Monday, October 23, 2017

Welcome to the Hotel Babylonia

From the Census, the percentages among adults living in the US, by race, who are non-citizens:

If the official estimates of illegal alien populations are too low, as people like Ann Coulter have suggested, the true percentages of non-whites are even higher than the graph indicates.

Taking the government figures at face value, though, it means 1-in-53 whites in the US are non-citizens. For blacks, it's 1-in-17. For Hispanics and Asians, it's nearly 1-in-3.

It would of course be unacceptably waaaycist for ICE agents to hone in on Hispanics and Asians. That they're more than an order of magnitude more likely to be non-citizens than whites are is just a thinly veiled way of legitimizing bigotry.

A historian writing in the year 2200 about the decline and fall of the American republic empire would do well to include this graphic in the work's first chapter.


DissidentRight said...

And these aren't white Asians (real Asians), either. These are Indian/Pakistani types. Very bad.

It's easy to tell which houses they live in. You can smell the curry from the sidewalk.

Black Death said...

As Donald Trump said during the campaign, "If you don't have borders, you don't have a country."

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> And these aren't white Asians (real Asians), either. These are Indian/Pakistani types. Very bad.

There are a lot of low quality "Jungle Asians" from Myanmar, Laos, and the Philippines that are coming in as well.

A sign of the times that immigration is improving under Trump is the whole Rohingya debacle. A "crisis" where Muslim Asians are being persecuted (supposedly, I don't know the details). If we were living under Democrat or Neocohen leadership, we would have no choice surely but to import them all into the United States. Under Trump, these people are on their own and are fleeing to Bangladesh rather than being exported to a purple state where they can be expected to illegally vote for Democrats in future elections.

dc.sunsets said...

I guess I can't stop hoping that when the debt-fueled gravy train in the USA derails (egads, sooner or later...) then most of these clowns will go HOME.

DissidentRight said...

There are so many exciting ways to get them to leave. One of the lessons I have learned from Trump is, always give people a chance to do the right thing. Then you slowly ratchet up the pressure and rhetoric until they do it.

Few of the 80 million xenos are going to want to seriously dig in. Very few will want to play cowboys and indians. It will be much easier to deal with the ones that do once all their more docile countrymen have done their part to MAGA.

This will have the side effect of clearly illustrating to the blacks that doing what's in our best interest is in their best interest.

Audacious Epigone said...

Black Death,

He had many great lines through 2015 and 2016. Of them, that was probably the single best.

Random Dude,

Indeed. There is no organic support for intervening anyway--could anything be more antithetical to "America First" than doing so?--and the manufactured media attempts to elicit pathological altruistic interventions have fallen on deaf ears.


They have to go back. We can't afford them. They have to go back!

Dissident Right,

Exactly. Pay them to leave if that's what it takes. And if they don't take it, start kicking them out. Most will take the money and run. During Operation Wetback, for every 1 deportation, nearly 8 left on their own, and that was without any carrots. It's very doable. We just need the will.

DissidentRight said...

1. 30-day deadline + reward_0 = $1,000,000 ... reward_i = reward_(i-1) / 2 for self-deportation + most gracious & conciliatory rhetoric possible
2. Day 23-30 ... major round of publicity for self-deporters
3. Day 31 ... single localized shock & awe tac-op (neighborhood level), overwhelming non-lethal force, targets immediately removed
4. Day 31 evening news ... mass publicity barrage, recap self-deporters and their $$$, new 30-day deadline, flat $1000 reward

Anonymous said...

yes, small carrot that will provide travel money up to maybe apartment deposit/rent levels in the old country for quick departers. Especially important is to get intact families of illegals to leave together, with their US-born children, and US citizen one-parent. They should be highly propagandized and be given access priority to US embassy to be able to apply for re-entry after a delay of at least 2 years (which is essentially "back of the line, back in your country" with good biometric ID to prevent line-jumping, and make future illegal immigrating to the USA a felony if/when caught). That's worth putting some budget on.

DissidentRight said...

Also, I want to call the campaign Spic & Span. Too much?

to be able to apply for re-entry after a delay of at least 2 years

Hell no. Deportation will set their victimhood status in stone. Letting them come back is a strategic error. (Being forced to permit it, as a political concession, is one thing.)

Random Dude on the Internet said...

The best way to make these immigrants leave is to squeeze off welfare. Trump proposed that with his immigration reform and that would be enough to get most of them to leave. Not only do we fix the immigration problem, we save tens of billions of dollars (and likely into the hundreds of billions, when you factor in all the damage that these people actually wreak on society) while doing so. Ever notice why the most immigrants we import, the deeper the deficits? This would be two birds with one stone.

That would get rid of most of them. The next wave will leave by mandating E-Verify with harsh fines for businesses. If nobody will hire these people and there's no welfare, there's no reason for these people to stay. Even the most obstinate immigrant will just up and leave.

That would leave the defiant immigrants, the ones who live off of crime, and the ones who are in it for a green card. The defiant immigrants will eventually just leave, the criminals can just get arrested and deported when they inevitably get caught, and just change the green card law to where you can stay in the country if you have been married for 10 years. Make it so long that it isn't worth staying if you're just in it for the card.

None of these solutions require the modern day SS kicking down doors and rounding up illegals. It's unnecessary when you just tell them that the gravy train of getting paid to exist is over and if you want a job, you're going to have to try to enter the country legally. There will be some who will do that but the Indio-tier immigrants are too stupid and illiterate to be a legal citizen so they'll just return to Central America.

Audacious Epigone said...

Dissident Right,

Right, the model should be one where the best time to act is right now--as time passes, the carrot gets smaller and the stick gets bigger.


If the time frame is hard and fast and is paired with felonious illegal reentry, it's a concession to consider, though the scofflaws still should not be ceded the moral high ground.

Random Dude,

PR to get the ball rolling, push-pull to get most to act voluntarily, then mop up operations through attrition (make it hard to live in the country illegally and fewer people will do so) routine contact (traffic stops, etc), and hard contact (targeted deportations, felony arrests).

Anonymous said...

It sounds like we almost have a House Bill right here.