Friday, January 26, 2007

Lighter-skinned immigrants more successful than darker peers

Lighter-skinned immigrants are more successful than their darker counterparts:
Joni Hersch, a law and economics professor at Vanderbilt University, looked at a government survey of 2,084 legal immigrants to the United States from around the world and found that those with the lightest skin earned an average of 8 percent to 15 percent more than similar immigrants with much darker skin.
This follows from the general relationship between skin color and IQ (John Bolton pointed me to an international survey of IQ and skin tone that I've misplaced--John, if you'll post it in the comments I'd greatly appreciate it).

Hersch illustrates how many social researchers are less astute than the average third grade child:
Hersch took into consideration other factors that could affect wages, such as English-language proficiency, education, occupation, race or country of origin, and found that skin tone still seemed to make a difference in earnings.
How about IQ? Or even rigorous accounting for of educational attainment. Did she look at years in school, or the degree obtained? Without considering these factors the 'conclusions' she comes to are meaningless.

I'd like to know how the open-bordered putative free-marketers will deal with this one. Is the free flow of resources, including people, riddled with inefficient biases and racially-imposed deadweight losses? Or are some immigrants more valuable than others? Of course the free-market argument works in the second case--the market rewards lighter skinned immigrants because they tend to be more intelligent and more productive, but admitting that is nearly fatal to a continued enthusiasm for unfettered open borders.

Even if Hersh's puerile hypothesis is true (and due to statistical discrimination--in which employers and customers rationally employ in favoring one of two candidates who appear otherwise equal--it isn't completely invalid), isn't that still be an argument for taking in fewer low-earning immigrants? If the US is so irrationally racist that swarthy migrants are treated like second-class citizens, is it not our moral responsibility to keep more of them from coming into this hellhole?

Whether you prefer quixotic tripe or empircally-grounded logic, it's time for a merit immigration system and an end to the Hispanic third-world inundation.


JSBolton said...

Maybe this is the format you want:

Skin Color & Intelligence, A Relationship - Swivel
We correlated mean IQ of 129 countries with per capita income, skin color, and winter and summer temperatures, conceptualizing skin color as a ... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages
My search for: IQ skin color lynn
has other results bearing on the same issue

JSBolton said...

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

January 27, 2007 Latest News... In fact, few people realize that American Indian and Alaska Native students on average score 118 points higher than the average score of black students... from The College Board’s 2006 data on the SAT:

• Whites from families with incomes below $10,000 had a mean SAT test score that was 17 points higher than blacks whose families had incomes of more than $100,000.

JSBolton said...

Volume 34, Issue 2 , March-April 2006, Pages 121-139

Temperature, skin color, per capita income, and IQ: An international perspective

Donald I. Templera, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author and Hiroko Arikawab

JSBolton said...

The above authors should have the a and the b taken off the end of their respective names, sorry...
Templer and Arikawa is correct

crush41 said...

Wow, thanks for all of that! The Swivel set is especially useful.

JSBolton said...

As reported by Rushton and Jensen (2005), Shuey (1966) reviewed 18 studies which used skin color as a measure of racial admixture to compare with IQ. Of those 18, 16 found a significant effect of the kind found here, but the overall correlation with IQ was low (r=.1). In this data, the COLOR WORDSUM correlation is r=.31 among males and r=.18 among females, with an overall correlation of r=.23.

JSBolton said...

The above and below quotes are from posts on skin color-IQ issues from 9-29-06 and 1-29-07 respectively
and which were contributed by their author Iwka:

"My attempts at simulating the IA-IQ correlation suggest that even if BGH=100%, the IA-IQ correlation might be as low as r=0.25. "
BGH= between groups heritability
IA- individual admixture