Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sexual revolution, secularism, and mass abortion: A psychological bundle

In a discussion in which Mark of Congenial Times drew a sharp moral distinction between not attending church or having sex with someone of the same gender and having an abortion, the Inductivist responded:

In my mind, they are very far apart. Really, one important reason I worry about a decline in religiosity (or the embrace of homosexual behavior) is that it's tied up with more acceptance of abortion. There seems to be a psychological bundle of Sexual Revolution/Secularism/Mass Abortion.
More than just seems to be, there most certainly is.

As a secular homosexual, Mark is an outlier in his firm pro-life position. The Inductivist is spot on in assuming, as most readers probably do, that secularism, tolerance of abortion, and support for the loosening of sexual mores tend to travel together.


al fin said...

Secularism enables a looser sexuality and the disconnect of traditional consequences of sexuality (pregnancy, childbirth, marriage). If a girl is to get through adolescence, college, a career, and compete with men, she cannot allow childbirth and marriage to interfere. Hence the necessity of abortion to the feminist religion.

Homosexuality is neither here nor there. It simply is. Society can accept homosexuality or not. The behaviour of the vast majority of heterosexuals need not be overturned by the behaviour of a few gays or lesbians.

Political lesbianism as implicitly advocated by the feminist religion is another thing entirely. Hopefully not too many young women will have their minds destroyed by the attempt to force themselves into a mould that they do not fit.

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks for your take on this. I was not sure of the (or a, anyhow) technologically progressive, singularity-seeking libertarian perspective on any of these three social issues.