Thursday, July 06, 2017

Occidental avenger

There was too much bear-baiting, muh freedom, and muh values, sure, but if those are the rhetorical compromises that must be made in return for the following, so be it.

This excerpt is gold (just hit play, it's queued up):

So is this one:

As Heartiste puts it:
Trump knows what he’s doing, and he knows the sides in this battle for the soul of America. His promos, visuals, and speeches are an extended play love letter to Heritage America. To White America, before it became a Dirt World Depot. If you doubt Trump’s loyalty to the cause, dispel your doubt. His heart is in it. He fights for you.
Throw those black pills away. The fight isn't over. It's only just beginning.


Issac said...

It was a very nice speech, though I have to say the "values," shtick is maddening. Western values, as presently constituted, are a suicide pact.

Sid said...

After the 2004 election, a lot of liberals were absolutely maddened by how a number voters went with Bush because of how he reflected their "values."

"A secondary strategy of the Bush campaign was to suggest that Mr. Bush felt more strongly than Kerry about traditional moral values issues. In particular, Mr. Bush was the only candidate to support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage."

(It is funny how the Republicans cucked on that constitutional amendment! Ho boy, they really didn't conserve anything.)

With Obama, Democrats started to coopt the language of "values," which of course meant diversity, equality, and in time the explicit diminution of white men and their cultures.

So Trump, of course, is taking back the word "values," only this time to mean blood-and-soil nationalism, instead of a hollow cuckservatism.

I dislike the noun "values" too. I prefer words like "interests," "moral laws," and so forth. "Values" implies that morals are only good because we "value" them, not because of their intrinsic usefulness, so the word usually implies we have to sacrifice our own good for others, regardless of whether they deserve it or not. Nonetheless, it is a powerful word in contemporary American discourse, so Trump is right to say that we value the preservation and continuation of our language, culture, and blood.

Feryl said...

It's the Boomers. "Values" are about ostentatious grandstanding and moralizing; and what else if not that kind of thing are Boomers good for?

The odd thing is that even more conservative Boomers and X-ers think that people acted all huffy and self-righteous in the good old days of the 50's and early 60's. No, that's not how people acted. People were modest and circumspect; it was self-evident back then that criminals should be locked up for lengthy sentences, the mentally ill should be kept away from normies, whores and gays need to be in the shadows, etc. Nobody felt like getting up on a soapbox and screaming about how muh children were threatened, or the end of the world was nigh due to our sins, etc.

While X-ers grew up being concerned about a chemical apocalypse, Boomers have always been into the moral apocalypse doom porn. Granted, at least with Trump's admin they're putting effort into tangible populist measures like the Wall, decreased immigration, reduced gubmin jobs/less civil rights lawsuits, etc. As opposed to focusing mostly or entirely on cultural/moral issues like so many cuck Boomers did.

Audacious Epigone said...


He uses "interests" a couple of times, but "values" predominate. It's better than "principles", at least. "Values" are a sort of in between principles and interests.


Nonetheless, it is a powerful word in contemporary American discourse, so Trump is right to say that we value the preservation and continuation of our language, culture, and blood.

Right, well said.


If Trump is able to take the apocalypse to be avoided and reconfigure it from Boomer moralizing concerns into one along the lines of The Camp of the Saints, he will have played his part magnificently in this comedy of life.

Feryl said...

Oh, and TV has annihilated our verbal output. Hours that use to be spent reading and conversing our now spent in front of screens, with TV being the worst. The GSS says that people born after 1940 (basically, starting with Boomers) have worse vocab scores. Those people hit puberty (the most important time in your life) at or after a time when mass ownership of TVs happened (the later 50's). Conveying information verbally (whether via words or conversation) requires a lot of texture and nuance. Boomers were the first generation to get a lot of their entertainment and information visually (TV news/sitcoms/variety shows, etc.). The building of verbal muscle just wasn't going to happen with these people like it did for previous generations.

Note too that on senior aptitude tests, tests got worse with each successive Boomer cohort, finally bottoming out with the '63 born cohort. A Boomer driven strain of anti-intellectualism (remember, the Silents had a cult of expertise) peaked in the 70's, when later Boomers in particular were getting stoned instead of studying. Early onset myopia is probably rarest in late Boomers. With the success of Revenge of the Nerds in '84, and the beginning of tech fetishism around that time (Apple making light of Orwell to sell PCs), apparently Boomers were beginning to feel a little bit of shame about their past irreverence towards traditional learning, and plenty of X-ers embraced studyaholicism at that time too. X-ers reversed the Boomer pattern, with X-ers doing better the later they were born.

Between drugs and anti-intellectualism, we can only expect so much nuance from Boomers at this point. They might possibly be the biggest group of charlatan blow-hards ever. Trump, of course, was a teen in the late 50's/early 60's, before things went totally to hell. So Trump never indulged.

Looking back at the embarrassing (NOT exciting or cool) punk scene of the late 70's, that might have been the nadir of aggressively stupid and self-centered Boomer culture. If you watch the concerts, the fans (uniformly late Boomers) and even some of the "artists" were clearly in a state of musical and sometimes even emotional regression. It's just raw howlings from the primordial ID, that no well-adjusted person would want to listen to on a regular basis. The 80's (when a lot of Boomers decided to grow up, and X-ers were an import part of the listenership) gave moody misfits either New Wave (for girls and more swpl types) or heavy metal (for agro and blue collar types), both of which were light years ahead of dopey punk in both technique and emotion range. The Boomers did a lot great things, art-wise, but punk certainly represented everything that went spectacularly wrong with them.

Anonymous said...

"If you doubt Trump’s loyalty to the cause, dispel your doubt. His heart is in it. He fights for you."

Uh huh. 88th level grandmaster of 5th dimensional chess. Muh fweedumbs! Muh Trump! Muh Amurrika, by God!

Too much crap to bother with. We'll talk again in 2024.