Friday, May 26, 2017

Jews are not nihilists

On their most recent podcast, Kevins Grace and Steel asserted, in the context of a long discussion on George Soros, that Jews are particularly nihilistic.

If so, they sure are diligent, deliberate, and effortful in attaining meaningless worldly success. Come to think of it, Kefka's character was based in large part on Soros!

The percentage who "strongly disagree" with the statement "In my opinion, life does not serve any purpose", by religious identification (n = 3,756):

It may be argued that they'll sell purposelessness to the goyim, but it's not something members of the tribe fall for themselves. Purpose for me but not for thee, just like it is when it comes to eugenics.

Parenthetically, in anticipation of the objection that irreligious Jews are actually being represented in the preceding graph as "None"rather than as "Jewish", that may account for some number of ethnic but non-religious Jews, but not the majority of them. Those who religiously identify as Jewish are a strikingly irreligious bunch. Percentages who firmly believe in God's existence, by religious identification:

GSS variables used: RELIG(1)(2)(3)(4)(5-13), GOD(6), NIHILISM(5)


IHTG said...

Projection! It's precisely because American Jews are not nihilists, that they're well-adapted to and thus able to find meaning in the atomized world of modernity, that they act in the way that they do. They don't understand why you can't find a meaning too.

Audacious Epigone said...


Generally belief in God and nihilism are inversely correlated but irreligious Jews are less nihilistic than religious goys are. So the GSS results are in line with that assertion.

Feryl said...

And that's why Jews are so overwhelmingly represented in idealistc/outright utopian social/political movements. "Humanism" is mostly disdained by real conservatives, and hell, in the most gentile friendly wing of Leftism (Gaia), there is often animosity towards people for taking a dump on nature.

Gentiles are more likely to believe in limits to human ability and understanding; as is now depressingly obvious, cucks for the last 30-40 years have driven from influence grouchy paleos who believe that liberal elite driven intervention in both domestic and foreign affairs is bound to fail due to it's ignorance of human nature and potential.

The highest IQ people (e.g., Jews), especially the most verbally oriented ones (e.g., Jews) are better at fooling themselves and the a lot of other people that one should be dedicated to the goal of "getting involved" so as to feel better about their sense of purpose in life.

I would think that proles and less verbally oriented groups don't hear as much utopian blather so they're more concerned with the nuts and bolts of day to day survival than they are with lofty socio-political goals. In other words, paying bills and not having my car or house get broken into are more important than gaining social status by spouting the most Marxist feel good crap possible.

And go figure, modern Protestants have cucked hard for Jews and also have been heavily involved in Neo-Conjobs. Prots are more involved in paranoid culture regarding good works to be done so that one can be saved in the Second Coming than are Catholics and of course, non-believers. Jews consider high social status among liberal elites to be their savior.

Derbyshire said some years back that conservatives started to falter when they ran from their pessimistic streak, making them susceptible to the kind of naive dreaming that should stick with the liberals where it belongs.

Attributing these problems to a knowing Jewish conspiracy to crap on everything is not something I necessarily agree with. I think the uniquely pernicious Jewish skill set of high IQ and high verbal orientation allows them to weave dense webs of pollyanna sophistry regarding human potential. And, as is often pointed out, if Jews really understood what they were doing, then they sure as hell would not want Muslims anywhere near them. Yet they insist on flooding Jew friendly Western countries with ethnic groups who detest Jews.

Feryl said...

Imagine being a liberal, who, when confronted with some horrific act of violence or ignorance, responds with reassurances that there is no such thing as bad people, just bad culture. Arising from the "dominant" group not being sufficiently deferential and caring to less privileged groups.

It's this fallacy that causes us to make the same mistakes, again and again. Conservatives fundamentally understand that, regardless of why, we will always have certain people who just don't measure up to what a tribe/nation/ethnicity regards as the norm. And we need to be vigilant about these people growing in number, not being held to account, and worst of all, attaining great influence and power.

AA/reparations and liberal guilt have allowed one of our two main political parties to become enslaved to blacks, who over the last 50 years have made up just 10-15% of the population and make up a still smaller percentage of Americans who are hard working and smart.

Until conservatives free themselves from the social and mental tyranny of avoiding accusations of "racism" or "discrimination", we're not going to get much done. I'm sure most modern conservatives are comfortable calling Maxine Waters a corrupt moron, but cuckery means that it's not dubious racial pandering that gives us Maxine Waters, but rather, the sheer idiocy of liberalism that produces people like Waters. You're never allowed to point out that blacks are more reckless, ignorant, lazy, and irresponsible than other racial groups.

The Z Blog said...

Perhaps most Jews strong believe the purpose of life is to move product and accumulate portable wealth?

Audacious Epigone said...


You're alluding to the world-bestriding bestseller We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism.

You're never allowed to point out that blacks are more reckless, ignorant, lazy, and irresponsible than other racial groups.

Right. A lot of the edgier, more proto-identitarian 'fringe' of the mainstream right (what is today often referred to as the "Alt Lite") cut the cord with Steve Sailer after Hurricane Katrina when he explained the immediate aftermath by pointing to exactly that.

Z Blog,

Stereotypes don't materialize out of thin air.

Jokah Macpherson said...

I would probably say "Jews are Not Existentialists" instead of "Jews are Not Nihilists" but I guess it depends on how you interpret the GSS question.

Audacious Epigone said...


Damn it man, you're too independent a thinker! I let the variable name--NIHILISM--guide me, but existentialism assumes less than nihilism does, and the less we assume based on a survey like the GSS, the better.

Luke Lea said...

Whether they know it or not, unaffiliated "secular" Ashkenazis are probably the most religious people in the world. Look at all the social movements they start and/or lead. It is an essentially religious impulse that impels them, at least in my judgment.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Depends on your definition of nihilism. They aren't suicidal, but nihilism can also be the result of overturning a society. Sure the idea they want to die is absurd, but when they are in so-called goy societies like Rhodesia or South Africa, the effect can pretty much be the same. They use Israel as a bug out point for when and if the overturned society gets too hot for them, but destroying the complete infrastructure of Rhodesia, Uganda or South Africa still fits the acceptable definition of nihilistic tendencies. Just because they themselves are not suicidal per se does not mean they are any less nihilist when it comes to other Nations/Peoples.

lucas said...

Very well put. They're just nihilist with other people's lives which makes them psychopaths.

AnotherDad said...

The first graph sort of makes sense. It's essentially winners think life has meaning--they're winning!

The Jews are winning--big time. With their media/cultural dominance in the US and ability to define "lessons of the war" and "lessons of the holocaust", they've managed to thoroughly atomize the West. No nations, no traditions, no family structure, no religion, heck we don't even get Christmas! Jews having a tribal identity thrive in this--they don't care about the health/functionality of the outside culture. But gentiles--Westerners--aren't wired up that way. We're wired up to be organically connected to our neighbors, our communities, with common culture and traditions, both supporting our family life and giving our lives richer meaning. I.e. we're wired up to be part of our nations, not separated atoms.

I mean what's the "meaning of life" for an Englishman these days? To see your daughters raped or your friends or neighbors splattered and "your" government ready to toss you in jail for looking cross-eyed at foreign invaders?

So yeah, these are depressing times to be a gentile. At least one without religious faith.

But ... wow, how do you square the 1st graph with the 2nd. That's the real surprise here.

Who the heck, are these 14.1% of Protestants or 12.8% of Catholics who are certain that God exists but don't strongly disagree with "life has no purpose". What the heck theology are they smoking?