Saturday, March 12, 2011

My genes, my right?

It's neither my forte nor my foible, but when Razib and Randall get this worked up about something, I'd be a pretty crappy squire not to pay attention. The AMA doesn't want you to be able to access your own genomic profile directly from companies like 23andme (as I have). In the proceeding video, doctor and former Congressman Parker Griffith's paternalism is especially off-putting:


Razib said...

doctor parker griffith :-)

Audacious Epigone said...

Yikes, got it. Even worse.

Jon Claerbout said...

search for
Wikipedia Lobbying in the United States
and find the leading spenders on politicians are the financiers, followed by the medical.

My industry, oil, even when added to coal, nuclear, electricity, and energy distribution comes in a mere 5th with military way down in 10th.

silly girl said...

I have been planning to get our personal genetic profiles for each in my family, just waiting for more and better tech. I guess it is time to git 'er done, in case we can't later.

Anonymous said...

Okay, insurance perspective. Aren't insurers prohibited from using/accessing certain genetic info, etc? Whenever the gov't intervenes in a profitable business contract/negotiation such that the regulation causes asymmetry of information, they are essentially picking winners and losers. Info is often power. This may be what is going on here.