Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gas or water worth more?

Out and about, I stumbled across this excerpt from an industry magazine:
The chain is now looking to cash in on the rising popularity of high-end bottled waters. Its stores have begun stocking brands like FIJI water and San Pellegrino. "High-end water has a lot of potential," he added.
High-end water? Consumerism gone amok. In a country where a gallon of water costs one-fifth of one penny in the most expensive municipalities (the figure is from NYC), I see a liter of Fiji water retailing for $1.79. That comes to $6.78 a gallon. Paying to fill up my tank, I overhear people celebrating the drop in gas prices to under $2 a gallon. The same publication shows that bottled water sales in the US will exceed $9 billion this year.

Yes, I realize there are convenience and health factors, as well as image concerns. But in a country that imports more oil then any other on the globe, does it not strike you as inane that people will pay over three times as much for water that they have in utter abundance as they will for ever-essential gasoline? That they're so price-sensitive to black gold that they'll drive across state lines to save a couple nickels per tank?


Fat Knowledge said...

I'm with you on this one Crush.

I neither understand why people pay so much for bottled water, or why they are so sensitive about gasoline prices.

I am reading Winning the Oil Endgame right now and in there they state that while a barrel of oil is around $50, a barrel of milk would go for $138, orange juice $192 and Evian mineral water $246.

crush41 said...

Heh, I'll be quoting that Evian water stat relentlessly, the parsimonious gadfly that I am :)