Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dismal support for S1348 amnesty dwindling

The public's opposition to S1348 remains steadfast still. In fact, support has actually dipped from 26%, where it remained for a couple of weeks following the bill's media introduction, to 23% today. Meanwhile, opposition has inched up to a full 50% of those surveyed, with 27% still unsure/oblivious. This in the face of a fullcourt media press by the open borders crowd.

John McCain, whom President Bush believes to be the best Republican Presidential candidate on the immigration issue, has fallen to fourth place among GOP contenders. Giuliani has also slipped, from 30% a week ago to 23% most recently.

Pushing amnesty is not only an act of self-immolation for Republicans over the long-term, it is electoral death in the here-and-now. Keep on your representatives and other key Senators (I called the offices of John Kyl and Mitch McConnel yesterday). Our elites' desire to replace us isn't yet a sealed deal.


A Guest said...

McCain's & Giuliani's recent poll performance almost makes you wish the bill hangs around 'til primaries.

JSBolton said...

I sent dozens of messages over the last few weeks: calls, mailings, faxes, e-mails. More than 20 senators were sent mail against this legalization from me, two weeks ago. By now, those should have been processed.

dave in boca said...

It looks like the fix---on the poll-aganda, as Steve Sailer calls it---is definitely on. Rasmussen is the only reliable service. The Wapo and NYT are either ignoring it [as is Fox and WSJ] or publishing misleading articles.

Looks like if demography is destiny, we'll all be south of the border genetically within a hundred years.

Audacious Epigone said...


I think McCain is finished in either case. Giuliani has the name recognition that Romney and even Thompson don't possess. I think he's peaked as well, and all for the better.


You're a patriot. Thanks.


I don't share Steve's pessimism, although he's a lot smarter than me.

The amendment to strip indentured servitude from the bill passed, which should increase GOP opposition. Keep in mind, where not even to the House yet.