Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Zimbabwe to head UN commission on sustainable development?!

[My original post of the material below apparently was lost for reasons unknown to me]

I know that taking potshots at the UN for hypocrisy, impotency, inefficiency, and corruption is like shooting fish in a barrel, but this is beyond the pale.

Zimbabwe has been nominated to head the Commission on Sustainable Development, which, created in 1992, is supposed to take the lead in facilitating reliable information exchange, environmental protection, and viable economic development, among other things.

Mugabe's regime has physically abused international media members and killed political dissidents. What was once Africa's breadbasket now sees its more successful residents dealing in the mouse-meat trade. Annual inflation is running at well over 1,000%. To clean up the filthy slums that developed around major Zimbabwean cities, Mugabe had them razed to the ground with bulldozers. He's confiscated most of the country's white-run farms, wrecking the only sector of Zimbabwean society that adds net value.

African nations overwhelmingly support the Zimbabwean bid (the commission rotates by continent, with the members of the sending continent essentially choosing what country will fill the spot). South African President Mbeki has hinted, with decreasing subtlety, that he would like to emulate Mugabe's land redistribution disaster.

The end of colonial rule on the Dark Continent has not benefitted the average African. Empowering African countries through wealth transfers has done little other than prop up corrupt regimes. The best things the developed world can do for the destitute, low IQ nations of Africa are to try to distribute nutritional supplements and birth control devices as efficiently and ubiquitously as possible. Cash in the form of foreign aid is only going to continue to perpetuate existing problems.


Al Fin said...

The irony of some of the appointments to UN commissions is almost too exquisite!

The IPCC must be in favour of Mugabe, given how much greenhouse gas emissions have been cut in Zimbabwe due to Mugabe's semi-permanent economic depression!

A lot of environmentalists want to solve their little trumped up global warming crisis by bringing about a large scale depression in the west that would cut the world population by more than half.

You have to join their inner circles to hear very much about their plans. But from what I can determine, they are completely serious.

Audacious Epigone said...


But just like supercilious liberal white college students who lament their schools' lack of racial diversity without daring to offer up their own spots to minority replacements, the types aren't exactly downing the cyanide tablets. Al Gore has four children, and we know about his "carbon footprint"!

billybob said...

Maybe Mr. Mugabe's photo is evidence of how hard the UN has been working to make the world a better place?

Audacious Epigone said...


If Mugabe spent more time snoozing and less time doing anything else, Zimbabwe would actually probably be in better shape!

USpace said...

Good piece, sad situation on so many levels. Africa could have stood up to the West by condemning Mugabe even LOUDER than the West, but no...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
destroy your country

get rewarded by UN
chair some growth committee

Anonymous said...

The radical environmentalists (and the rest of the left) hate white people. I recently read that they want birth rates curtailed in the West, but in Africa no problem. Of course, if the West goes into a depression, the 3rd world might cease to exist because of starvation, so maybe it is a fair deal. The sad fact is that blacks in Zimbabwe and in most, if not all other African nations were better off when they were colonies. No black under the most oppressive days of the apartheid gov't in SA ever had it as bad as most of the continent does now south of the Sahara. But of course we are not allowed to point this out or also that now SA is headed to the same fate as Zimbabwe: insanity. As a people, blacks seem unable to run anything in an organized manner or with any sort of minimal standards. You don't have to go to Africa to see it either, just visit Detroit or New Orleans. The UN is a 3rd world circus for lunatics, dictators murderers and anit Americans of all kinds up to and including muslim fanatics. The sooner the UN is kicked out of America and the land sold to Donald Trump the better. Then all those asshole 3rd worlders, leftists and other anti-white, anti-American clowns can hold their General Sessions in a mud hut in the bush in Africa. That way they can truly identify with the people they supposedly represent. As for, I am sure that they will thank me if I can kill a few of them. After all, saving the planet will require drastic mmeasures. In any event, they are full of shit and they know it.