Tuesday, April 29, 2008

European prisoners disproportionately Muslim

In a feature article, WaPo foreign reporter Molly Moore laments how Muslims in European prisons are being snubbed by policies that 'cater' to Jews and Christians. These chosen faiths enjoy better spiritual services, as the chaplain-to-Jewish/Christian prisoner ratios are intolerably lower than the Muslim cleric-to-Muslim prisoner ratios are.

Estimates from the article of how many times more likely Muslims are to be incarcerated than are non-Muslims in the following European countries:

France -- 14 times
Britain -- 4 times
Netherlands -- 4 times
Belgium -- 9 times

An important French prison official in charge of integration is there to assuage our concerns, however:
"Many immigrants arrive in France in difficult financial situations, which make delinquency more frequent," said Jeanne Sautière, director of integration and religious groups for the French prison system. "The most important thing is to
say there is no correlation between Islam and delinquency."
Correlation doesn't necessarily indicate causation, but there very clearly is a correlation between Islam and criminality in Europe, as Sautière acknowledges one sentence before asserting that no correlation between Islam and criminality exists.

Apparently statistical literacy is not a requirement of those who pursue a noble career in the multicultural racket. Then again, she might realize that indeed a correlation does exist, but, as her line of work dictates, she understands stating that no such correlation exists (irrespective of reality) is of the utmost importance.


Anonymous said...

It looks like all Molly Moore did was to replace "blacks in jail in America" with "Muslims in jail in Europe." And yeah, the old "lack of services" for these animals whinging too. Fucking hell Molly, it is, you know, jail! A real cut and paste piece. Nice work if you can get it.
And there are Jews in prison in Europe? I'm actually shocked to tell the truth. And Ms. Sautiere is whistling in the dark, poor woman(and poor France). Bring back Devil's Island!

Sleep said...

I expect Europe and other white areas to crack down on white-collar crime in order to equalize the prison population. But there are only so many white-collar criminals out there. So I expect that they will move onto increased penalties for "white crime"; that is, not just white-collar crime but crimes in general that are not predominantly associated with minorities. I've heard that "the three P's" -- pornography, prostitution, and the big one, pedophilia -- are crimes that have long been relatively equally distributed among all races. In other words, all sex crimes except man-on-woman rape. If homosexuality were still illegal I suspect it could be added to this list.

Starting from the end of the list: While I've always thought Chris Brand was doing us nothing but damage by ranting on and on about "paedohysteria", maybe he's right. He's not defending pedophiles, he's defending innocent people who are accused of being pedophiles. And I could easily see future conservative politicians rolling back legislation dealing with homosexuality if they can convince the voters that homosexuality is linked to pedophilia ... which I'm given to understand has been a historically common belief. (Many words for homosexual men in European languages are built on the word for "boy", such as French pédéraste and its relatives). Pedo-hysteria could easily give rise to homo-hysteria, which would lead to more white men being sent to prison and a victory for both extreme conservatives who hate homosexuals and liberals who want to see more white men being sent to prison.

Prostitution? Still illegal in most of the US, legal or tolerated in some parts of Europe. But this could easily change.

Pornography? I don't know exactly what the paper I was reading meant by this. Porn is legal just about everywhere in the West, I believe, so I have to assume either they were talking about child porn or the sale of porn to children. But I could see porn in general becoming outlawed in conservative areas, whether they be conservative because they're Muslim or because they're Christian Republican areas of the United States. Anything to get more white men behind bars.

And while we're at it, let's go all the way. Just about anything that white people do a lot of can be criminalized. Satanism? Sure, let's make Satanism a crime, and Wicca and Asatru too. And how about that racist, L Ron Hubbard? Outlaw his religion too. Freemasonry? Mormonism? ATHEISM? Now there's a good one.

I can see it now. America 2050 AD: A nation without gays, atheists, or free speech ... but at least there's plenty of ethnic diversity! A liberal's paradise, indeed.

Audacious Epigone said...

"... It is, you know, jail!"



I've read that around 30% of convicted pedophiles are homosexual or bisexual. I've seen the methodology challenged but not the actual numbers refuted? Am I wrong here?

As heterosexual men are sexually attracted to physical manifestations of female development (breasts, hip-to-waist ratio, etc) this is understandable to me.

Regarding your broader point, very well put. I've tried to make it a recurring theme here that liberalism is not viable without a high IQ, primarily European population base.

Sleep said...

If theyre dividing all convicted child sex offenders into heterosexuals and homosexuals, it's no surprise that 30% of them are homosexual. They might as well summarize the results of the study as "70% of child molesters are heterosexual males".

If on the other hand they are dividing male convicted child sex offenders into "primarily attracted to children", "primarily attracted to women", "primarily attracted to men", and maybe some other categories, and the "men" category comprised 30% of the total sample, that may be worth another look. However, even in that case, I do suspect that a large number of pedophiles, particularly those attracted to boys (most pedophiles have a gender preference), will claim to be gay and experiment with legal male-male sex before finding it unsatisfying and moving on to children.

One of the pages that came up when I googled the statistic was "Child Molestation and Homosexuality" by the Family Research Institute. Most of the study seems to rely on twisting the meaning of "homosexual" to include pedophiles attracted to boys; then it adds a few lines which have a claim similar to yours, but written in the opposite direction: (roughly) 1/3 of gays admit to having sex with boys under 16. But again, did these "gays" also have sex with men, or are they just claiming to be gay because it's the socially acceptable alternative to being called a pedophile?

Anonymous said...

Might this not have more to do with the race of the Muslims than anything else? In France, aren't the majority of Muslims black Africans? Thus, maybe we are blaming Islam for what is essentially a black problem. The countries that have non-black Muslims have lower Muslim crime rates, right? I'd bet the controlling factor is race.

Clearly, they are nuts for importing a bunch of brown/black people, whatever religion they claim. Its not like Christianity magically pacified blacks in America or Africa. In short, I don't think we can blame black criminality on religion.

teacher.paris said...

Indra made a valid point.

If it were legal and possible to collect information about French crime, it might look like the picture found at this link.


Audacious Epigone said...


That's what I was thinking--pedophiles are more likely to be attracted to young boys than all men are likely to be gay. That doesn't mean true androphiles are often aspiring child molesters, though.


Yes, I can't imagine it to be otherwise. I suspect the racial component is more telling than the religious one is. But immigration restriction based on Islamic persuasion is more realistic in Europe than race-based restriction, because the fundamental tenets of Islam are incompatible with European liberalism, so the Islam/crime relationship should be highlighted.


I think that link is broken. Will you double-check it?

Sleep said...

The link works for me. It's a bunch of mugshots of immigrants criminals, most of whom are non-white immigrants. Arguably all, but it's hard to tell with some of them.

Audacious Epigone said...

Nevermind. Yes, the link does work.