Saturday, February 08, 2014

I planned how I'd use the wood from the apple tree weeks ago

Via Razib, my results from a Big Five personality traits test (executive branch edition):

Given that I reference words from his famous farewell address more than those of any other president, this seems fitting enough. I didn't delve into the methodology employed at the site, but some of the accompanying verbiage asserts that this personality profile tends to refer to a person "more likely to favor military intervention as a means of solving foreign policy problems". Sounds a little strange to describe a putatively close match with George Washington in such a way, but alas.

One can only wonder about Razib's--who is paired with Theodore Roosevelt--propensity for war-making. I suppose Razib's willingness to get intellectually pugilistic, and his approach towards the deployment and utilization of cutting edge genomics technologies could, figuratively, be seen as analagous to Teddy's approach to Cuba and the Philippines!

Every couple of years I like to indulge in one of these profile tests. Over the course of my adult life, four of the five facets have remained quite stable. The only trait that has moved much for me is agreeableness. It has declined, I suspect in no small part as a consequence of swallowing the red pill, spending so much time sifting through hatefacts, engaging in crimethink, and virtually hanging out in Dark Enlightenment circles.


Jokah Macpherson said...

George Washington is awesome. What other nation can claim a founding leader with such humility. It's too bad that in spite of being the father of our country, he had no biological children of his own.

I got Bill Clinton. I guess it could be worse. He seems like a pretty fun guy if you leave politics aside. This test gave me a higher rating for extroversion than any prior test and I've always felt like they were a little high to begin with.

Black Death said...

Must be bogus - I got Obama! Yuck!

Audacious Epigone said...

My wife got Obama, too. Showed him as especially low on neuroticism. Heh, sounds pretty PC to me, so I'd take the presidential comparisons with some salt.

What did the Clinton profile look like, other than high extroversion?

Jokah Macpherson said...

High openness and mid high neuroticism are the main ones I remember (going from memory). The other two were near average.

I think low neuroticism is accurate for Obama now although Steve Sailer's theory that he goes through secular periods of anxiety seems reasonable to me. For those of us unable to project deep ideas onto him, he comes across as kind of boring (Obama, I mean).

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

I'm supposedly a Thomas Jefferson type. Based upon the appertaining explanations, I'd say this is somewhat accurate, but not entirely so.

Anonymous said...

I got Thomas Jefferson. High on introversion, very high on openness, very low on agreeableness, low on conscientiousness, and below average on neuroticism.

silly girl said...

lol I got...

Barack Obama

the graphs weren't really very close.

Maybe because I am not a guy, so I wasn't really close to any of them.

My son got Eisenhower.

Anonymous said...

Took and took again with my wife's input.

Got U.S. Grant both times.

That's hard for a Oklahoman with southern roots.

Disagreed with about five of the generalizations.