Saturday, December 15, 2012

Infield annihilation of PUAs?

Speaking of me, I have an idea to serve as a sort of dark complement to videos of PUAs in action. It came to me the other night at a Christmas party. My girlfriend showed me a text her ex-boyfriend sent her, the fourth or fifth she's showed me over the last month or so. Without going into too much detail, he's a good looking guy with an interest in and pretty natural grasp of game, but I know she's thoroughly committed, not least because of what hacking someone's facebook can tell you.

That they were unprovoked aside, the texts don't betray that. Up to this point, I'd scoffed and said something to the effect of "you actually had anything to do a joker that desperate, heh," whenever she got one. This time, though, I took her phone and responded:
This is AE. Your lame attempts are pathetic. She's moved WAY up. Stop wasting our time. Don't make me tell you again.
To which he wrote:
It doesn't look like she's moved WAY up from where I'm standing, haha. I'm in a great relationship now ... [lots of blah blah blah] ... I keep in touch with my exes. If she doesn't want me to, she can tell me.
Wrote my girlfriend:
Please stop texting me. I don't know why you keep doing it. I don't have anything to say to you.
She pleaded with me to just drop it, but I'm not one to turn down a little mano-a-mano. I shot back:
You're a janitor who lives with his mom in the ghetto. I could buy and sell your sorry ass ten times over. Or if you'd prefer I could just beat the living shit out of you. If you're ever unfortunate enough to see me in person, you'll wish you had never been born.
A bit of a calculated risk because I suppose he could have reported it to the police as a physical threat, but what the hell, life's short and when you have arms like I do, the only thing you have to worry about in throwing down the gauntlet is the long arm of the law. Or someone who's packing, or who spots you from the behind the wheel while you're walking down the street, or... okay, okay, enough. The point is that as long as the other guy doesn't cheat, I can say whatever I want to just about whoever I want to. Anyway, he's seen me via facebook so, unsurprisingly, he stopped at that point and hasn't said anything since.

This little incident served as the catalyst for the idea of making videos that have fun toying with alphas in action. The formula is simple--look for guys who are peacocking, shadow them from a distance until they go to work, and then disrupt them. Hell, it could be made beneficial for PUAs in the form of tutorials on how to deal with AMOG interlocutors while still--if the video maker is the less magnanimous type--allowing the bullies to have fun. That is, he engages the PUAs for pedagogical purposes, but knows that eventually victory is almost assuredly his because he has the potential nuclear option of escalating to physical confrontation, one in which he possesses nukes and the PUA being persecuted doesn't. There are prerequisites, of course, the primary one being the body and body language required to be able to start and finish stuff with unknown men.

Philosophically, it wouldn't be the most benign undertaking imaginable, but pickup artistry is hardly good for civilizational stability* and there are certainly worse outlets for some guys' sadistic proclivities. I could have some fun with this. Seed planted.

* It's important to separate the PUA subset from general game techniques, which are inherently neutral, contingent upon application. They're tools that can be employed for a whole host of purposes, some good, others evil.


IHTG said...

Oh boy, this makes your previous post look like it's compensating for something.

Audacious Epigone said...

This post? No man, that's what my F-350 is for.

Anonymous said...

You're a janitor who lives with his mom in the ghetto. I could buy and sell your sorry ass ten times over. Or if you'd prefer I could just beat the living shit out of you. If you're ever unfortunate enough to see me in person, you'll wish you had never been born.

he banged her way before you
that's how it feels to be second?

Audacious Epigone said...

Yeah that's reasonable, since just 20% of women aged 21 (when I met her) are virgins.

hossman said...

Being worth 10 times what a janitor is worth isn't being worth much.

Threatening violence is for low class ghetto thugs.

Doing so over text message is for punks.

And as for you wanting to go to bars because of the type of GUY that hangs out Is that the "game" that your shitbox f350 is compensating for?

You don't really have much to be proud of. Thanks for the laugh, though, tough guy. At least you're good for that.

JayMan said...


Ignore these detracting comments.

Anonymous said...

Lollin at all these butthurt commenters.

Audacious Epigone said...


The guy knows she's in a relationship and is trying to run game on her nonetheless. He kept at it without her showing any signs of interest. It upset her, so it was time to put an end to it.

Anonymous said...

You're the guy who broke the arm? Still remember that sound. Saw it/heard it on your blog.

Audacious Epigone said...

Yeah. It was accidental, of course.

Anonymous said...

My ex tried to get back with me she is dating someone else now. she still thinks about me all the time she says.
she also doesn't love her current bf.
but i broke up with her because she cheated on me

i haven't talked to her since.
now i can't date because I'm jaded and don't trust women.
they are all whores.
so ill just be a player hunting for sex.
fuck relationship s