Saturday, February 04, 2017

SWPLs protest, blacks riot

I’ve mentioned it before — and parisian privilege mentions it here — that geographic distribution plays a role in the Right-Left mass protest disparity. It’s simply a fact that densely populated coastal cities loaded up with shitlibs provide a large, quickly mobilized base from which to efficiently scale up a mass protest.
Undoubtedly. Relatedly, that Trump's first-term inaugural turnout was smaller than Obama's isn't surprising given Obama's enormous home field advantage. The Imperial City is more hostile to Trump than any other place in the country is.

Because validating stereotypes is the blog's raison d'etre, let's see if Heartiste's assertion does.

Every year of the survey, the GSS asks respondents what type of community they lived in when they were 16 years old. It'd be optimal to have residency at the time of participation, but the good need not be the enemy of the perfect. In 2002, the GSS asked respondents if they'd joined "a protest march or rally" in the last five years. The percentages of people who said they had, by community type at age 16 (n = 1,377):

Big city and surrounding suburbs -- 7.5%
Small town or city -- 6.4%
Farm/rural -- 1.8%

He's correct. The real relationship is almost certainly stronger than this implies because some people will have moved to a different type of community between the age of 16 and when they took part in the GSS, but even here a clear pattern emerges.

As Heartiste notes, population density doesn't tell the whole story. Protesting isn't a leftist thing per se, it's a SWPL activity (rioting, which blacks do, is less organized, more spontaneous, more violent, and does not involve virtue-signalling).  The percentages who've protested, by race and partisan affiliation among whites (n = 959):

White Democrats -- 10.6%
Blacks = 3.9%
White Republicans -- 3.3%
Asians -- 2.9%
Hispanics -- 0.0%

SWPLs raising awareness
Because the question was only asked in a single year, sample sizes for Asians and Hispanics are small*.

That said, these suggestive results mesh with what was on display at the women's marches. SWPLs are almost 3x as likely to join in public protests than blacks are even though the latter are more concentrated in high population density urban areas.

This presents us with another opportunity to carve the Coalition of the Fringes apart at the joints. When talking to someone who participated in a recent march, note how they were as white as the private schools they send their kids to (if they have any!). Or if the situation permits, note that most of the hard dysfunction on the left comes from non-whites. Join us on the identitarian side of things. You'll have the opportunity to make the alt-right more socially liberal in the process--everybody wins!

GSS variables used: PROTEST, RACECEN1(1,2,4-10,15-16), PARTYID(0-1,5-6), RES16(1-2,3-4,5-6)

* Sample sizes for white Democrats, blacks, white Republicans, Asians, and Hispanics are 294, 204, 381, 36, and 44, respectively.


Anonymous said...

I'd call what happened in Berkeley the other night a riot, and the perpetrators were white with some Hispanics, but no blacks.

Audacious Epigone said...


Touche. We may look back at 2016 (really beginning in late 2016 with the rise of Trump) as The Year Everything Changed. Immediacy bias is something to be aware of, but it sure feels that way.