Monday, February 06, 2012

Race-based death threat hoax in Wisconsin

++Addition++BB points out that the SPLC, learning nothing from previous hoaxes like the Duke Lacrosse case, has egg on its face after being naively credulous from the beginning.

For a little comic relief, here's an excerpt from the first comment on the SPLC's "Hatewatch" (tagline: Keeping an eye on the radical right) thread reads:
These pranks are no joke and must be taken seriously. [sic] By enforcing the laws upon that racist enemy. And by the way, I'm not black.

A reader living in Kenosha County, Wisconsin pointed out the following story about a hate crime hoax that was recently exposed on the UW Parkside campus, located between Milwaukee and Chicago. He feels that it is not being given adequate national media coverage (that is, it hasn't received any at all). Rather than rehash it here, just follow this link if you're interested.

Personally, I don't find it particularly nationally newsworthy, since nothing significant happened. But there is little question that had the threat been legitimately issued by a white guy, or if a bunch of "hate whitey" tripe had been posted all over the place by a white nationalist, it would've become a national story with lots of supercilious lamentation about intolerance and hate in America.

Parenthetically, you have to put two and two together to realize the girl who perpetrated the hoax--she is only described as a "female student" in the news story--is black.


Anonymous said...

The SPLC always eager to trumpet rare instances white bigotry in order to force-feed a narrative of the ever-present threat of white racism jumped the gun on this. Now they have to issue a begrudging concession of it being a hoax.

Apparently the student staged the hoax because she wanted to bring more attention to the issue of hate crimes. Though to me, it sounds like this would be a perfect teachable moment for the University of Wisconsin to raise awareness of hate crime hoaxes. They could invite Laird Wilcox or William McGowan into their campass to speak on this important issue. Just a suggestion.


Bruce O said...

KHALILAH FORD, a 21-yr-old black female student, has been named as the perpetrator of the race hoax at UW-P.

Ford, of Louisville, KY, confessed to creating nooses, and a posting a “hit list” stating that "Niggers will die in two days."

She faces misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.

UW-P Chancellor Deborah Ford said it's time to "CELEBRATE DIVERSITY...and begin the healing."

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

On its own, this particular story may not merit national news coverage, but the borderline pandemic of hate crime hoaxes on campus certainly does. NPR? 60 Minutes? Are you listening?

Bruce O said...

LOW-IQ race hoaxer Khalilah Ford, a UW jr, made her crime easy to solve.

(1) A hit list stated that "Niggers will die in 2 days." It included 13 names. All were spelled incorrectly, except for hers. (2) She used her student ID to print the fliers! (3) "Run and tell this nigger." (Lack of grammar comprehension.)

COLLUSION suspected. Black Student Union VP, Brontrall Martin, declined “jumping to conclusions that a white student is responsible... It could've been a black student being foolish." Hmm...

Other noteworthies: (a) Two MISDEMEANOR tickets will be mailed (b) CRAVEN POLICE: Ford was initially unnamed. (c) University forgives

Olave d'Estienne said...

Ha ha, I got to read some comments at the SPLC retraction site. Alt-rightist eh told them the truth and they got mad ... it was hilarious to watch them line up and ask that he prove that blacks are disproportionately homicidal.