Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moats because he's black, Dunakin because he's white, right?

Uh oh. My sixteen year-old brother contrasts two recent events in the news. I wish I'd have been up on current events in high school:
I plan on trying to call Michael Savage on Monday. He has been talking a lot about the Oakland police murders. There has been little reporting on it in other news media. I was on Yahoo, and they had on the front page about a BLACK NFL player who was stopped by a WHITE police officer and prevented from going into the hospital because he ran a red light, and so did not get to see his mother-in-law before she died. There was an apology issued by the head of the Dallas police, praising the NFL player for never once mentioning he was an NFL player! What a guy! And the family of course said they can't help thinking race probably had something to do with it. I guess race is only applicable when it's from a white guy to a black guy, so it doesn't apply to Oakland. This was on the front page of Yahoo, yet I looked back the past week, and they never even mentioned the killing of four police officers by a convicted felon suspected in even more felonies. I wonder if four black officers were killed by a white guy, then would it be newsworthy?

Most people reading about the Oakland incident couldn't help but be curious about the racial angle, either. I deal in the quantitative here, and it is not my intention to dwell on a specific incident, horrible as it is. But it is worth pointing out that although black-on-white aggression is so much more common than white-on-black aggression is--by a factor of about forty--major media are emphasizing the racial component of a very minor instance of the latter while ignoring it in a very serious instance of the former. Part of this is a consequence of predictable things being boring (even police shootouts) and unique occurences being exciting. The bulk, however, is due to NAM untouchability and the default culpability of any white man acting to control the behavior of someone who is non-white--that he is acting in accordance to his authority as an officer apparently isn't germane.


Stopped Clock said...

In fact I think that the difference in violent crime rates between black men and white men is greater than that between white men and white women. Blaming white racism for interracial violence is tantamount to blaming women for all domestic violence.

Some Bloke said...

I think we all understand the dynamics of what is happening here. The media has been in the power broker business for a long time. Objective news reporting was abandoned a long time ago.

Blatant lying and deception are quite legal, however. Dishonesty is a mandatory trait to achieve elected office.

Your blog is a useful counter to media tactics of obfuscation. In fact it is a gross injustice that media hacks who habitually lie and cover-up are paid for what they do, while bloggers such as yourself are not.

Audacious Epigone said...


They're not the same thing, but incarceration rates for white men are about 10x what they are for white women, while for black men they are about 7x what they are for white men. So offhand I know it's close. That's a potentially terse way to phrase it if true--I'll try to verify it soon if you don't first.


That's kind of you to say. I appreciate it.

If intellectual production was compensate based on its objective value, Steve Sailer would be featured in Forbes.

dave in boca said...

I can only go by my own anecdotal experience living 23 years in DC, from '69-92, during which time I was repeatedly robbed from my car [4-track, 8-track, radio], in my living quarters [condo, apartment, by a black cleaning lady, from my desk in the State Dept{!!} where I had left a gold 'puzzle ring' & my car in the State Dept basement garage, where the cars were unlocked while black kids would be parking attendants & purloin my running & b-ball shoes]. Luckily I was only robbed a dozen times or so, but a white female jogger was murdered in Rock Creek Park near my apartment & I found out about it by word of mouth---the WashPost didn't even publish a word. It was a byword that if you were in a driving accident outside Upper NorthWest DC, the white enclave, the white driver was ALWAYS judged to be at fault if the accident was after dark. And driving after dark on weekends was simply a crapshoot, or another kind of shoot if you were unlucky. Black on White Crime was simply unreported---period.

I recall five white teenagers murdered in Wichita KS a decade back where the ritual killings were by blacks, but the cover-up & lack of media attention was thunderous!

Oakland was just another episode in the coddling of criminals by crooked judges---the judicial restructuring of American politics has polarized Congress into hundreds of safe seats gerrymandered into a Dem/Repub standoff of hard-liners of left & right, with a diminishing center squeezed into insignificance. In CA the state has suffered the same redistricting into enclaves---separating rather than promoting diversity.

Judicial tyranny is going step by step toward the bureaucratic authoritarianism my daughter is studying in her Poli Sci classes at UMiami---they have conservative PSci teachers under Shalala's even-handed regime. The Brusselsization of the USA proceeds apace.

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks for your always-rich personal anecdotes. It is the most attractive aspect of your blog, in my humble opinion.

Here is a summary of the Wichita horror you are referring to.