Friday, September 22, 2017

Foreign-born percentage of US electorate by presidential election

The following graph shows the percentage of the American electorate that was foreign-born in each presidential election going back to 1992. Quantity has a quality of its own:

If Pelosi's pals have their way, the percentage will rocket into the double-digits.

We can't make up the margin on volume and we can't make up the volume on margin, so... look at how much I love these kiddos!

In 2016, the Founders' Revenge took the form of the Electoral College:

That defense against the election of a new people will stand about as long as the statues of the founders do, though.

For the sake of ourselves and our posterity, the following three things must be done:

1) A moratorium on all immigration, lasting at least a full generation
2) All non-citizens repatriated (no #DACAmnesty)
3) Rebounding of native fertility to at least replacement level

The hour is getting late.

GSS variables used: BORN(1)(2), PRES92, PRES96, PRES00, PRES04, PRES08, PRES12, [2016]


Jim Bowery said...

4) After #1, never reinstate chain migration.


Chain migration is an exponential process that, alone, by 2075 leads to 7,000,000,000 foreign born citizens of the US, under reasonable to very conservative assumptions:

1M = a = Initial population of foreign born citizens inviting relatives (very conservative)
1 year = g = Delay between a green card holder becoming a citizen before inviting relatives thereby getting them green cards
5 year = c = Wait time for a green card holder to become a citizen
2.5 = n = Number of relatives a new foreign born citizen invites to, themselves, become citizens.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I always find it interesting how much the GOPe is willing to forsake millions of white votes in the desperate hopes of getting a couple hundred thousand hispanic votes that they won't get anyway.

Build the wall and deport em all. No H1B visas, E-Verify for everyone, harsh fines for businesses who hire illegals, and heck, let's subsidize charter buses to make one way trips to the southern border.

Audacious Epigone said...


Agreed. That implicitly falls under #2, though it's not made clear.

The potential 'sunset' provision--albeit way out over the horizon--is a pragmatic concession rather than a desired objective in itself.

Random Dude,

The Rove strategy is the end of America as the home of middle Americans. The Sailer strategy is the electorally viable way of preserving it as such.

Jonathan Centauri said...

If the whole world voted they'd never vote for Trump. Hillary is the 16 tons of dead weight they want on our backs. Her hate of America eclipses even their own.

Unknown said...

Random Dude, it's NOT Athe GOP you're talking about. The democrats are the traitors trying to get amnesty so they can get the mexican votes. You have your wires crossed!!!

Jae Stewart said...

I agree with everything you said except-- Killery is DESTRUCTIVE weight, not dead weight.