Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Best. Tweet. Ever.

Or at least runner-up for the award:

Trump's top tweet on election night has, as of today, more likes than the CNN take down:

It is so far as I am able to tell the only one out of the more than 35,000 over an eight year period that has garnered more. The take down, however, has more retweets.

The take down has been shared more than any announcing his candidacy, accepting the Republican nomination, or being inaugurated into office have.

This despite it being delivered on a holiday weekend during a time of the year when engagement with the virtual world is at an annual low and having had only a few days for the numbers to accrete.

In case the significance isn't readily apparent, see here.

As has been argued extensively here, Trump's tweets and facebook posts are not bugs but are instead features of his appeal.

The major media and the useless, cuckservative controlled opposition that has done nothing but lose reliably and respectably on everything for decades--they can't even conserve women's restrooms for God's sake--largely doesn't understand it. Those among them who do delusionally hope it will be a flash in the pan despite two years and counting of incomparable success after success.

The only people advising Trump to stop utilizing social media are the ones who want him to fail or, at best, reluctantly voted for him in the general election after backing anyone other than him during the primaries.

Taking advice from your enemies is often foolish. The stupid party has done that for decades and what has it gotten them? When the New York Times tells core America to Hispander for its own good, core America needs to tell Carlos Slim the wall is getting ten feet higher and that if we find him stateside he'll be swiftly sent to the other side of it.

They didn't understand how he won, they don't understand the significance of his social media feed dwarfing the combined subscription base of the nation's 50 largest newspapers and the prime time viewership of the major cable news networks.

They don't understand his continued pugilism even as CNN fires multiple people for especially egregious mendacity, among them one who has worked for USA Today and another who worked for the New York Times.

They're in denial about how fitting a descriptor "fake news" is for the propaganda they push, and they're in denial about how much anger there is for the lies they tell.

Parenthetically, the choreographed take down isn't bad for a guy in his sixties. Must be the gene thing!


Sid said...

When I first saw the tweet, I had a good laugh. I was conflicted, however. It came off more as something a jester would say than a king. I thought, "This is great stuff, but it's not in accordance with Roman gravitas. Sometimes Trump makes a joke of himself." Trump wasn't punching down, but it was a bit silly.

What's even funnier is that CNN could have walked away strong from the escapade if they had memed Trump back, the way Ukraine has shot Russia back with funny memes. Or they could have stoically announced they and the president had more important work to do, and all of the cuckservatives would've said they had the moral high ground.

But no, they had to be victims to their own borderline temperament and declare that Trump was encouraging violence, the last few months of antifa violence and the GOP baseball shooting be forgotten!

Then they had to dox the 15 year old who came up with that goofy meme. Oh, sorry, they went even lower than that and held the threat of doxxing as blackmail. That is even sicker than outright doxxing the kid - it shows a degree of calculation, premeditation, and intimidation that just doing it wouldn't have had.

Before now, you could dismiss CNN as fake news and shoddy journalism. Now you can't. You have the moral imperative to tell people CNN is a thuggish intimidation racket, and demand they turn it off whenever you're in the room.

So I suppose I'm more reconciled with other opinions here than I was last week. Trump's leadership style isn't kingly. Instead, he's like the leader of a group of schoolboys who watch out for each other. He might be a bully, he might go too far, but you can count on him to ward off the other bullies at school and have mischievous fun at the school's expense. The jokes are puerile, but such humor is no less funny. He's guy who grew four inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than the other boys did, so you can count on him to scare off that creepy, vile old man who watches the boys in the school yard. In this case, that's CNN.

Audacious Epigone said...


He's extremely successful at creating honey traps for his opponents.

This is his schtick. Even as president it doesn't diminish his status. Sure, some people will claim that they want him to demonstrate more gravitas so that their opinions of him may supposedly be elevated. But this behavior is already "priced in".

His opponents, otoh, almost invariably come out looking worse for the wear when they get into twitter tussles with Trump. This is only the latest (and one of the most enjoyable, as you describe) examples.

To keep the Roman analogies going, Trump does not have the auctoritas of an Augustus. He is more of a Julius Ceasar, the kind of man who charismatic force of personality pushes his men to abandon convention--and everything else--to win alongside him.

Dan said...

Big news: Bill Gates redpilling on immigration 7/6/2017? When most of the entire elite actively aims to collapse civilization, this could be a historic win... hopefully not too late.

Feryl said...

How can anyone question Trump's Twitter persona? The dude has it made. He's been to hell and back in the NYC real estate world. Getting the public and psychological upper hand on media twits (who don't have the industry or cunning to make it in business or the law) is easy. For about 25 years, in earnest, the media has been actively corrupt, rather than serving as a watchdog against the powerful. Cozying up to at least some faction of the powerful.

These aren't the scrappy reporters of the 20's or 30's. They're mostly sycophantic airheads, who have forged a cynical alliance with some element of the establishment, e.g. typically either the Dems or cucked Reps and the various lobbies they represent. They aren't used to, at all, an opponent who not only fights back but does so outside the accepted parameters of the last 30 years of media relations that date back to the growing popularity of 24/7 news networks. They can't even process that an important figure exists outside the boundaries, so when he takes the fight there, he's on friendly turf and the media doesn't know what the hell to do.

JJ Cintia said...

Wanna see 4D Chess do you? Sign this:

Audacious Epigone said...


Wow, that is extremely encouraging. There is probably no Watsoning Bill Gates, whose charity bona fides (no one cares about effectiveness--charity is measured in money spent, not in ROI) are unassailable. The CultMarxists correctly thought someone like Donald Trump making immigration an issue was a problem. If Gates sticks with this it'll take that to another level.


The first question should be rhetorical, but it still often feels as though the media twits think "this time Trump has really outdone himself--this is going to blow up in his face!". I don't get the sense that it's an affectation, either. I think a lot of them really sincerely believe it. I wonder if they'll ever learn.

JJ Cintia,

Great idea. Did it get shutdown, though? It's only showing 7 signatures even though it was created yesterday. I added mine but the count didn't change. I'll share it on all my platforms if we can verify that it is active.

Dan said...

AE -- While you are at it, watch Trump's speech from Warsaw.

“The fundamental question is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? If we do not have strong values we will be weak and we will not survive."

I pray nothing happens to G.E.T. but he is already 'historically great' as far as Presidents go.

- Daniel

Audacious Epigone said...



Thanks for the recommendation. It prodded me to watch the whole thing.

Audacious Epigone said...

God-emperor Trump, duh. Never mind.