Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fruitcakes and fertility

The correlation between the percentage of a state's population that identifies as LGBT and its fertility rate is an inverse .31 (p = .03). This modest relationship means that one-tenth of a state's fertility rate is 'attributable' to the proportional size of its LGBT population. Conjecturing irresponsibly, with about 3.5% of the population identifying as LGBT nationally, let's say one-third of that 10% queer push comes from the gays themselves and the other two-thirds comes from the environments they prefer and help create which are not especially conducive to procreative family formation.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what percent of DC residents self identify as Jewish? and what percent of North Dakota residents self identify as Jewish. Just curious, of course.

Anonymous said...

Or their personality. Liberals seem to be more introverted and people with trait have fewer children.

Anonymous said...

North Dakota has the lowest percentage of residents identifying as gay or lesbian, yet neighboring South Dakota has among the highest. Very curious.


JayMan said...

Is your r or r^2 -0.31?

It is a distinction in mindset that makes the difference here (between liberals and conservatives -- see here).

It is even more telling to look at this map of U.S. states with legal same sex marriage here.

And compare it to this map here:

World Wide Woodard: Presenting the (slighty revised) American Nations map


Audacious Epigone said...


Yeah, that's the biggest puzzle in the data.


The r is .31, r-squared is .10. Thanks for those links.

Dan said...

I am feeling more and more convinced that the current crop of liberals really don't think about the deep future. They are so determined to 'win' that they don't define what it really means.

- How will the progressive party continue if you bring in so many communities that are so far from the progressive ideal? Environmentalism does not exist in the minds of non-Europeans. Conservation groups are lily white. Racialism is a core ideal of most non-Europeans. Fun and nonsensical rationalizations in feminism, gender theory etc? Non-Europeans aren't even wasting time with theories except inasmuch as it helps their ingroup within the host nation.

- Leftist don't like Christianity but what on Earth do they propose to replace it with? The masses *will* be religious, whether it is the Church of England or Radical Islam or Marxism. You've got to choose.

- They rail against the rich, but don't they realize that on a global scale even most Democrats are rich? If you invite the world then you are what's for breakfast.