Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hatefact of the day

According to the CDC and the US Census, foreign-born residents living in the US are over 9 times more likely to have tuberculosis as native-born Americans are. Exotic disease is an aspect of diversity we don't celebrate enough!


Anonymous said...

More hatefacts:

Noah172 said...

Diversity is our... cough, cough... is our... cough, cough... is our strength!

Anonymous said...

I followed the CDC link provided by anon. I noticed that the CDC uses the abbreviation MSM for men who have sex with other men. MSM, of course is also widely used to refer to mainstream media.

Anyway, I just find it rather funny.

Anonymous said...

Here in Sweden - a country that has truly embraced immigration and multiculturalism - that number is a staggering 31. That's from official statistics.

Anonymous said...

"that number is a staggering 31"

What number? TB cases?

If so, what fraction are immigrants or their children/grandchildren. They multiply so rapidly that you have to count grandkids, too.

Anonymous said...

The number 31 is how more likely foreign-born people in Sweden are to have TB. As comparison to the number 9 presented in the post.

pat said...

This is another example of how Italian opera explains everything.

There are two famous Italian operas that revolve around TB - La Boheme and La Traviata. At that time in the early days of the nineteenth century TB was very serious in a way we can hardly appreciate today. It accounted for about one quarter of all the deaths in England. Every saloon in the American West had a spittoon. Those were a hygienic measure to keep all the tuberculars from spitting on the floor. It wasn't tobacco.

What we can barely comprehend today is how mysterious it was. No one understood infection. A popular theory of the day was that TB was caused by vampires. Whole families were slowly consumed. They turned pale as if they were being drained of blood.

Koch and Pasteur only explained infection in the 1890s. The plots for Boheme and Traviata were written more than a half century earlier.

In Dumas' novel which was based on fact, Armand (Alfredo) contracts TB also. And well he might. He was sleeping with a woman with active TB.

In the operas Alfredo and Rodolfo are usually staged to have big wet lingering kisses with their respective tubercular love interests. That's why these particular operas should never be modernized. After Koch who would kiss a woman with TB?

Richard Feynman the famous Nobel Prize winning bongo player, was married to a tubercular while he was at Los Alamos. They were married but never did much more than hold hands. No kissing allowed. Too dangerous.