Monday, November 06, 2006

Why Civilization and Iraq are antipodes

Reason #41, from a WSJ op-ed about the civil war in Iraq, specifically the plan of vengeance for Baathist sympathizers and Sunni thugs to exact upon their Shia foes for having carried out similar actions against the same sypmathizers and thugs a few days ago:
Execution punishment regarding criminals, agents, apostates, names below, in addition to their first, second, and third degree relatives.
If I were an apostate targeted here, my sins would also mark at least thirty other people for death as well. And my family doesn't do the inbreeding thing nor can we boast Iraq's fecundity rate of 4.18 kids per woman. What a mess.


JSBolton said...

It is even more dismal to consider that natural selection probably does favor those inclined to be preoccupied with degree of relation, even in terms of violent revenge.
If people everywhere want the same things, and these Iraqis are just being more forthright than others, the world has worse problems than the neocon imagination could compass.

Anonymous said...

No, the world has worse problems than YOUR imagination can encompass. A little humility never hurt anyone.

crush41 said...

I find John's worldview to be founded upon an enormous knowledge base and a perspicacity that is both consistently edifying and always thought-provoking. I find him neither arrogant nor pretentious, and very much appreciate his commentary (and yours as well).