Thursday, May 02, 2013

Momma's in the kitchen, daddy's in the field

Upon further inspection it has come to my attention that the GSS is even more oblivious to PC etiquette than I gave the survey credit for. In 2012, it queried respondents on what they conceived of as the most ideal situation for a family with a young child to organize their family and work lives (and even more controversially, the question is written with the assumption that a "family" consists of one man and one woman married to each other). Despite all the putatively egalitarian feminist-inspired blathering about how parenting roles are fungible across sexes (and orientations), contemporary Americans trust biological realities more than they rely on the harping of the harpies. The distribution of responses among the broader population (n = 1,004):

Arrangement, all responsesDist%
Mother home, father full-time39.7
Mother part-time, father full-time41.6
Both full-time11.3
Both part-time6.8
Father part-time, mother full-time0.2
Father home, mother full-time0.5

Perhaps it's skewed heavily by the patriarchal enforcers of patriarchy, the patriarchs themselves. The response results, this time considering women only (n = 527):

Arrangement, women onlyDist%
Mother home, father full-time33.6
Mother part-time, father full-time45.7
Both full-time11.7
Both part-time8.5
Father part-time, mother full-time0.2
Father home, mother full-time0.3

The vast majority--we're talking 4 out of 5--of Americans conceive of the ideal family environment being one in which a man works full-time and a woman works either part-time or not at all. It's as though they recognize some sort of special bond between a mother and the child her body spent nine devoted months bringing into the world.

Maybe the patriarchs have brainwashed their own barefoot wives slaving away in the kitchen into falling for the breadwinner-homemaker ideal, but what about women who think for themselves? Liberal women only (n = 130):

Mother home, father full-time23.1
Mother part-time, father full-time48.4
Both full-time12.9
Both part-time15.0
Father part-time, mother full-time0.0
Father home, mother full-time0.6

Okay, but many of these women went through their formative years before third-wave feminism really got going. Let's see what the Sandra Fluke generation thinks. ... Oh, she's in her thirties? I got the impression that she was a college student or something. Ah, she recently graduated and will be starting her career soon. After a decade establishing herself professionally, she might even procreate one unaborted, down-free kid of her own, provided she outraces menopause or has her eggs frozen--soon. Anyway, the preferences of women under the age of thirty (n = 118):

Mother home, father full-time26.3
Mother part-time, father full-time47.7
Both full-time7.7
Both part-time18.2
Father part-time, mother full-time0.0
Father home, mother full-time0.0

Not a single woman surveyed thought it desirable for a mother to spend more time working than her husband does. Suck the marrow from the men, let work drain their souls, not ours! Good for them.

Given their illegitimacy rates, welfare utilization rates, and their positions on marijuana legalization, one may be forgiven for scoffing at the neocon assertion that Hispanics are "natural conservatives", but he should also be willing to give credit where credit is due. They are even more traditional than their white, black, or yellow brothers and sisters are (n = 73):

Mother home, father full-time45.4
Mother part-time, father full-time36.3
Both full-time2.3
Both part-time14.9
Father part-time, mother full-time0.0
Father home, mother full-time1.1

I'm throwing in with the plurality on this one, since our conceptual approach is one in which I'll assume the role of primary breadwinner/secondary caregiver and she the role of secondary breadwinner/primary caregiver. This is as good a time as any to pass along the happy news that my fiance and I are expecting a child just a few days before Christmas. No, I'm not so audacious as to herald the coming of a savior, but I am thrilled by the thought of combining birthday and Christmas into a super day in which (s)he gets 150% of what (s)he'd separately get on either day if the two gift glut days were further apart from one another, ha!

GSS variables used: FAMWKBST(1-6), SEX(2), RACECEN1(15-16), AGE(18-29), POLVIEWS(1-3)


Dan said...

Rock on bro! Big congrats!

Are you gonna be married before then?

A. Carrick Bend said...

It has been a long week, so perhaps I am not picking up on a literary reference, but "Suck the mallow from the men...." is just not registering with me. Should it be marrow? I know mine has been sucked out of me over the past 23 years. Congratulations on the little epigone! My two have December birthdays and that only adds to the joy of the season.

a north wind blows, another hate hoax exposed said...

you timed this premarital birth to get a smarter kid, didn't you?

Jokah Macpherson said...

First of all, congratulations on the expected child! I didn't realize you were engageed either, so either I missed that post or it's two big announcements in one sentence at the end of an already interesting post.

One friend I grew up with had a Dec. 28 birthday and she decided to just celebrate half birthdays in June instead.

Anyways, it is funny how so many un-PC questions wind up on the GSS. Surely the people responsible for the test realize the extent to which it is utilized by bloggers such as yourself.

My experience is in accord with your findings. Most of the women I know work not because of self-actualization so much as they need the money to secure a middle class lifestyle. The "lean in" types who have something to prove exist but they're pretty rare. I know the Lion of the Blogosphere carries on about how upper class women are expected to work but it seems like it is often at something like "philanthrophy", and I'm sorry, philanthropy snot a real job.

Audacious Epigone said...


Legally yes, the ceremony will be after because apparently women aren't big on looking like blimps in their wedding dresses.


Thanks and yes, it's apparently been an even longer week for me, because that should definitely be marrow. I've corrected the post.

North wind,

I'd like to say I'm trying to lift the life outcomes of out-of-wedlock children, but by the time the little emperor arrives he won't be one. Reading Cochran/Razib on paternal age prodded me. I'm approaching thirty (my fiance is 22, but this isn't going to the only child, so we couldn't start too soon). When that big bone's full of peaches it doesn't matter what the preacher preaches, the days are warm and the well is full of virtue.


Sort of a shotgun engagement. We haven't announced the baby to anyone but close friends and family (including readers here!) and are hoping when we do in a month or so people won't do the math and realize as much, heh.

silly matron said...

Get married already!

silly matron said...

Legally yes, the ceremony will be after because apparently women aren't big on looking like blimps in their wedding dresses.

She can't be a blimp already. June weddings are classic, and empire waistlines are both vogue and forgiving.

Jokah Macpherson said...

It's funny you mention egg freezing since the Saturday Wall Street Journal article from bizarro-land argues that all women should get their eggs frozen. The author pretty much commits all the cardinal sins of irrational feminist thinking and I look forward to Roissy trashing it in an entertaining way within a week or so.

As The Last Psychiatrist might say, if your goal is to have kids and none of your sex partners share this goal, then the problem is you.

Anonymous said...

Gregory Cochran's response to a commenter on a recent thread ("Blurry") at his site suggests that you probably don't need to worry much about the effect of your age on your kids' health.

"Mid30s is not that bad – anyhow, what I am talking is mostly the impact of a whole population having old fathers for a hundred generations or more. it adds up. Anyhow, you have to worry more about female infertility at such ages than mutations."


a north wind blows, another hate hoax exposed said...

as anon noted above, you don't have much at all to worry about re: older father mutations. female infertility and associated problems with older wombs should be your main worry, but it looks like you have that ground covered by wisely dating and nominally removing from circulation a woman considerably younger than yourself.

i was thinking more along these lines.

nothing like a plump, bigger brained winter baby to navigate the shoals of a rapidly disintegrating america increasingly stratified by raw muscle g.

Dan said...

"I'm approaching thirty (my fiance is 22, but this isn't going to the only child, so we couldn't start too soon)."

While she's pregnant, off and on over the next twenty years, =D do a lot of things to take the load off, wearing down your health and not hers, and making you exhausted not her. You can handle it. The roids that exude naturally from your balls sustain you for that purpose, more than for nicer pecs.

Heartiste would call that beta, but building one's tribe is definitionally the most alpha thing one can do, for men and for women.

a north wind blows, another hate hoax exposed said...

"Heartiste would call that beta,"

no he wouldn't. do you read his site, or do you read caricatures made by others about his site?

tribe-building is neither alpha nor beta, especially not in this day and age of cheap contraceptives. the alpha male is simply the man who can attract a lot of attention from a lot of quality women. the beta male struggles to achieve the same cornucopia of female attention that the alpha male enjoys. having kids and raising a family has got nothing to do with the delineation; a delineation which, btw, operates along a sliding scale rather than a black-white dichotomy.

Dan said...

I was talking about helping domestically and yes, Heartiste does call that beta.

"tribe-building is neither alpha nor beta, especially not in this day and age of cheap contraceptives"

Yes, this is Heartiste's view and any genuine historical alpha would laugh Heartiste off the map. Think of a Chinese emperor surrounded by his harem and castrati. The emperor's staff had full access to the women but could not get them pregnant, and that's all that mattered.

If 'your' woman will not have your child, you are not alpha. You are just a kind of eunuch who is spending a lot of money.

a north wind blows, another hate hoax exposed said...

"Yes, this is Heartiste's view"

there is an alpha way to be the head of household, and a beta way. we know which way wives prefer their patriarchs.

"If 'your' woman will not have your child, you are not alpha."

the problem for alphas is not convincing women to have their children; it's women convincing the alphas to commit to them.

"You are just a kind of eunuch who is spending a lot of money."

eunuchs are anhedonic. alphas are hedonic. this is a difference in kind, not degree.

Dan said...

"the problem for alphas is not convincing women to have their children"

Really? If she is on the pill she has emphatically *not* been convinced to have his children.

Wikileaks' Julian Assange comically discovered that even though women wanted to sleep with him (alpha?), when he tried to impregnate them he suddenly became was accused of rape (not alpha).

Being a thorough experimentalist, he repeated this test in the same laboratory conditions with a different subject, achieving the exact same result. Where would we be without scientists?

It would seem Heartiste is the Julian Assange alpha rather than the real, historical kind.

I pulled the Assange trick on my wife when she was not planning on it. We are pleased with the result.

Audacious Epigone said...

North wind,

Hah, post hoc but I'm going to run with it, thanks.


Fortunately she gets some sort of weird pleasure from homemaking generally and cleaning specifically. I'm going to work my balls off, but that will be same old, same old.

a north wind blows, another hate hoax exposed said...

"Wikileaks' Julian Assange"

what makes you think assange is an alpha male? from all accounts, he strikes me as a man with the fame cloak of alphaness but the heart of an omega weirdo.

"It would seem Heartiste is the Julian Assange alpha rather than the real, historical kind."

the historical alpha and the modern alpha are the same but for the thwarting effect of the pill and condom. now you can argue this thwarting effect is also a distorting effect, but that's cold comfort for the beta males left out of the sexual sweepstakes to bide their turn at impregnating an older woman on the hunt to settle down with sadness in her eyes.

Dan said...

"a north wind blows" -- Would you admit it if you were Heartiste?

In any case, here's a tidbit...

"The defence also highlighted evidence that: plaintiff 2 had later admitted to being "half asleep" after consensual sex, rather than "asleep" ... and that plaintiff 1 had thrown a Crayfish party for Assange at her home the evening **after** the alleged incidents, from which she tweeted: "Sitting outdoors at 02:00 and hardly freezing with the world's coolest, smartest people! It's amazing!" and invited Assange to stay in her room afterwards."
(wiki on Assange)

Multiple beautiful young Swedish women almost simultaneously trying to bed him, throwing parties for him, inviting him to their place. Make of that what you will.

But if he wants his swimmy cells to carry things to the next level, he is suddenly an icky worm, to be stomped on?

Uterine access is not nothing. It is everything.