Friday, August 16, 2013

I don't get no

++Addition++South Park's treatment (thanks to Dan).


... Posthumous respect? Nope, he's still not getting any. A mostly forgotten movie from two decades ago in which he starred presaged the next big 'civil rights' movement in the contemporary West, the crusade for sheilas to be treated as though there isn't a package between their legs. Or maybe to be as though a package has always been there, I forget. In any case, I'm of course referring to Rodney Dangerfield and Ladybugs. The relevant synopsis:
Chester is desperate for a promotion at work. To impress his boss, he claims to have been a good soccer player in his youth and is badgered into coaching a girls' team called the Ladybugs. Dragging his assistant along as assistant coach, Chester figures the gig to be easy as the Ladybugs, sponsored by his company, are a dynasty. Unfortunately, only one player has returned. The team, which includes the boss's daughter, Kimberly, are clueless, make a dreadful start to the season, and the boss is less than impressed. 
In his personal life, Chester is engaged to Bess, who has a son, Matthew, from a previous marriage. Matthew just happens to be a great athlete, but poor grades get him kicked off the soccer team. Chester invites Matthew to watch the Ladybugs practice and to get some tips. Matthew has a crush on Kimberly from school and it is partly due to this that Chester persuades him to dress like a girl and play for the team under the name Martha. 
With only Chester, Matthew and Julie knowing the secret of Martha's identity, the team wins the rest of its games to get to the championship game. Kimberly makes friends with Martha, not knowing "she" is in fact Matthew.
The closing scene in this corny movie from the early nineties demonstrates far more perspicacity in identifying where this strange road leads to than the entire NYT editorial board or our most preeminent legal mind do. As Chester prepares for the first game of the season in girls softball, we see a bus full of cross-dressed male recruits eager to alternately ogle and smash their hapless female opponents.

This is a PG-13 parody of gender bending. It potentially gets a lot more gratuitous. As a commenter at Steve's astutely pointed out:
This problem will be self-correcting. Jocks will start loudly proclaiming their female identity and demand to shower with the cheerleaders. Progressives will quietly throw the fight then.
He's probably being overly optimistic in that assessment, but if you thought traditional, middle American cultural sensibilities were burned and pillaged in same-sex marriage's march to the sea, just wait for what the tranzis sympathizers have in store.

That said, athletics are where we find the most auspicious ground upon which to join combat with the Cathedral's Amazonian termagant forces and their eunuch auxiliaries. HBD realists are always up for a tough fight in the court of public opinion, and the Cathedral doesn't deal lightly with heretics. But the post-Christian West has another religion whose powers of captivation are even stronger--sports. If there is an ideal field for us to join battle on, this is it. Mainstream writers--even ethnically Jewish ones!--like Jon Entine and David Epstein are able to discuss athleticism and HBD in almost unveiled terms because sports competitions are designed to pit athletes against one another on a level playing field, and, because, well, Americans love sports. It's about the only shared cultural experience left in the polyglot country we used to think of as united.

Consequently, they're own lying eyes tell them a lot--it's harder to blame structural/institutional/socio-economic/cultural isms for west African black dominance in speed positions that are especially reliant on fast twitch muscle fibers like cornerback than it is to explain away why the children of wealthy blacks perform worse on standardized tests than the children of poor whites do and how putative white racism is squared with apparent yellow favoritism.


Anonymous said...

My name is Carmelita Chu and I like butterflies.


All I know is, I got alotta balls.

Good movie, even better than Jonathan Brandis' other classic film Sidekicks.

Dan said...

The 'transgender' public 'debate' is depressing to me because no intelligent society should even be having a debate.

Gender is a scientific no-brainer; it is scientifically about reproduction, there is a chromosome for it, and the y-chromosome encodes 100 different whole genes that women do not have. No mammal in history has ever changed genders. Some amphibians do, I think.

Are scientists such losers that nobody will state the obvious?

This is not an issue of much practical consequence I think, because (so far) the number of people trying to pass themselves off as a different gender is miniscule.

But it does show that nobody rational is anywhere near the levers of power and influence.

The best treatment ever of this was by Southpark:'s_Fancy_New_Vagina

Dan said...

And here is the episode. You should add an addendum to your post with this link:

Dan said...

What I think will wreck this is lawsuits. Every child who has the operation in question has their reproductive function is destroyed.

Isn't it just a matter of time before some kid grows up and sues and says I didn't want my reproductive function destroyed and I was only a child?

Anonymous said...

The money quote from the last article linked:

"In addition, our search of the literature uncovered no studies that examined the direct and indirect effects of extremely low levels of family income (i.e., poverty) on SAT performance."

Yet every lib on the internet talks about it as though it were rigorously proven scientific fact that poverty causes low SAT scores. Oh, and don't for the silly correlation doesn't imply causation they throw out when you say the arrow points from stupidity to poverty and low SAT scores, but correlation absolutely proves causation when they assume that poverty causes low SAT scores.

Dan said...

On reflection, I doubt sports would really make a big conflict with the Cathedral on this for a couple of reasons:

(1) If you require men to take testosterone eviscerating drugs to compete as women (which the Cathedral is okay with) then the competitive problem goes away. These men would see their athletic performance taken down many notches.

(2) Regarding biological women competing with men, then is virtually a non-issue, since no biological woman will ever be a top sprinter or basketball player, no matter the hormonal intake.

(3) The religion in America is not sports generally but men's sports specifically. The only time women's sports makes the big time is every four years with the Olympics. And as noted, biological women cannot threaten men's sports ever.

(4) The number of people involved is so miniscule that all you will get is sympathic cases rather than problematic trends.

(5) Consider the example of Oscar Pistorius of South Africa (blade runner). His legs were made in a factory and him competing with normal runners was like apples and bicycles. And yet he was not stopped. And he didn't have the whole Cathedral engaging in a carpet bombing campaign.

Jon said...

I would gladly put on a dress and wig to play with these donkeys (or jennies)

Jon said...

"Gender is a scientific no-brainer"

There is nothing scientific about "gender". It is a linguistics term used inappropriately. You're thinking of sex.