Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Tale of Two Men

One, an alpha male fit for leadership, demonstrating an innate ability to assert control of a situation:

The other, pusillanimity personified, only too ready and willing to capitulate at the feet of the screeching rabble:


pithom said...

Ladies and gentlemen, you have just been demonstrated the importance of hiring security to defend your campaign from putschists.

sykes.1 said...

Unfortunately, the Republican Party's liberal leadership have more in common with Sanders than Trump. Trump is a messenger from the base to that leadership, and the message is a warning. If the messenger is ignored or mistreated, the base will stay home in 2016, and the Democrats will win the Presidency and both Houses, even if their nominee is Sanders.

One has to wonder, considering the fight between leadership and base, are we witnessing the demise of the Republican Party?

Dan said...

Jorge Ramos is willing to go to the mat for his constituency. Our reporters our willing to go to the mat against their constituency.

Anonymous said...

The Base if voting today votes in Trump.

The Hell with the GOP.

Dan - respectfully their not our reporters and were not their constituency.
We're their subjects, unruly at that and they act accordingly.


Jokah Macpherson said...

It definitely crossed my mind the first time I saw the Sanders video - I wondered how I would react in his position and it occurred to me that it's probably best not to deal with the out-of-line person yourself. There's too much that could go wrong - you don't want to be the guy that beats up the mad black lady/annoying Univision anchor (or worse yet have them manhandle you). It looks a lot more dignified to have some hired muscle escort them away instead.

Glad Trump had the foresight to make the same realization (if he hadn't already prior to the Sanders incident).

Audacious Epigone said...


Hopefully. The Republican party doesn't have what it takes. It just serves as a release valve for the healthy frustration that continues to build up. Good riddance.

Dan and VXXC,

It's encouraging to see that, increasingly, there isn't much of an active constituency left for them. It's not us. I guess it conceivably could become so, but I doubt it.


Dealing with it firsthand would be really high risk, especially for older guys not familiar with that kind of physical contact. But standing one's ground and forcefully demanding that the situation be dealt with is the obvious--the only in my mind--response. For Trump it came naturally. Sanders was clueless, as though he'd spent his entire career in front of pacifistic white Vermonters.

Dan said...

As for 'good riddance to the GOP'... I'm not sure whether this is right.

On the one hand, the GOP seems on some days like the Washington Generals to the Democrat Globetrotters, pretending to play just to keep the audience entertained. On the other hand, I do think things could genuinely be worse without them:

Taxes could be much higher
Lots more amnesties could have passed
The right to bear arms could be dead
Crime could be out of control rather than declining (until 2015 anyway)
Free speech could be wreaked as it is in the UK

Demographic shifts seem like the biggest threat to civilization right now. But those demographic problems are global and not a uniquely American thing. All over the world and probably in almost every country there are problems with which groups are the most fertile.

As bad as the GOP can be on immigration, the left is invariably worse, literally breaking the law left and right as it tries to burn a path to the sea. In California there was an eruption this summer after two illegals were actually appointed to official government positions. On purpose.

Jeff Sessions in the Senate has a key role re immigration. Isn't that something?