Saturday, December 28, 2013

The culture war rages on

Watch this video and then take your best stab at what religious tradition these guys hail from:

Yep, that's their idea of shaking things up. Still unsure? A few hints: They are less likely to see the US as "structurally unjust" than other Americans are, they express high levels of contentment with the communities they live in; their younger members are actually more politically conservative than their older members are; they are more likely than members of any other (ir)religious tradition in the US to express support for a smaller government providing fewer services and opposition to a larger government providing more services; they find abortion, drinking, and sex outside of marriage all more off-putting than members of any other (ir)religious tradition do; their reproductive tendencies are uniquely eugenic; and when their tradition is singled out for mockery, rather than issuing death threats in response, they playfully use the derision as an impetus for others to gain a deeper understanding of their worldview.

These hidebound archaics, of course, contrast starkly with today's chic groups, like the shrieking, violent feminist harpies (via Mangan's):

And their somewhat overlapping allies, the puerile, immodest LGBTXQRBUGGERYJIMOAIDSRYWers:

Since members of the West's greatest last hope won't unsheathe their swords and go for the jugulars of modernity's degenerates, allow this willing assassin from the ranks of the darkly enlightened to do so in their stead. First, borrowing from the inestimable Phyllis Schlafly:

 And then with an AE original:


A. Carrick Bend said...

A great, as well as entertaining, post which reminds me once again that the historic American nation is no more. Also, just to let you know that I do pay attention to what you write, I think you meant jugulars instead of jugglers. I, too, am not that fond of jugglers, but they are for the most part harmless. I wish you would post more frequently, but I will continue to enjoy your quality over quantity. How is the little one?

Audacious Epigone said...

A. Carrick Bend,

Hah, thanks for the appreciation. The little conqueror is great, aside from causing daddy some pretty severe sleep deprivation (and mommy is getting hit even worse), hence the juggler goof! I went to bed at 6pm yesterday and didn't wake up until 8am.

Anonymous said...

"the historic American nation is no more."

If one believes Television and Cathedral Media, yes.

In reality, no. It's just fine.

of course not just mormon's have decent weddings, family life, etc.

Of course attacks on actual Cathedrals and the LGBT freak show aren't "normal".

Oh and while we're at it, the majority isn't close to minority.


Anonymous said...

"Preserving the freedom to fathom the limits of dysfunction in every direction is the primary social obligation , with the full resources of Leviathan behind it." - Nick Land

And yet, it Quacks. - not Nick Land.

Noah172 said...


Are you aware that the LDS leadership strongly favors open borders and America's racial transformation (much as many other religious elites do, to be fair)? So do many prominent Mormon politicians (Senators Reid, Hatch, Flake; candidate Huntsman -- although IIRC the sponsor of Arizona's SB1070 was Mormon).

Mormons are also lunatics when it comes to religious Zionism and thus lean heavily toward dumb wars in defense thereof (Iraq, Iran).

Not that what you say about them isn't largely correct, it is, but the LDS have white-guilt disease, too, if maybe less virulent than others.

Audacious Epigone said...


In a word, yes. And of course missionary work is a huge focus in the church, so the neocon tendencies must come naturally. My focus here is on the adherents and the culture that springs out of them.

Dan said...

While GLAAD waits for a duck hunter to apologize for not being sufficiently enamored with anuses, I am wondering when GLAAD will apologize for gays causing hundreds of deaths by AIDS.

Dan said...

Typo: hundreds of thousands of deaths