Thursday, February 15, 2007

White Man's derision

It's circulating again, more of the same: The US is among the worst nations in the industrialized world when it comes to various social indicators. You may bore yourself with the various exegeses that point to the twelve pound poddle while ignoring the ten ton elephant in the room at your own peril.

Or, as in the past, you may notice the conspicuous lack of any mention of race or ethnicity and realize that the reason the US fares worse than Scandinavia is because over one-fourth of the US populous are either black or Hispanic while Scandanavia is as dreadfully white as the wind-driven snow. If you fancifully pretend that minorities behave like whites in the US, you see that there are no substantial differences between the US and other industrialized nations with regard to the frequency of a host of different social pathologies.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it. America is a white, 1st World nation with large pieces of Uganda and Bolivia scattered through it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Blacks and hispanics are, in the main, dragging whites and this nation down with them. Everybody, and I mean everybody, knows this. I really don't know how long this can go on.

Cedric Morrison said...

The trick is facing reality without allowing yourself to become a racist hater. A lot of people, maybe most, have trouble with that, so we get a blanket taboo keeping us from talking about the issues. For instance, I've brought up the relationship between race and IQ and race and crime on a few web forums, and people have assumed that I'm a racist because of that. I think the internet is helping, but it is going to be a slow process.

Anonymous said...

Scandinavia, not Scandanavia

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Morrison, it is a bit late for me. I have already become a racist hater. I was radicalized about 10 years ago when I was living in Philadelphia. Race and crime are inextricably linked and I have absolutely no idea of how to improve the situation. Segregation seemed to have worked in my view. If the races are not in contact with one another, then tensions will be less. I really can't see much of an arguement with that. I was not brought up to be a racist, it was through perosnal experience alone. I imagine I am not alone in this.

Alice said...

The muslim invasion of europe and scandanandanavia is rewriting the crime statistics book of europe.

crush41 said...


Darn Microsoft spellcheck. I can't spell worth anything anymore. I fixed it, thanks.


I consider myself a racialist, not an irrational racist. Merit-based systems relieve a lot of this tension, if you're able to accept that merit requirements are going to filter different racial groups in different proportions. But that is still largely taboo.

And keeping yourself from becoming a racist hater is most easily done when you are able to remove yourself from the most caustic consequences of racial differences.

Racial tensions are high in Mississippi and low in Maine for obvious reasons. Allowing for the migration of ever-increasing numbers of non-Europeans that are going to settle at the bottom of the economic and social stratum can only end in disaster. The problem is made worse by the fact that the US is going from a white majority with a significant black minority, a racial dichotomy, to a polyglot with several different racial groups (and various ethnic divisions within these) and no numerical majority.


Right. Europeans are beginning to see how unfair their criticisms have been of the US' perceived failure in itegrating blacks (and now Hispanics) into the economic/social mainstream. Not everyone is a good-natured, intelligent Norwegian. New Orleans isn't Trondheim.