Friday, June 01, 2007

Democrats to get US out of Iraq?

Average number of US soldier fatalities by month in the six months leading up to the '06 mid-terms: 70.

Average number of US soldier fatalities by month in the six months since the Democratic sweep of both Congressional Houses on promises to end our disastrous involvement in Iraq: 98.

No timetable for troop withdrawals. No teeth in any benchmark provisions. More promises about a "new direction" in the future. More promises about how the new tactical 'surge' will see us finally "turning the corner" in Iraq.

As some of the US' best prospects shed blood and tears against the tenacious cultural, economic, and biological forces that frustrate their mission, the Republocrats and Democans continue to provide fat checks and an indefinite amount of time for the Bush Administration to squander in the heart of the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the politicians didn't hear us clearly in 06'. Im hoping we can fire up the republic to vote in the PRIMARIES in 08'.

Epigonne, to me, the primaries represent the real gauntlet to the party establishments, especially in the senate and house. This is where we can check political "families" and party bootlicks and as a populace really "drive" the republic. For example, if next time around Arlen Specter, Lindsey Graham, Ted Kennedy, and John McCain lost their primaries, the leadership of the GOP really might "get it" on immigration. Maybe we need to insert a few nutters like Kucinich in congress from districts thought safe from nutters to get the establishments attention.

In the meantime, I advoctate that everyone only vote for the incumbent if you really like him a great deal and they have been a good legislator. If not, vote anti-incumbent no matter what, and "wasting" a vote on some third party candidate with no chance is better than voting for an establishment politician who is going to give you more of the same. Not voting is what the elite in both parties would probably rather us do, so we cant have that. As you can see, Im sick of who rules us, and how we are being ruled.

A Free Man said...

Our leaders have failed abjectly! Blair and Bush had the chance of the century to steer events to our advantage.

They have long ago abdicated any reponsibility for the debacle!

I'm not some left wing against all war fellow, but If Bush were to be impeached for losing the unlosable war, he would deserve it!

It would also be delicious irony if Blair was indicted by the International Criminal Court, the one he so enthusiastically signed up for!

Fools and knaves is what they are! If they had been ruthless instead of the nancies that they are, the war may have been long over by now?

I guess we will never know!

Audacious Epigone said...


I'm with you all the way, even in the general. If Giuliani or McCain get the nod, I'm 'wasting' my vote on a third-party for sure.

Free man,

I'm opposed to Middle Eastern nation-building due to what I see as insurmountable biological, cultural, and economic obstacles. But the half-hearted, hands-tied approach to the Iraq War has been much worse than persistent, overwhelming force would've been. At least then the message would've been: "Harbor elements we don't like, and we'll topple your regime and kill your family. Keep the troublemakers down--in whatever way suits you--and we'll be straight."

dave in boca said...

I'm not as down on Giuliani as you seem to be, Mr. Crush. But I sure would like to see a Republicrat win rather than a Democan---and Rudy has promised to be good on SCOTUS appts.

He couldn't do worse than Poppy did with Souter.