Sunday, October 18, 2015

Donald Trump agrees and amplifies

Video here. See 13m17s in:

"And a communist."

Leathery Chris Wallace tried to shank Trump in the first debate and he'd have no compunction knifing him in the back tomorrow if the opportunity presented itself, but as his genuine laugh following Trump's quip reveals, even he can't help being infected by the Trump appeal. This alphaness on display is more than mere seduction, its social dominance on full display. Take notes.


SociallyExtinct said...

Haha, with that pathetic free-trade answer, he did a better job of shanking himself than anyone else could offer.

Anonymous said...

Jeb - in Polish this is imperative from "jebańá" i.e. "to f*" with, of course, dozens of secondary meaning. For example "J*ie mnie to" means "I don't care". "J*b Busha" means "F*ck Bush"

Robert What? said...

Brilliant. Three things stood out for me: (1) Trump is getting better at this. (2) Great answers to the first two questions, which would have had Bush stammering. (3) By the end Wallace was giggling like an infatuated schoolgirl.

531greyghost said...

He's got more vote. Put him and Carson in there and I'll apply for a job working for those two any day.

Audacious Epigone said...


There is a game theory aspect to trade that Trump understands and the WSJ does not (or that the WSJ editorial board doesn't care about).


Heh, yes ¡Jabe! is finished.


Well put. His form is impeccable. He's shown great instincts from the start and now is demonstrating that he clearly has a good handle on the issues he's being asked about.


Time really is running out for the GOP establishment. In desperation, they may even throw in with Carson, but that might hurt him as much as it helps him.

Anonymous said...

Game the stupid fucking establishment all day every day

Dan said...

"In desperation, they may even throw in with Carson"

It is interesting that Carson's close involvement with the National Organization for Marriage hasn't hurt him with the media. He keynoted their evening event when they had their big March for Marriage in 2014. Anyone who does that is not governed by political correctness. By contrast, Santorum attracted pure hatred from the all over the left.

A couple of observations:

1 - Having a minority box to check really does provide protection from the leftist onslaught.

2 - Trump has given everybody cover.

I am okay with Carson. He is way off the leftist plantation and represents distilled cognitive dissonance to the left.

Trump / Carson 2016.

Audacious Epigone said...


Carson is clueless on the National Question. As a black guy, he doesn't have to be.

But he hasn't just been wafted up on his demographic profile, either. His career is (or was since he's retired now) impressive and his religious faith genuine. He and Trump have been pretty civil to each other.

If the pairing happens, the GOP establishment will be utterly unable to stop Trump (it looks like they already are as is, but that'd be the finisher). So I'd be fine with that ticket, too.

chris said...

@ Audacious Epigone

Here are policies I would like to see implemented to ensure the long term dismantlement of leftist power.

1) Loosen copyright protections for Hollywood and television. This would severely hurt the power and influence of the left which has thoroughly colonised this industry.(it's power is in the form of propaganda and money generated from that propaganda)

2) Make it possible to declare bankruptcy on college loans. This would result in a market correction with banks handing out less of these loans and thus less people going to indoctrination centres for leftist ideology. Do this because leftists have thoroughly colonised academia.

3) At the same time establish national online learning programs paired with national examinations for a host of different college subjects (similar to bar examinations) to take the place of these colleges. Do this because leftists have thoroughly colonised academia.

4) Eliminate all federal funding for non-STEM or non-Professional college courses under the mantle that things like Gender Studies and Critical Theory and Various Ethnic Studies is based on "hatred" of straight white heterosexual people (which it is).

5) Stock the Supreme Court with Right Wing judges so they can interpret the constitution to mean that birthright citizenship can only be given to those born of legal citizens and thus retroactively strip children born of illegals of citizenship.

6) Institute policies such that "discrimination" against right wing people in public institutions are addressed. This will ensure equal representation of right wing views in education and academia. And it will take money out of left wing pockets. Certain areas will be excluded in the name of national interest like the Military and Security Services. This will ensure that those departments will remain under right wing control.

Basically full on cultural warfare against the left to ensure that they are not only dis empowered for just 4 or 8 years but that they are dis empowered for the long-term.

Shift the Overton window far to the right permanently.

chris said...

Also, is that a Port Power uniform?

Audacious Epigone said...


Solid stuff, thanks. If the executive simply ignored the reading of the 14th that putatively grants birthright citizenship, the onus would be on the supreme court to rule otherwise. Either path would be acceptable, of course.

Yes, it is the amateur Kansas City Footy team jersey. We are, creatively, the KC Power.