Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ferguson's forever teachable moments

The only thing that would make the ongoing fiasco in Ferguson more instructive as a series of ‘teachable moments’ is if the city happened to have the name Springfield(, USA). It's a sordid microcosm of the entire country.

Ferguson used to be a functional, middle class American suburb. As its demographics changed, fueled by the State's economic sabotage against it in the form of housing vouchers, its founding stock began moving out. With them went the values and behaviors necessary to maintain said functional, middle class suburban life. Blight crept in and dysfunction crept up.

Last August, a rather routine instance of Blacks Behaving Badly escalated. Darren Wilson, the quintessential archetype of dutiful, civic-minded traditionalist America responds exactly as he is supposed to respond. A perpetually aggrieved mob, its opportunistic hangers-on, and its self-appointed race-hustling leaders bray for his blood. In this particular telling, Pontius Pilate, played by Robert McCulloch, doesn't actually sate their blood lust because the tale of Michael Brown's putative victimhood is so thoroughly and entirely a calumny, from start to finish, that even Ingsoc couldn’t give it a veneer of truth.

Countless media personalities--from the harpies on CNN to the double-digit IQ gladiators of the St. Louis Rams--perpetuated the big lie. Every one of these ignorant haters is engaged in blood libel against an innocent man, and by extension, against Core America, as the former light of the world disappears into the historical gloam. Any incorrigible minorities who refuse to get on board with this nonsense are slandered alongside white Americans who do the same as race traitors, Uncle Toms who prosper from the exploitation of their coethnics.

In retribution, the collective resources of the Establishment are marshaled against Ferguson. No matter how it’s sliced, there is simply no standard under which Wilson can be found to have acted improperly, but that isn't enough to spare his city. 'Disparate impact'--an unavoidable consequence of the disparities in behaviors between members of different populations--is a millstone that has been thrown around Ferguson's collective neck. And a precedent is being set that will allow the federal government to throw millstones around the necks of any municipalities in the country the Establishment has a problem with in the future.

Ferguson is no different than any other city in the US in this regard. To the contrary, an extensive review of police records indicates that Ferguson's black-white arrest rate disparity puts it at 1,582nd out of 3,538 municipalities across the US, or the 45th percentile and thus almost perfectly representative of the national average. That, of course, is exactly the point. See, all of middle class white America is being indicted here for the sin of being unable to magically transform black and brown minorities into middle class white Americans.

This racially-motivated Inquisition isn’t without consequences--fatal consequences. The blood of Zemir Begic is on Eric Holder’s hands and as the assassination attempt of a couple of Ferguson cops demonstrated earlier this week, he’ll be culpable for a lot more blood that will spill in the future. The few functioning remnants of the city will now melt away in the face of the federal government’s relentless persecution. When the exodus is finished, the transformation of Ferguson into another East St. Louis will be complete.

Barack Obama likes to talk about how the thugs whose sinews met the unforgiving blade of justice could have been him in the past or his son in the present. If that doesn’t push the bile to the tip of your tongue, I don’t know what will. Does anyone, anywhere really believe that the privilege poor white kids from broken homes in rural West Virginia allegedly benefit from gives them a greater leg up in life than that set of oppressed colored kids with names like, oh, I don’t know, Sasha and Malia, could ever hope to enjoy?

The historical US is being picked apart from every side. The ranks of the takers keep growing, as does their resentment towards the dying beast they’re plundering. And, correspondingly, the ranks of the makers diminish. With apologies to Nietzche, the US is dead, and the ‘American people’ have killed it, both by acts of commission and, more crucially, by acts of omission. It’s time to chop the moribund old oak tree apart and hope that some saprolings in the soil below grow into something fruitful in the future. Here’s to planting the seed of secession in the minds of as many people as I am able to.


sykes.1 said...

Secession is not enough. We need one or more white ethno-states that are rigorously segregated.

Anonymous said...

It's not representative of the country, it's representing the country the Establishment wants you to see.

And in your case Sir it's working.

Your secession is useless if we're going to do what is really killing us which is laying down and dying.

Your seceded - which by commission cedes part to the Orcs and their handlers - your seceded areas are also defenseless by our nature and not theirs.

It is our weakness that is to blame, there is no place on earth those who are not willing to be uncivilized to defend their civilization can shelter, even I daresay as slaves.

Fight or lay down and die, no romantic nonsense about being left alone if apart is anything else but fabulist daydreams.


Anonymous said...

"Anything but fabulist daydreams."


Anonymous said...

Now the War on Blue is indeed a strike at the core of America, with the goal of breaking Team Blue, the larger object being the nation itself.

However their interest isn't the people, it's the extremely valuable land they're on. As it was between us and the Indians.


Audacious Epigone said...

Sykes and VXXC,

Getting there is a long row to hoe. Secession lies in between here and there. It has a surprising amount of popular support, and it's conceivable that after a few pieces crumble off, an avalanche will follow and the US as a political entity will subsequently disintegrate.

silly girl said...

So, what is going on in Madison where the disparity of black to non black arrests is far greater?

Well, Eric Holder? Is it okay for whitey to shoot black folks as long as whitey elects Democrats and lines your pockets? What about the "black lives" in Madison?

Like gay marriage, this is entirely media driven. The media says Madison is "different" oh, okay, I guess everything is okay in Madison. It was justified because the media said so.

The media is not "liberal" if the word has any meaning left. The media serve certain masters. They are attack dogs.

Luv ya, AE but Americans, not even black Americans are the ones driving the destruction of these United States. The scum in the media are.

Anonymous said...

@Audacious Epigone,

With all due respect, you cannot both be "Belmont" as you once stated, and want a 100% White Americans only ethnostate. If you were truly "Belmont" you would know that Blacks and Hispanics are easily avoidable if you have money. There are plenty of zip codes (like mine, and I live within driving distance of the real Belmont) that are 80%+ White. Also, wanting to live in a 100% White locale itself is very "Fishtown". The census says that my town is 94% White but in reality it's more like 84% White because 10% of the town's residents are Jewish.

The choice is yours. You can choose to be a Fishtown White separatist and live in a locale that is 100% White but filled with obese, drug addicted, low class, low IQ, high school dropouts who have ex-spouses and bastard kids, or you can choose to be a Belmont White and live in a locale that is 80%-95% White and filled with attractive, educated, high IQ, well-behaved, Whites who have nuclear families.

Audacious Epigone said...


I'm not arguing for an explicit ethno-state. I'm advocating the political breakup of the United States as they--er, it!--currently stands.

The idea of a state founded upon Anglo-Saxon traditions of law, devoid of a large welfare apparatus, that allows unrestricted free association and requires financial self-sufficiency doesn't strike me as a ridiculous one (political considerations notwithstanding).

Parenthetically, I live in the Midwest's Belmont. That's not especially reassuring. There are places in Brazil like that, too. Doesn't mean that's a future worth welcoming.

Audacious Epigone said...


Media-driven perhaps, but backed by the political force of the federal government. That's the most foreboding part.

silly girl said...

But the media cows the people and undermines their ability to fight back by giving the impression that "everyone thinks x" when really only a few thought that until the forces of media propaganda kept screaming it ad infinitum.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Segregation is impossible. These scum hate you and want to kill you but without your tax dollars and food they would be dead in a week. They cannot work, or farm or fish or maintain anything. In less than a week they would follow you like they do now.
There is only one solution possible to a parasitic infestation.