Saturday, October 03, 2015

Trump on inviting, invading, and HBD

(Click on the link following each tick mark for the relevant break in video)

- On the MENA migration crisis in Europe

Trump notes the migrants look like young, strong, fighting men who should presumably be engaged in the Syrian melee instead of running away from it. He then expresses skepticism over whether or not many of these men are actually from Syria, and follows it up by suggesting the migration could effectively be a modern day Trojan horse operation (Angela Merkel thinks she's getting quite a gift!). Finally, he says that as president he'd send back the 200,000 Syrian refugees the current nation-wrecker plans on bringing in.

If you care about the National Question, convince me of who else could possibly be your man, because if you elect to engage in the current political process I see no other conceivable choice.

- On the disastrous consequences of US meddling in the Muslim world

Essentially what Trump asserts is that knocking out Saddam and Qaddafi gave us the migration crisis, the Islamic State, and a stronger Iran. With Trump we get no more nation-building and no reigniting the Cold War. Sign me up.

- Genetics matter

This isn't the first time he's indicated as much. This revealed tendency for thinking in terms of human biodiversity rather than blank slatist nonsense is encouraging because it, almost by default, lessens the likelihood that he'll fall for stupid, destructive stuff like No Child Left Behind, disparate impact as a legitimate indicator of malfeasance, the aforementioned nation building, unskilled immigration, etc.


22pp22 said...

It would be so much more convenient if you wrote for or Takimag.

Audacious Epigone said...

Is blogspot inconvenient? It's actually quite accessible in google searches, maybe more so than Unz articles are, actually. Not sure why that is.

22pp22 said...

Unz is on my morning to do list and it would be nice if you were paid for the work you do.

Audacious Epigone said...

Kind of you to say. Fortunately I am in a good spot financially. If it ever crosses someone's mind to donate here, donate to Steve Sailer instead.

Bracero said...

Operation Wetback. Trump signed on.