Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Knockout game knocks out a litany of leftist lies in one fell swoop, er, punch

The knockout game phenomenon really, really makes the Establishment uncomfortable. Although it took several years, the seemingly senseless savagery it displayed finally forced the knockout game from being a subject covered almost exclusively by the alternative right to something the mainstream media found increasingly difficult to ignore. Sure, Fox News still does ten minute segments on it without once mentioning race, but at least they're raising awareness. That counts for something!

Four major reasons why the knockout game causes Establishment pontiffs such anxiety:

1) It validates the Derb's non-black version of "The Talk". Be weary around blacks who are unknown to you, especially when they outnumber your group, especially especially if you're a female or a man aged 40+, and especially especially especially if you're alone.

2) It makes a mockery of the mendacious hate crime Narrative the Establishment perpetually pushes. It's as familiar as it is diametrically opposed to reality--the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman saga being the most recent highly visible illustration, but it's pervasive presence can be detected in virtually every case in which putative irrational -isms are involved.

Instead, the knockout game displays the reality of interracial crime--it is an overwhelmingly black-on-white affair, with blacks nearly 40 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than viceversa. Blacks are even significantly more likely to be convicted of federally designated hate crimes than whites are (and that "white" number includes relatively more criminally prone Hispanics).

3) Relatedly, the knockout game reveals that one of the left's favorite tropes--that crime is an unfortunate but essentially unavoidable consequence of poverty--is bullshit. Correlation isn't causation, heh. The game's perpetrators aren't acting out of desperation, they're not stealing anything, and they're not enjoying any material gain from their vicious assaults--instead, they're acting out of a mix of boredom (poor people have a lot of free time on their hands), social posturing, racial animosity, and animalistic impulsivity.

4) It is about the most effective argument in favor of gun rights imaginable. The police can't protect potential victims from knockouts and contemporary American communities won't organically protect their fellow citizens, either. Only you can prevent knockouts, and the surest way of preventing them (or second surest--see item #1) is by packing heat.


Anonymous said...

In this anti-white climate, shooting a black guy on a polar bear hunt taking an unprovoked swing at you is as likely to get you railroaded through the courts as it is to leave you safe and unimpeded by vengeful elites. For this reason, a lot of white guys who would like to carry guns don't, and this means the gun ownership rates would be even higher than they already are were it not for the cultural zeitgeist disincentive.

If you don't have a gun and you're walking alone, the best thing to do when a black guy with that thuggish look passes by is to maintain a neutral expression, look him squarely in the eyes to signal you know what he's thinking, look straight ahead again, and press your hand against the inside of your coat pocket as if you were caressing a gun handle. Keep a set of keys between your fingers like spiked brass knuckles so if you do have to fight, you can drive the keys into his neck.

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...


In principle, I agree with what you're saying. However, what difference is there between a Blue-Eyed Ice Devil killing a saintly African-American with his keys or with his .38 special? If the anti-white elites are going to railroad you, they're going to railroad you regardless of the weapon with which you defend yourself.

Audacious Epigone said...

The point is well taken, and the best advice is to steer clear of trouble spots to the extent that it is possible. The brass keys (which I've actually had my fiance practice) is still preferable to nothing, and it probably won't be lethal, so maybe the Establishment will spare a little mercy for you in your act of self defense if you don't employ 'excessive force'!

Anonymous said...

I hate the pcbastards from FoxNews more than all the black thugs put together.

Anonymous said...

Please get a dictionary. Compare the definitions of "weary" and "wary."