Saturday, January 13, 2007

Illegal immigrants and universal healthcare

The WSJ op/ed board is lamenting Schwarzenegger's new 'universal' medical coverage proposal that will in some form likely become policy in the coming months. What the net taxpayer had been subsidizing through free medical care for illegal immigrants is going to be shifted in part to private employers, and the 'corporatists' at the WSJ don't want their constituency to have to suffer what they haughtily mock most of America for not wanting to suffer.

Continued Hispanic immigration is swelling the ranks of the uninsured, as some 43% of non-citizens living in the US are medically uninsured. In a democratic society, that translates to more pressure for just the kind of proposal Schwarzenegger is making. The logic is really quite elementary. But when it comes to immigration, logic can be tough to come by, as Jared Taylor tersely explains:
We claim to be fighting poverty, but we import poor people. We claim to be fighting school failure but we import dropouts. We claim to be fighting disease, but we import tuberculosis and plague. We claim to be fighting crime, but we import people with high crime rates. This is baffling for anyone not in the uplift business and afraid of running out of work.
Despite only representing about 5% of the total US population, illegal immigrants are a powerful determinant of a state's uninsured rate. The percentage of a state's population that is illegal correlates with the percentage of its population that is uninsured at a statistically significant .54 (data here). Look for Texas, New Mexico, and Florida, who have the nation's highest rates of uninsured(California is fourth), to eventually go the way of the Golden State and transfer wealth from natives to immigrants to better the latter's health.

Notice also that these states, including California, used to be GOP strongholds. Only Texas remains so, and even the Lone Star state is taking on a blue hue along its border with Mexico. Immigration is obliterating the Republican Party's hold on the Southwest by importing a deluge of what is the apotheosis of the Democratic Party's favored voter: destitute, diseased, uneducated, criminally-prone, member of an ethnic minority, and disproportionately urban.

Why the WSJ op/ed board can't come to terms with just how detrimental third-world Hispanic immigration is to the economic and social positions it takes is frustratingly confounding.


JSBolton said...

Those characteristics indicate also what happens when immigrants come even more for economic freedom than welfare-grabbing, the lure of free medical overpowers all else.
How can it be expected to be otherwise; people care about their poor relatives' health, if they have such relatives, vastly more than some abstract consideration of economic freedom and its future.
Elections about ideology, are more like a luxury leisure activity for the rich, or, at any rate comfortable middle-income American.

JSBolton said...

It would be tempting also, to say it serves them right, if free medical insurance for illegals were to be financed entirely by a surtax on incomes over 100k.
If, however, the tax for illegals' medical costs were targeted accurately on to their employers, and avoiding all others; there would be consioderable justice in that.
Of course the WSJ would cry discrimination if that happened.

daveg said...

You know, I would think Ted Kennedy would be open to requiring that companies hiring under his immmigration reform package provide health care for their "new" workers.

He seems to want require health care for everyone else.

I wonder how the WSJ crowd would respond to such an amendment.

crush41 said...


But even if businesses were required to cover the medical costs of their uninsured employees (and the California proposal sort of does that in a round-about way by allowing companies the option of either providing coverage of paying 4% of their payroll into the government-run program), they will be encouraged to find ever cheaper labor to make up the loss.

Once again, as is so often the case in California, the native middle class is the big loser.


They've gotten in bed with him on immigration. Would they tone down their sliming because of it?

al fin said...

California is a test case for the rest of the US, again. Dysgenic immigration leads to flight of responsible voters out-of-state. This leads to corrupt government being elected and pandering to the lowest common denominator. This drives more business and responsible voters out.

It's a vicious cycle that the media will eventually have to report on.

Sure, like Steve Sailer says, California's a desirable geo-climatic region, and compared to most of the world it's not so bad. A lot of new immigrants will move there who do have money and wits.

But eventually they'll realize that the corrupt state government is steadily restricting the opportunity they previously thought was in California.

green card visa said...

While no one knows for sure how Shwartzenegger's universal medical coverage proposal will play out I would like to offer my opinion. Corporations definitely do not respect the workers they have working for them who are illegals without green card visas. So will they continue to employ them when its cutting into their bottom line? Whether they do or not, this proposal, which seeks to benefit the immigrant may end up harming them, if it makes it harder for them to find menial employment. Meanwhile, the American taxpayer will hardly see a higher return on his taxes because the government is so far in debt at this point. And the corporations, who as much as I enjoy seeing beat by their own system, will be making less profit, which hurts the economy further. So will the situation improve California's economy? Anything is possible, but probably not.

Green Card Visa said...

I just can't believe that so many non-citizens are uninsured. While I do not condone free health care for illegal immigrants, I do shudder to think of how on Earth they can possibly afford to take care of themselves and their families in the event that either gets sick or injured..