Saturday, March 24, 2007

Voter fraud, Islamic backwardness dealt setback with burqa reversal

Quebec's Director General of Elections has reversed himself, requiring that veiled women reveal their faces to allow for the validation of their identities. He bowed in an effort to proactively prevent electoral disruption by mischievious troublemakers hiding under the protection of their veils. The story belongs in the Onion, headline reading: "Director reverses self; after fearlessly supporting unknown, cites fear of unknown in dropping support for unknown".

A burqa-wearing dissenter would've fit the piece perfectly:
“People are usually scared of what they don't know,” she said of the uproar and yesterday's change in the law. “A lack of information is driving regulations like this.”
Uh, like who's behind the veil? Why insist on policies that make the public unneccesarily uneasy?

If only Canadians knew more, they'd willingly embrace knowing less. Not rational, logical, or empirical, you say? Those are oppressive Western concepts. Inshallah!

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