Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bureaucratic partisanship

With the admission by the IRS that it targeted Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny in their petitions for tax-exempt status and put red tape in their way to bog down their operations in the headlines, I thought it'd be a nice time to take a look at the party affiliations of  government (federal, state, and local) employees and compare them to the affiliations of the rest of the country that has yet to heed the Derb's advice. The following table shows the party affiliation distribution among those who work or have worked for the government and those who have not. For contemporary relevance and valid comparisons, only responses of those of working aged (18-65) who were surveyed between 2010-2012 are included (n = 3,144):

Third party1.9%2.7%

Government employees are more politically committed at both ends of the spectrum, which shouldn't come as that big of a surprise since their jobs are inextricably connected to politics in one way or another. Unfortunately we can't turn the tables and isolate IRS employees for particularly close scrutinizing, but I suspect that those whose jobs rely upon the collection of tax revenues are going to be more negatively predisposed towards groups supporting reduction in the taxing (and spending) power of leviathan than other people--and even other government employees--tend to be.

GSS variables used: YEAR(2010-2012), WRKGOVT, PARTYID(0-1)(2-4)(5-6)(7), AGE(18-65)


Dan said...

Note that the sample 'government employees' is a subset of the sample 'people who actually have jobs and do not qualify for an Obamaphone' -- a group that skews Republican, obviously.

John said...

Without people in the military, I'm betting the results skew a lot more Democratic.

Noah172 said...

Without people in the military, I'm betting the results skew a lot more Democratic.

Don't forget law enforcement.

Neither troops nor cops are uniformly (no pun) Republican or conservative, but in the aggregate they lean that way.

Gov't billets in the helping professions lean heavily to the left, of course. (My wife, however, having worked as a public school teacher, has had disgust with PC lies ground into her marrow.)

It's that daddy/mommy divide in politics (if I may risk wandering into Whiskey's fever swamp).

Dan said...

Here's some data on the IRS' partisan skew.