Sunday, May 25, 2014

More whites on food stamps than blacks and Hispanics combined!

Below are selected hatefacts from Pew's recent statistical portrait on racial groups in the US. Because Pew is an empirically-driven, mostly honest and respectable organization, I'll add my own color commentary on the data to redirect the hate away from Pew and towards myself. Cross-bearer, I know, I know. For brevity's sake, all groups are non-Hispanic unless otherwise indicated.

Non-white groups are growing at rates orders of magnitude greater than are whites--that's hardly news to anyone. Even in absolute terms, though, their growth dwarfs whites. If the country was comprised entirely of the net increase in those who've joined it since 2000, we'd be living in a nation that was 54.6% Hispanic, 16.1% Asian, 14.9% black, 8.5% white, and 6.0% other. Of course, today's newbies are tomorrow's middle America. As Tim Wise warns, whitey, "your time is limited".

Some might say the inverting white age pyramid is somehow unhealthy because it indicates that whites aren't even replacing themselves (let alone being fruitful and multiplying), there are too many retirees and not enough worker bees, cynical etc, cynical etc. But if we imagine these graphs instead to be the silhouettes of actual people, well, whites look more v-sculpted/voluptuous than Hispanics, who are more beer-gutted/pear-shaped, do.

Who says later generations of immigrants aren't assimilating? As Steve Sailer has previously noted, they are doing quite well assimilating towards black norms of behavior.

Parenthetically, yellow privilege.

To refer to America's Hispanic immigrant population as "peasants" or "peons", as if either term is an apt characterization to use in describing the lot of them, is grossly unfair. Heck, only half of those aged 25 and older lack a high school education!

Parenthetically, a college degree is to an Asian what a high school degree is to a Hispanic. Yellow privilege #2.

No wonder wants to increase America's labor supply--there are too many blacks making over $20,000 a year! Hispanics--native- and foreign-born alike--aren't so uppity or avaricious.

Parenthetically, Asian love of mammon really is disgusting. Yellow privilege #3. Yuck.

More whites receive food stamps than do blacks and Hispanics combined. See, just because I want to dismantle the welfare state doesn't mean I'm racist! Bill O'Reilly smiled. And how can you say that we already have an active reparations program in place--welfare--when fewer than 1-in-3 blacks are on the food dole (well, unless you count WIC, but even then it's not quite half of 'em)?

Parenthetically, like the progressive tax structure, Asians benefit less from food stamps than whites do. Illustration of white structural racism #517,890,143.

There is no surer way to reduce the number of people who lack health insurance coverage than to import millions and millions of uninsured peasants gauchos into the country. More young people to pay into the Obamacare system--that is, after all, exactly what we need!

If I hadn't just been graduating from high school when George Bush was pushing the ownership society thing, I think I could've saved him (and the country he putatively led) a lot of trouble by suggesting that instead of cozying up to reckless lenders and the clueless peasants dreamers they lent to, he focus instead on enforcing the nation's already existing immigration laws. Instead of Favreau, I might have been the 21st century's best known political wunderkind! Alas, a day late and a dollar short.


Anonymous said...

Your ignorant title does not take into account that rates are more important than numbers.
JKL, Ph.D.

Audacious Epigone said...


Sarcasm, mockery, etc are difficult to accurately convey via text. I use an explanation point when I'm intentionally being unserious.

Clyde said...

Something I don't believe you pointed out, although it's there by implication: the data on food stamp usage is by household. Since blacks and Hispanics have higher birthrates than whites, a white household represents fewer people. Therefore, there are almost certainly fewer white people on food stamps than blacks and Hispanics combined.

Regardless, as the good Dr. Jeckyll so graciously pointed out above, the rates are more important. How silly of you not to consider this!!!

Clyde said...

I'd also be interested in seeing the average benefit amount per household (and per person) by race. I suspect on both measures the white average would be lower than the black or Hispanic.

Audacious Epigone said...


Regarding absolute numbers vs rates, I'm aware, I promise. Just being silly and attention-grabbing. Pew delves into $ usage elsewhere I think. I look in more detail later.

Clyde said...

I've read the blog enough to know you're aware. I did, after all, use three exclamation points.


Audacious Epigone said...

Hah, I see how easy it is to miss now. We'll done.

Gottlieb said...

White Americans are heading to the same demographics that the Japaneses had in the early 2000s. Worse than imagined.

I figured that the demographic boom of white Americans in the 2000s could have an impact on future generations, but seems not to have taken effect since the U.S. white and urban displays fertility below the replacement since the 70s, while eg , Spain and Italy, would begin the third stage of demographic transition only in the 80s. Ditto for Japan

Gottlieb said...

Only one generation can have a significant impact on other generations. This is what happened in Italy and Spain. Only the generation 80-90 years could reduce fertility by half in these nations. Think you have 150 people who come from families with an average of 3 children. So these 150 people decide to have 1.7 children per couple. The disaster is done. The pace of the U.S. white population is slower than in these countries. Still it will be disastrous if it continues.

Anonymous said...

AE: "Parenthetically, like the progressive tax structure, Asian benefit less from food stamps than whites do."

The table shows Asians with a higher food stamp use rate than whites. Is your comment just more poorly conveyed sarcasm?

Audacious Epigone said...


Right, there's a tidal wave dynamic. The procreative decisions of the current generation of young adults really start mattering when that generation passes into retirement and 'has' to be supported (at least in Western liberal democracies, realistically) by their offspring and their offspring's offspring.


I think you're looking at uninsured rates in the subsequent table. The 'structure' is table, commentary; table, commentary; etc.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but, but, there are fewer whites on welfare and food stamps than blacks, hispanics and Asians combined, so...

Fewer than half of the US are "minorities" but more than half of welfare and food stamp recipients are "minorities."



Audacious Epigone said...


You're asking for logical consistency and rationality when the subject is race? What country do you think we're in?!

Chris W said...

I do not disagree with any of this ( I have been called "racist" often simply for being a race realist that gives you an idea of where I stand on such issues),
I am not saying Sailer is wrong but I don't understand how he goes from immigrants have lower incarceration rates to Mexican are adopting the lifestyle of blacks ( and their criminal behavior )

He seems to be right since in every large city the vast majority of crimes are committed by blacks and hispanics and they can not possibly be all US born, but the short piece where he quotes Linda Chavez seems to be missing something.

I must mention my first language is French, I am a French Canadian so maybe I am missing something here?