Saturday, November 08, 2014

No surer thing in the world

... than that a black woman wants contraception to be covered by health insurance providers, with 94% in favor and 6% opposed.

Doing a little algebra, it looks like black men supported it about 80%-20%. By a slim margin, even white men were in favor, 53%-47%. The advisory measure passed with broad public support in Illinois, 66%-34%, so it's not like black women are retrogrades on the issue. To the contrary, they're leading the way forward!

And no, it's not quite the most electorally reliable question one could put to a negress--they voted even more heavily for Obama in the last presidential election, 96%-4%. Sensationalist hyperbole, I know. Guilty as charged.


mr_evergreen said...

1)It is only a sure thing in Illinois. It would be a better idea to get an idea on how Blacks throughout the nation feel about this. Illinois is only one state.

2) What is the point of putting a sensationalist spin on the issue?

3) The incendiary remark of "negress" notes one thing: this is being discussed in a way as to express anger at Blacks.

Dan said...

There is a real problem with democracy that is creeping in with this electoral cycle: the public directly voting themselves free stuff, by plebiscite.

Four strongly red states voted themselves a higher minimum wage. Marijuana on the ballot is a winner.

If this plebiscite business becomes a trend, you could have big problems. The public will vote themselves free stuff all day. The pro minimum wage campaigners probably had no competition on the anti side.

Even Democrat governors (recently Cuomo in NY and Brown in California) can take an ax to spending if needed. I suspect though that even the reddest of plebiscites voters will want more gimmedats.

Dan said...

Indeed as I suspected, the supporters of this initiative raised > 1/2 a million dollars. The anti side raised zero dollars and zero cents. A free car for everyone? Government pays the utilities? Bring it on.

Thankfully, by God's blessed grace, the government is already broke.

Audacious Epigone said...


1) Illinois is a pretty representative state demographically and economically, though it does lean left politically.

2) Irreverence allows for brevity. Just had a few spare moments while my son was playing on the floor of my office. There is appropriate context in the post, too, though.

3) "Negress" isn't an offensive term. I have black female friends for whom I use the term mock endearingly whenever one has done something I approve of. That sounds ridiculous via an anonymous textual conversation on the internet, but it really is true.

Audacious Epigone said...


Negress. My interpretation of the word seems to more-or-less be the vernacular understanding.


There was some august body that worried about this somewhere back in the mists of time, too, IIRC. They had a problem with the Gracchi brothers, with Marius, and with Caesar, just to name a few of the most prominent of the antagonists. Plato, of course, beat them to the punch.

mr_evergreen said...


1) Illinois political leans left compared to the rest of the state. A better state to consider is a state that is more moderate, if you just wanted one state's opinion. The fact is, one state cannot speak for the rest of the population. What Blacks in Illinois voted in favor of is going to be different than what Blacks in Texas or Mississippi would be in favor of.

Irreverence only takes away from the subject at hand. Sensationalism only allows for people to take it out of its proper context. Reverence puts it in a proper context, allows people to get a better grasp of the facts.

Most Black women I know would never go for being called "Negress". Maybe the ones you are around might be for it, but where I'm at, it doesn't fly at all. Someone using that term, I have to consider said person has anger and resentment towards Blacks. It is a trust issue for me.

bleach said...

Is this guy for real? Yeah, the black women are going to be really conservative in Mississippi. It's a "red state", they are all registered Republicans I bet!

read it said...


Black women wan't everything to be free.

Why would contraception be any different?

BehindTheLines said...

The question, "Should contraception be paid for by health insurance providers?" makes as much sense as the question, "Should Coke be provided with every meal?". In a sane world, people could choose what their health insurance provided, just like when I go out to dinner, I can choose whether or not to have a Coke. Unfortunately, in SocialistUtopiaLand, one size must fit all.

Anonymous said...

uh-oh: i bet calling black males "negresses" is even more irreverent (& less sensitive). sensitivity is of course more important than facts. but i'm being sensationalistic. b/c i have anger & resentment issues toward reverence & sensitivity.