Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gen Z Trump supporters were far more enthusiastic than Clinton supporters (and slightly more so than Sanders supporters)

As we wrap up with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's surveys of high school students in 2016 (a sincere thanks again to Sid for pointing it out), we'll look beyond the strong preference for Trump over Clinton among non-Hispanic whites and look at the enthusiasm gap among those expressing a preference.

There's nothing edgy about being a pawn of the power structure, every major branch of which supported Clinton without reservation. The choice is between defiance, self-confidence, and reclamation on the one hand and perpetual, humorless tsk-tsking on the other. How many young people want to devote all their creative energies into finding different ways of saying "that is not okay"?

The primary survey asked students about their voting plans for the 2016 general election. Most chose the option "not eligible" on account of not being eighteen by November 8. There were 14,712, however, who would be of age on election day.

The following graph shows the distribution of votes among whites who either supported Trump or Clinton by how they described their voting plans:

It's worth reiterating how uninspiring Clinton was. The distribution among those who supported either Clinton or Sanders by the same:

Trump still revved the engine even harder than Sanders did. The same among those who supported either Trump or Sanders:

That Sanders wins across the board is a little misleading here, since preferences for Republicans were spread across several candidates while preferences for Democrats were theoretically spread across three but in actuality between just two (O'Malley's support is reported as "0%" at all levels of intention--even Christie and ¡Jabe! do better than that!).

Unfortunately the survey doesn't offer any insight into how Gen Z would've voted if the contest was between Trump and Sanders.


szopen said...

So, the question is whether Zeters voted for Trump, or just against Hillary...

Anonymous said...

OT: you might want to create a backup blog in case google decides to purge all crimethink blogs:


Audacious Epigone said...


Probably both. These are formative years for them, though, and the Hillary side of the Left is crushing the Sanders side in all the positions of power.


I back up all the html code regularly. Good advice for others who may not do so. I figure Vox Day and Heartiste are the canaries in the coal mine for blogspot and wordpress, respectively.

Issac said...

Vox Day must be extremely triggered by your use of the word "zyklon," as he continues his windmill charge against the ethereal army of true national socialists.

Feryl said...

The Left rift was opened up by Sanders a couple years ago; things have only just begun, and virtually all of the Clinton/Obama posse went to college before the 90's., with the whole panoply of globalists often featuring players who've been around for decades. Remember that those over 45 (esp. those over 60) have gained the most from the system and therefore have the most to lose if either party is reformed.

Later born people are going to be locking horns with the Dem establishment for the forseeable future, esp. after orange Hitler is no longer around to provide a common target. This is the party that refuses to discipline any of the bigger players for letting their party get so weak and lazy.

Feryl said...

Sanders himself could, esp. after Trump's departure, go full kamikaze against the legacy Dems, seeing as how they totally jobbed him and encouraged him to be humiliated by blacks.

A lot of Millennials are still bitter over Sanders getting jobbed, and it's pretty possible that he could lead some kind of boarding party to storm the Dem's ship and exact revenge on the Wall Street and Pedo enabling sickos who are mutually blackmailing each other.

Audacious Epigone said...


It's "provocative" but useful in that zyklon was initially used as a cleaning agent, something useful. It has the potential, if managed poorly, to turn into something destructive. My preference is obviously that we avoid that destruction, but at some point something is going to change if we don't start cleaning things up now.


Right, the differences aren't going away. Time to recruit while we still can.

Sid said...

I appreciate your shout out, and I am glad the survey proved to be so fruitful for you. I'm already seeing that it's making a splash in the alt-right and the HBDsphere.

It will be interesting to see how Generation Z votes in 2020. My guess is that university indoctrination and feminism will peel off some Generation Z white females, but it won't have much of an effect on Generation Z men.

I stole onto HBD when I was 16 and accepted it was true by the time I was 17, after having to confront all of the nonsense and lies that had been instilled in me.

When I attended college, I kept my mouth shut, but I could identify how the ideologues were misrepresenting the facts, so the Cathedral's propaganda didn't affect my views. We'll see in the coming years if that will be true more broadly.

Audacious Epigone said...


That is to say, if someone doesn't step into the Sanders role in a serious way, a chunk of it is ours for the taking.


Your comments are always insightful. If they're in front of more people, that's a utilitarian good.

Watching an Infowars video where some girl was walking with several guys in transition from the place UtR was ran out of to the second meeting place, I was reminded of Z Man's observations about the mental sharpness of so many of our young guys. Our next generation is not comprised of meatheads. These are perspicacious, based, courageous independent thinkers. It is exactly that type of person, like you in college, whose views will only be strengthened by the disenchanting college experience.

Corvinus said...

Sid--"It will be interesting to see how Generation Z votes in 2020. My guess is that university indoctrination and feminism will peel off some Generation Z white females, but it won't have much of an effect on Generation Z men."

Gen Z men were fascinated by Trump's machismo and turned off by Hillary's mother hen approach. They may vote for Republicans in 2020, but from a moderate political perspective.

Audacious Epigone said...

It would be great if we were able to get exit polls for the 18-24 age bracket. They're almost always for 18-29, though. Still, it will give us indications anyway.