Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What the WSJ should explain regarding Hispanics as natural Republicans

Paul Gigot and members of the WSJ op/ed board, who earlier this week accused more than half of the Republicans in the House of "demonizing the undocumented", should have this put to them: If Hispanics are natural Republicans, why would they not have voted for McCain this election cycle? They agree with the GOP on most things save immigration restriction, after all! Surely they would realize the election as a golden opportunity to promote the open borders side of the Republican party by backing its national champion, whom they are said by the op/ed board to agree with on almost everything.

In reality, a group that is less educated, poorer, more likely to use welfare programs, more likely to engage in criminal activity, more likely to give birth to illegitimate children, less likely to own a home or be able to afford to do so, and much more suspicious of Jews and Israel than the nation at large, in addition to being affirmative action 'eligible', is simply not a natural Republican constituency, given what the GOP putatively stands for today. Shelving sovereignty is not going to change that. It will only increase the size of a group that votes against the GOP.


Sgt. Joe Friday said...

And I see that Jeb Bush has been quoted recently as saying that the GOP has to appeal to Hispanics and cannot succeed if it is seen as the party of "old white guys."

I have no problem with reaching out to different voting factions with a positive message that says, in effect "here is why you should vote for us." I do have a problem with people like the Bush brothers, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, et al when they start to talk about the base of the party, i.e. English speaking Americans of European descent as if we are somehow an embarrassment or "less than" these new voters they wish to court.

I don't believe there's a degree of self-hate involved here that some would speculate motivates people like the Bushes. I think it's motivated by two things: first, a certain envy by American politicians of Latin politics, where the patron/client relationship is much more pronounced, and there are fewer expectations on both sides that the result will be reasonably clean, accountable government. Second, there's an element here similar to that of an old married couple, where the husband begins to feel as though he can do better than the matronly, middle aged woman he's been married to for umpteen years. He dumps the wife, gets a hairpiece and some Viagra and proceeds to make an ass of himself chasing after the "hot" young babe who will use him as long as he's got money to spend and then throw him away like a used snot rag when she tires of him.

Myself, I think it would be great if the base of the GOP were to do to these guys what the jilted wife would: throw the bastard out and get a divorce.

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush wants his half-latino son to be the president of the Los Etats Unitos someday, and is working to import a voting bloc that he thinks will win this.

The "ELITE" folks, for those of you keeping score at home, have indeed visited Brazil and Central America, and THEY LIKE WHAT THEY SAW DOWN THERE..............AN ELITE THAT LIVES WITH PRIVATE SECURITY, OWNS MOST OF THE NATION'S WEALTH, AND IS PRETTY MUCH WHITE AND LIGHT BRONZE. Paul Gigot is just an appartachik for the "elite" in this country, who think it would just be swimming to have wealth distribution like that of Brazil.

There are problems with this vision long term of course, as anyone with half a brain can discern. We vote in the United States, and at some point (even if its the North American Unit), all those poor people would get together and vote themselves a great deal of the wealth that elite's believe is untouchably theirs. It would not, however, happen in Jeb Bush's lifetime, so he is still for melding the USA and Mexico together against the USA's will.

Neo-Cons, anxioius to pull the Republican party to the left anyway, because other than being hawkish on Israel and foreign policy themselves, they are multiculti leftists, would love to force-mate the US and Mexico. Anyhthing to get whites outnumbered, they would be for.

As one commenter points out, the elite want expensive land and cheap labor, and really do think of themselves as some sort of "royalty" and cannot imagine that they'd ever lose their lofty perch. Maybe they are right, as these bailouts have shown me. If you are part of our financial elite, no matter how badly you fuck up, you'll be taken care of if you have the right connections.

This "plan" of mating the US and Mexico has been a dream for some CFR types for a long while. Dont believe me? Go to YouTube and search for it. Watch what the chair of the organization says himself. David Rockefeller just swoons over a North American Union. He thinks its a great idea. Whats not to like for the majority shareholder of Chase Bank and his heirs. All that cheap labor, Mexico's resources (which Wall Street would own in the span of one generation at the most), a defeat of any unionism in the NAU by cheap labor, people so poor that they'd have to finance everything...................its gerat for the truly rich.

Anonymous said...

"Old white guys" ... sheesh. Jeb Bush is a dufus. How about turning the GOP into a party of young and old, male and female ... anyone opposed to affirmative action and colonization by Mexico. This makes it a party of old and young white guys, old and young Japanese-Americans, old and young Chinese-Americans, etc. ... what's the freaking problem?

The idea that the minority which would be the most natural allies for the GOP is Chicanos is utterly stupid. Typical mainstream "conservative" innumeracy. The sooner whites and East Asians figure out that affirmative action (and similar rob-the-successful programs) are inimical to their interests, the better.

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Audacious Epigone said...

Required reading germane to the commentary of Sgt and Anon.

Audacious Epigone said...

Anon is referring to the EB-5 visa program, which has been discussed here.