard an interview with a professor who claimed to not be a Democrat, and then unloaded on the Nixon GOP for supposedly destroying everything with white identity politics...Uh, hello, back in the 60's and 70's, both parties were white by definition; whites made up more than 85% of the population back then. I dunno about the guy's age but he's got to be near or over 50; only a Boomer or very early X-er would make such a big deal out of 1968 and be that clueless about demographics.

Status strivers just want whatever is associated with status at the moment; Academia even in the most wholesome times tends to be a brutal place, that's why professors have beards. Lots of incredible egos, jealousy, and face saving. Hollywood always stinks, too, and most producers and directors tend to have beards BTW. When anything can possibly intimidate both rivals and subordinates, it will be put to use, hence the popularity of copious facial hair in very difficult professional environments. Notable, facial hair is still quite taboo in the police and military, where an all-hands-on-deck mentality prevails and superiors are supposed to instill confidence and trust in subordinates.

I've got no sympathy for the people who enter toxic environments and then do little to nothing to change the culture of them. Most people in the academic world and in Hollywood are gutless weasels who dream of making it big, and failing that, become bitter and vindictive after being bullied and are not willing to stand up to the the real bullies (the assholes who own these places), often preferring to whine about how retarded Middle America is for nor being properly respectful of places run by liberal elites. A James Woods type is really unusual.

Sid said...


Yes, the point of getting into and trying to succeed in academia is to win status: winning praise for being smart. The problem is that a lot of folks who get into academia expect to make middle class salaries, which relative to their years of education is rather underwhelming but still enough to live comfortably on. The thing is, getting and staying employed in an academic job is far, far more difficult than most 22 year olds anticipate. Furthermore, the people who get into academia are much nerdier and socially isolated than the norm, and don't understand how much they will resent their peers who get into more remunerative careers over the long haul. They also don't understand that while it's easy to foreswear having children at age 22, it's much harder when you're at age 32 and don't have the means for that.

Anonymous said...


Agree with your comments on the role of status. Jonathon Haidt has written on this topic and has some very good YouTube videos on this. In the university setting today a culture of victimhood has emerged. Persons gain status be being part of victim class, or failing that, touting and/or defending the cause of those in the victim class.

Audacious Epigone said...

Yes, everything about the department is dripping in victimology. Is it hyperbolic to assume that it is the only currency any of these people trade in (beyond some floor of basic literacy)?

Sim1776 said...

Hi, y'all. I just found this delightful outpost of wrongthink.

I guess I'll be the boorish lout and point out that there's one about a 4-5 there and the rest are well... Even the men are soft and effete. Basically academic rentseekers. Wishful thinking but it would be wonderful to defund liberal arts programs and make college only for technical degrees that actually have purpose in productive society. The real shame is state and federal funds pay for this Cultural Marxist bastion to even exist. Derb had the right of it: these places should be subject to aerial bombardment but I purpose returning the land to a good use as a Men's social club or a campus range for a shooting club.

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

"Gender Identity in Haitian Hollywood"

Whaaaat? They're serious with this? Reminds me of that old Joe Jackson song, where he's busting on his girlfriend for being involved in endless causes...such as "Vegetarians against the Klan." Found that funny as a teenager and funnier now, but it looks like groups like that really are coming to pass.

Audacious Epigone said...



Yes, these are unimpressive specimens on just about every dimension.


They must find--and then create 'space'--in increasingly obscure (or functionally non-existent) places. Pioneers!

Jonathan Centauri said...

Don't worry. "Diversity" is like electric cars or ugly bird killing windmills. A worthless, unprofitable pose that can only exist with MASSIVE GUBMINT SUBSIDIES. Like all these worthless fads, its peters out right quick if the subsidies die out from 8-10 years of fiscal mismanagement and lack of easy money.
TSHTF already. The papering over with Quantitative Easing only blew up the Stock Market. Every State is Dead Broke and Uncle Sham is about to run out of his credit REAL SOON. That Summer of Recovery is about to become The Winter of Discontent where luxuries like "diversity" CANNOT POSSIBLY CONTINUE.
Sustainability isn't about the Weather. Its about the cold hard facts that Fair and Life do not co-exist peacefully.

Saint Louis said...

Was about to make the exact same comment before I saw this.