Friday, October 10, 2014

Open marriages? Bugger that!

Heartiste on same-sex marriage:
Every gay marriage that was talked about was an open relationship.

Not a one of these gays who were married, or planned to get married, held any pretense of practicing monogamy. When the topic of promiscuous married gays came up, the only surprise was the blasé avowal of the fact.
Because the question of sexual orientation has only been asked in the last three survey years and homosexuals comprise a couple percentage points of the total population, sample sizes are way too small to jump to empirically founded conclusions. That said, the share of married respondents, by sexual orientation, who have "had sex with someone other than your husband or wife while you were married" shake out as follows:

Homosexuals (n = 15) -- 46.7%
Bisexuals (n = 37) -- 37.8%
Heterosexuals (n = 3,724) -- 18.0%

GSS variables used: SEXORNT, EVSTRAY(1-2)


IHTG said...

Question is how many of the homosexuals in question were married to another homosexual.

Audacious Epigone said...

Right, that's another complicating factor I probably should've reiterated (I mentioned it in a similar post previously).

Anonymous said...

Both the NyTimes and Slat have already covered this:

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks for that. Here's a bit of suggestive empirical data to corroborate those anecdotes.

Dan said...

So far acceptance of homosexuality hasn't led to acceptance of cheating in marriage.

Only six percent of people said it is okay for married men and women to have an affair, which to me is astounding, considering that a higher percentage have no belief in objective morality.

Here's another poll which shows similar results.

My sense from 30,000 feet is that gays are far less promiscuous than a generation ago with AIDS and gay 'marriage' being out as the two reasons. I saw an article that the number of bathhouses has plummeted, they struggle to stay in business and patrons are mostly older.

So the institution of marriage seems strong if you are in one. Problem is, fewer people are in one.

Then again, as our new overlords move to brand any campus sex as possible rape, it seems like married sex is becoming best option to avoid Johnny Law. Just like old times!

Dan said...

My biggest concern about the acceptance of homosexuality as normal and healthy is that it reflects poor thinking skills on the part of the public.

Aside from the fact that it is an evolutionary failure, poop is repulsive for a reason.